5 additional things to do in life

Most of us would have heard of the things we should do in our life. For e.g. some websites say, visit Taj Mahal in India; see Grand Canyon, Arizona; ride in a Hot air balloon. Some even say Get married. Btw, if you are not married, you are missing some fun in life.

However, I am not going to talk about these obvious things which you can find on Internet, but I going beyond them and listing out 5 additional things which I think you should do:

1. Keep up with the changing times…that way you will not feel left out later on in life – My advice: buy an iPhone. Well, I love Apple products. The way they are thought of and designed, it’s a different experience altogether. Some advantages of their products include: Strong Security features, Smooth OS upgrades, has all the Apps that you would ever need and provides consistent user experience. If you are still not convinced, go by the numbers. Apple sold 10 million 6 and 6 plus in the first weekend compared to 9 million for 5c and 5s last year. By the way, iPhones account for 53% of Apple’s revenues.

2. Take Risk, try and fail in life – All of us like to succeed because we are raised that way. Failing is not an option for us and it is hard to accept when we do fail. But one cannot truly succeed and enjoy success until you have taken risk, tried and failed. The sooner you bounce back from a setback, the more resilient you are. Not only will you appear strong, you will be stronger. J.K Rowling talked about the benefits of failing during her 2008 Commencement speech at Harvard – The Fringe Benefits of Failure. Check it out…

3. Be Spiritual – People approach the realm of spirituality through religion, meditation, yoga, or even personal reflection. There are personal and social benefits of Spiritualism. Some of the positive characteristics of spiritual people include – They are courteous, compassionate, enjoy life’s experiences, and strive towards a better life by considering personal growth and fulfillment as a central goal.

4. Go on your dream vacation at the earliest – I learned something from my manager in my previous company. If you have a dream destination that you have been waiting to go to, find time and go for it. Don’t say you don’t have time because everybody has 24 hours in a day and some great people manage themselves so well within that time. It’s all about priorities. Your work will never end, and so will your commitments.

5. Don’t be too emotional about something – An example being: do not join Facebook, unless you can contain your jealousy. I talked about Facebook Addiction Disorder and my personal experience on Facebook in my Speeches in Toastmasters. The best way to avoid them is to not join Facebook at all. But if you indeed plan to join or are already on it, do not be jealous of the likes and comments your friends are getting. Rather, always wear a smile!

To recap, my experience says always keep up with the changing times; take risk, try and fail in life; be spiritual; go on your dream vacation at the earliest and don’t be too emotional about something.

Hope you have a blissful life!

6 thoughts on “5 additional things to do in life

  1. Very nice writing Alok and welcome to the club of bloggers that Saru rules:) Happy that you found getting married aong 5 things to do! Wishing you many more successes in writing in the New Year!

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  2. I wish I could put up Dream vacation in all 5 points. Really love travelling and have this dream to travel to some of the most exotic destinations on the planet :D.

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      1. Hahaha Alok, I wish am a globetrotter some day. There’s still so much left to see and feel across the world :D.

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