Chat – Secure and Reliable

Shopping has been revolutionized with the advent of technology. It has served the needs of both buyers and sellers with equal care. Sellers are throwing newer and better ways to entice both the existing and new customers. Like always, customer being a king, is enjoying the perks. Now customer is not merely satisfied with a better product and competitive price, it takes much more to retain them. One such feature to pamper the customer is introduced by Quikr – chat feature on their website. This feature can be used not only on the desktop and mobile version of Quikr but also on its app. The indulgence has many benefits and I give them a big thumbs up for bringing privacy on the forefront.

Chat has the ease of access for me. As I am always working on a system, it’s much easier for me to chat than to have a phone conversation. If I have to make a phone call, I have to go to some quiet area or the conference room but I can chat without the fear of disclosing my personal life with people sitting around me and without disturbing them. Chat is more suited to my busy lifestyle, wherein I work 10-12 hours on my computer. I can contact people as and when I like while I am working. Compare this to the need to spare time to make a phone call. Also, it is a more economical mode than making a phone call.

Second reason why I prefer chat over phone is the reliability factor attached to it. When we chat with someone we have all the details written and stored in the history. Every detail is written and hence, there are almost no chances of any sort of misunderstanding. In case, a misunderstanding arises, one can check the history and remove the doubts. Chat adds more reliability to the conversation. There is another important advantage of using chat – instant photo sharing.

The other benefit, in fact, the most important benefit of chat is privacy. These days everyone is very discreet when it comes to sharing their personal details, not everyone is comfortable sharing their email id and phone number. With Quikr Chat, your number is secure. You need not worry about your number being shared with strangers or worse, telemarketing people. Security is a major issue these days and chat ensures that your personal information is protected and you don’t lose the opportunity of buying or contacting the sellers. It’s a path breaking feature which, I feel, will be preferred more by both the parties in future.

As far as I am concerned – Ease of Access, Reliability and Privacy are three reasons why I prefer chat over phone calls. And all these reasons and many attached advantages if we look closer. Lastly, I would say what Quikr has mentioned on their website – No Fikr, Chat Quikr!

11 thoughts on “Chat – Secure and Reliable

  1. The same privacy is there with chat facility offered by different companies online. What is so special about Quickr chat to mention about its privacy specially? Does it offer something different type of chat facility than eBay or other e commerce companies online?


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