Relocation made easy by Quikr

I love change but moving can be very taxing. There is so much to do in so less time. You always want to have one stop shop, where you can find all that you need to settle down in a new city. Well, thanks to technology all this is possible now. It is easy, quick and reliable and Quikr goes a step further by adding few more services all under one roof. If I ever move back to Bangalore where I started my career, I would use Quikr to find all I need to set foot in.

My search would include:
1. An Apartment that fits my budget – I am very particular of location and from whom I rent an apartment. With Quikr’s reliable listings, my worries would be less. Next would be to find an apartment as per my family’s need; the listings on Quikr are well categorized to make the search more discreet. I personally like to have a look of the property before visiting it. The photos on the site will come handy and I know the kind of security Quikr offers, nothing will be fake. I might also like to use instant chat to clarify any queries right away during my search.

2. Buying Electronics that I would need – Since I move a lot, I don’t want to spend money to buy new appliances in one go. There are good deals on Quikr, both from individuals selling their stuff and dealers posting great offers. Rather than spending a lot of money on buying electronics from stores, I would prefer to find something that fits my needs on Quikr.

3. Setting up of all the appliances – Washing machine, Inverter, AC, LCD: all these need to be fitted. And for that I would need the services of an electrican, carpenter and plumber. Even such services are avaliable on Quikr. I would use Quikr to book an apointment with each one of them and confirm what all each of them would need. This way I would save both time and money.

4. Checking for Events to keep me engaged – I was a bachelor when I came to Bangalore first and back then I used to spend most of my free time with my friends or watching TV. But now, I am in a habit of indulging myself in more challenging activities along with my wife. I would use Quikr to find what’s happening in the town. An upcoming art exhibition or a biking group heading to Nandi Hills would be our favorite.

5. Finding Carpool – I prefer to use my commuting time to take calls or work on my laptop. Quikr can help me find carpools to my workplace from my neighborhood.

6. Sell my outdated Stuff – Quikr would also come in handy when I want to sell few things that needs upgrading.

Moreover, the best part of Quikr is even if I don’t find anything I like, I can always create an Alert for my requirement.
What else one might think of? Quikr probably would have it for us.

In case you are looking forward to moving to Bangalore, don’t forget to check this out –

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