Will you be my Valentine, again?

I proposed to my wife over phone and with an email. Pretty hi-tech for romance, you would say. I was in Calcutta and she was in Ambala that time, and I couldn’t risk my chances by postponing it till my next visit. So, I sent her a poem via mail and called her to propose. Being a poetry buff that she was, she said ‘Yes.’ But, if I have to do it all over again, I would be a little filmy knowing she now has an inclination towards dramatics. A bit of ‘spice and style’ would be nice to woo her all over again.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I would propose her that day with all her favorite things. First, I would take her to one of the most famous places of our town – Ram Chaat Bhandar. Don’t laugh, it is the mecca for food lovers. This place is flocked by both genders with equal fervor. I will order a plate of golgappas for her and would excuse myself to visit the adjacent mall for some work. I know, the foodie in her would wholeheartedly dig into the plate of golgappas and just when she would be savoring the seven flavors of those spicy golgappas, I would make a dramatic entry with my friends dancing on the beats of live dhol. I know, it would create a scene and we would be the center of attraction in one of the busiest market places of Ambala, but that’s the whole point – make a loud and stylish entry. And, she just loves when someone dances on Punjabi numbers. Live dhol would bring the raw and desi vibe she simply can’t resist.

I would not stop at the beats of dhol and bhangra steps, that would be just to make a grand entry and to build the momentum till the actual moment. After giving her a live performance, I would take a PA horn and would recite the same poem I wrote for her seven years back and propose her all over again. If the world would listen, then so be it. Jab pyar kiya toh darna kya or ghabrana kya? But to be honest with you all, even while writing this, I am a little worried as what would her reaction be…would she like it and say ‘Yes?’ Or walk out of the place and not speak to me ever again? You know…girls are unpredictable. I can feel my heart beating as loud as the sound of dhol, phew. However, being very optimistic, I hope she would come hug me on this high-on-masti proposal.

And lastly, I would take her to watch ‘Roy,’ the latest release of her favorite actor, Ranbir Kapoor. Just a seal that I care for her even after she said ‘Yes’ to me. I hope this grand and stylish way would woo her all over again.

*This post is written for Closeup Cupid Games Campaign: http://cupidgames.closeup.in/

8 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine, again?

  1. Well, Alok, I’m a huge fan of your wife’s poetry. I believe she could write poetry on any thing. It’s good to know that you too write poetry. I’d love to read those here on your blog.

    Liked your post of high-on-masti proposal. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, i wrote a few when i met Saru…but not after that 😀

      I agree, she can write on almost anything, even i am surprised. Thanks for the encouragement, will try my hands again on Poetry and see if i can do justice to it.


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