Health is Happiness

A child is a bundle of joy; parents tirelessly make sure that they do all it takes to keep him hale and hearty. But sadly, for my parents, it was a daunting task. My mother once told me that they never had a good night’s sleep from the day I was born till I was nearly 11 months old. I was born with a weak liver and I was allergic to milk. It took them close to a month to understand what was wrong with their newborn. After numerous visits to the pediatrician, they found out about the problem and were given strict instructions as to my diet. I was put on formula milk, and if, my mother even tried to give me her feed or bottled milk, I got severe reaction – vomiting, diarrhea and my constant crying for hours.

It was early 80s and things were not available easily that time. My mother lived in Mandi Dabwali, a small town in Haryana and my father was in Chandigarh. Both were working in towns miles apart, with a sick kid and travelling…there was never a happy moment. It was one of the most difficult times for my mother, she often tells everyone around. Once my parents were visiting my maternal grandfather’s place, Patiala and they accidentally left the bag in which my mother packed the formula milk. My granny told me that my father and my maternal uncle went to every medical store in Patiala in search of it. And back home I was crying non-stop as I was hungry and it was the only thing that I could have. So, one can imagine how gloomy the situation was for my parents and everyone around. Finally they found the formula in one of the shops in University area and my granny often jokes about how my father bought 12 boxes of it. But, now I understand their misery and fear, they left no stone unturned to make sure that I was getting my food. I can’t imagine what they all must have gone through.

It was when I turned 6 months old, my parents consulted a renowned pediatrician from PGI, Chandigarh and after a month’s treatment from her, I stared improving. I was late to start on solid diet but my parents were happy that I started having something other than the formula. I am often told that I was a weak child and cried most of the times, I feel sorry for my parents. Instead of being happy about their first child, they lived in a state of constant worry for months together.

My sickness, endless trips to the clinics and my wailing made the atmosphere of our home sad. It is only after I started eating properly that my parents began enjoying their parenthood (as I was told). When parents say – we are happy when our child is happy, it’s not out of affection only. It is because when a child is sick in the house, there is no happiness. A healthy child makes a family happy and brings joy to the lives of people living in it.

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6 thoughts on “Health is Happiness

  1. True ! Am a dad of a new born. I could relate to the agony your parents would have gone through. However, glad to see you healthy and smart now 🙂 That time span am sure would have been traumatic for your parents. Kudos to them for having sailed through.

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  2. Very true that parents are happy only when their children are healthy and happy. I realise it even now whenever I fall ill. Then what about a small baby’s parents like your family experienced! It was an informative post Alok… Thanks for sharing 🙂
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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