ASUS EeeBook – Light in Weight, Light on Pocket

For a person who is always on the move, a laptop is a must. But don’t you think the traditional laptops are bulky and consume too much space? I commute on public transport, and for me, every single kilo matters. Then, I saw ASUS EeeBook X205TA on Indiblogger and found what I was looking for to upgrade my old Sony Vaio. There were two options – ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040 – and we were asked to choose the one we like and why. For me, the biggest limitation of ASUS All In One PC ET2040 is its lack of mobility. I need a laptop and now the question is – whether I would invest my money in ASUS EeeBoook? The answer is a simple Yes.

As I said, I commute a lot, not only between my home and office but also between various client sites, so I need something lighter in weight. The ASUS Eeebook weighs less than a kilo and is compact. And the best feature is, the screen size is perfect for me. It has 29.4 cm display which is neither too less, nor too big. It’s also very slim. I can pack it in my bag, along with my notes, toastmaster journal that I read to relax and, of course, with my tiffin. It won’t occupy much space. So, sleek and compact design score high for me. What I seriously marvelled, being a techie, is the trackpad size. It’s pretty big. With my large fingers, at times I find it difficult to move on smaller trackpads.

Second comes the battery life. ASUS Eeebook has amazing battery life. They claim 12 hours continuous web browsing, 13 hours music playing and 11 hours of video playing, which means I am safe for a day. With such a long lasting operational hours, I don’t need to carry charger with me. This would mean even lighter bag to carry during commute.

The next important aspect is speed. It has Quad Core Processor, which means the response time is fast and I can multitask easily. I can work on my presentation, attend a call and write notes, without worrying about the speed. The technical specifications of Eeebook are very impressive.

Last but not the least, it is priced reasonably. At Rs 14,999, it’s a delight to own. When we carry an expensive item on public transport or outside our home, half of our attention is to keep it save. Rather than concentrating on our work, we become guards of our expensive gadgets. Also, when one is getting everything at such a price, why spend more money! And, I also like the color selection they have for this product. I am bored of the usual black, and this time, I will go for blue. In all this is one product, which fits the bill for my next purchase. And I have to say they have mentioned it very appropriately, it is indeed – computing on the go.

*This post is written for a campaign sponsored by ASUS

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