Of Likes, Comments and Shares

I and my wife are both on Facebook and we share the same password. Sometime back she got angry with me and blocked me on Facebook. Then she called me using FaceTime from the other room and said “Hey dude, what’s up.” My reply was, I have already un-blocked myself and blocked you. Lol!

Being an author and winner of numerous awards in blogging, she is quite popular. So, whenever we are on vacation, my job is to take the best shots of her, so she can get the maximum number of likes and comments. Yes, I do track them more than my salary. In fact, over the last 1 year, the growth rate of ‘Likes’ has been 312% and of ‘Comments’ 274%. And, the number of ‘Shares’ on any status is n multiplied by m, where n is the number of likes and m is the number of comments, and both are in decimals.

Even our maid named Sameera back in India is on Facebook and she is connected to my wife. Few weeks back Sameera saw a picture of my wife sitting next to me on the front passenger seat in our car and she mentioned to my mother back in India that my wife was driving the car. Sameera didn’t know in US it is left side driving, unlike in India. But you see how much analysis people do.

As you can imagine, I also spend a good amount of time on Facebook, not using the word ‘addicted’ intentionally. You see, being a male, likes, comments and shares are very hard to get. No wonder, I really hate when my male friends only comment on a young lady’s picture – Beautiful, Lovely, Gorgeous, Sexy. Don’t I have any of these qualities? May be I should start waxing my legs and doing my eyebrows. And then pose in a mini skirt 😛

Talking of Social Networking, one can hardly avoid Tagging – Sometimes I am tagged with like 50 others, most of whom I don’t even know, in a post which is not even relevant to me. I mean why should I be getting a request to like a page on Women’s lingerie? But still I sometimes ‘like’ if the product is good 🙂

By the way, have you heard of Candy Crush game? My wife used to get multiple requests in a day to play the same. Once she got so irritated that she posted on her timeline “According to recent studies, Candy Crush Saga is responsible for Diabetes in those who play it and Hypertension in those who get its request every now and then.” Since then the number of requests have decreased dramatically.

On LinkedIn, I have seen a new trend. I have noticed multiple posts saying, “If you are looking for a career in Canada, New Zealand, Singapore etc etc, we have multiple roles open – electrical engineers, computer, electronics, mechanical, civil, production, aeronautical engineers etc etc. Please like or comment on this post, so I can review your profile.” Such posts get like 10,000 likes and a couple thousand comments in a matter of minutes. However, I never really understood what all might fit in that ‘etc etc.’ Are there really such companies that can give us any kind of a job anywhere in the world so easily? If so, I would love to go to my dream destination Kazakhstan…please add that also to the post next time, so I can like or comment there 🙂

If you are also on Facebook or LinkedIn, it would be in your best interest to connect with me, because I will definitely ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your posts every week, even if they don’t make any sense. And i would ‘like’ you to reciprocate 🙂

*It is a fictional article exaggerated to add Humor to it

77 thoughts on “Of Likes, Comments and Shares

  1. What a hilarious post. I went on laughing.

    I was a Facebook addict, but since it was taking too much time and everyday I had to read so much useless posts that I eventfully quilted. I am happy with Google Plus, Twiiter, Linkedin and of course Indiblogger !

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  2. Hahaha Alok. Saru is my friend and deserves her popularity. It’s good that you take it in such a sporting manner. My husband also has the same cribs about likes and comments especially on a woman’s post. 🙂

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  3. Lol….though u mentioned fictional,u got most of it rite 🙂
    And as for your wifie,she gives content for a wide range of readers and hence could succeed if i am not wrong.I am particularly interested in her creative poetry.So now that we are getting to knw your crearive side,sure you can expect likes,shares and comments too 😉

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  4. I am sure Alok very soon you and your wife will be tracking the hits and comments on your posts vs on hers as well :D. Hahah, keeps the competitive spirit on :P.

    And yeah, those posts on Linkedin about commenting for getting a job in NZ, US blah blah doesn’t make any sense to me. Just a way to get email IDs and maybe spam them later ;).

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  5. Interesting! Agreed it is in my best interest to connect on Linked In and like the post there. Also think it will be in your best interest to enable Linked In share from your blog itself, so that is shared in a single click, opened from there too in a single click, and shows the traction on the blog.

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  6. Lovely Read! loved that password incident,
    U got my *Like*Comment 😀
    Also, sometimes, it’s really gets annoying especially with games requests & tagging. I have disabled these options, practically. A new menacing monster, people add you to various closed/secret/open/private groups without bothering to respect your privacy! it’s very astonishing. Saru, I love your daily witticism/funny/adorable doses, I am huge fan of her amazing word power ❤ <3. I am now thankful that my hubby don't write LOL, but I guess it has some benefits also, like you get one intellectual buddy, a critic, always ready with words nukes…:-D Keep writing!

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    1. 🙂
      I had to disable those game requests many times too…so annoying. I wonder how come people are so free anyway.

      You know, i have been somehow added to Being Human group of Salman Khan by a friend and i find it so irritating, not because of the recent incident with Salman, but because i am least bothered about what is happening in his life. Some people are so crazy about celebrities.

      Saru…Thanks to all her lovely friends, which keeps here motivated to do better 🙂

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      1. So True! SK, Meh 😀 but SRK, anytime, 😀 Thanks goodness, twitter is somewhat different. What about these annoying, Like my page, like my event, come to this, share this, invite everyone you know. Alok, I guess, our new blog post- “FB ke charche” or “Wall Wall Ki Kahani” is already ready with our discussions. 😀

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  7. This was a fun read, please keep them coming. You two make an awesome couple in every way. Need to learn more from you… especially about likes & comments. Remember we discussed it on FB a while ago? 🙂

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