Right here, Right now

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I have been too busy in my professional life and have done many degrees and certifications that have indeed given me a vertical graph in my career so far. However, personally, i have missed on a few things which have been on my to-do list for long.

1. Vacation to Europe – My favorite countries include Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden. I have dreamt about them many times and have, at times, even planned for the trip using pen and paper. But then i think, how would i get the leaves, where is the money, visa issues etc etc…too many things to worry about. Huh! Even if i get rid of a few of these issues, some or the other will always come in the way. I guess, it is high time i should just apply for the tourist visa, save a couple of month’s salary, book a ticket and start packing my bags…with my wife, of course.

2. Solitaire for my Wife – Well, not that there is a dearth of diamonds in the house already. But it is what i promised her few years back and i sincerely want her to wear it. It just seems to be a big investment. But if i look back, with what we got for her in the last couple of years, had we saved it, the Solitaire would have been home by now. Now since i have become conscious with this post, just a bit of planning is required here on.

3. Getting my Parents and Sister to fly – I did an attempt on it in Feb of 2007. I had them booked on a return flight from Delhi to Goa, along with me. But then suddenly i got an Interview call from IIFT for a full-time MBA, which i could have never missed. I did make it to that prestigious B-school, but at the cost of shattering my other dream. However, now that i am in the US on an assignment, i can actually club another dream of mine, which is to get them to see US, which would anyway require a flight. And, for this one, I am already working on a plan to get them here by the end of 2015. However, i just wish i can get them here right now 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Right here, Right now

  1. travel, travel travel ……it will have amazing memories for life and nothing else would match that 🙂 I really liked the post so honest and straight from the heart 🙂 all the best, my best wishes and confidence all will come true 🙂

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