Sitting: A new Addiction

Addiction. We are addicted to so many things in life, without even realizing that we are actually addicted to them.

Some of us are addicted to Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Games and even Porn. Social addiction is catching up in a big way…think about Facebook.

What exactly is Addiction? Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors.

With the modern day lifestyle involving car-commuting, desk-bound jobs and sitting in front of TV or a Computer for an extended period of time, a new health epidemic is affecting us – experts call it a “Sitting disease”. I urge you to take this disease seriously and think about it before it is too late.

When it comes to sitting, you might be an “active couch potato” – a term used to describe exercisers who sit most of their day or simply an inactive person. Even if you exercise, you might be prone to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even depression.

In a 2012 study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, researchers reported that people spend an average of 64 hours a week sitting, 28 hours standing, and 11 hours milling about (non-exercise walking), whether or not they exercise the recommended 150 minutes a week. That’s sitting an average of 9.3 hrs per day as compared to 7.7 hrs that we sleep. Essentially, we are sitting more than we are sleeping.

Another research presented at the 2013 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine from Illinois State University reported that people are about 30 percent less active overall on days when they exercise versus days they don’t hit the road or the gym. Maybe they think they’ve worked out enough for one day.

But experts say most people simply aren’t running or walking or even just standing enough to counteract all the harm that can result from sitting eight or nine or ten hours a day.

Let’s look at some of the resulting Health issues:

Sitting for an extended period of time causes your body to shut down at the metabolic level. When your muscles, especially certain leg muscles, are immobile, your circulation slows. So you use less of your blood sugar and you burn less fat, which increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Heart disease and diabetes aren’t the only health hazards active couch potatoes face. The American Institute for Cancer Research now links prolonged sitting with increased risk of both breast and colon cancers.

As if that weren’t enough to put you in a sad state, a 2013 survey of nearly 30,000 women found that those who sat nine or more hours a day were more likely to be depressed than those who sat fewer than six hours a day because prolonged sitting reduces circulation, causing fewer feel-good hormones to reach your brain.

Are you feeling scared now? Let’s stand up and move for a few minutes now that we have been sitting while reading this article. It’s good for our body and mind.

11 thoughts on “Sitting: A new Addiction

      1. Oh, sorry to know that.

        In fact, I have started using Pedometer++ app on my cell to help me move every now and then. And on weekends, I and Saru go for hiking…that’s helping me fight the issue.

        Hope you get better soon.


  1. Totally agree with this post Alok. With the kind of jobs which revolve around using the laptop and phones for hours on end, it’s surely affecting our bodily functions like never before :(.

    Liked by 1 person

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