Zenfone – An Ideal Valentine

What men want on a weekend? A thrilling game on television, pursue some relaxing hobbies and spend some quality time with the ones they love. This weekend on Valentine’s Day, I was looking for a bigger dose of what I mentioned above, but rather than having my wife by my side, I was on a date with somebody hot, slim and modern. Don’t get me wrong, I spent the day with ASUS Zenfone.

To my good luck, it turned out to be an #IdealValentine and here’s why –
I love going on hikes on weekends. Yesterday, I took Zenfone along with me and it helped me reach my destination pretty easily. With its Dual Sim and support for network speed upto 42Mbps, I used it as a GPS. It just showed me results instantly, unlike my car GPS which takes some time to load fully. Zenfone acted as a perfect guide and company. When I felt alone on the summit, I played music on it and relaxed on hill top.

During the entire day, like a perfect Valentine, it provided bundles of fun. I shared jokes on my College Whatsapp group the entire day and unlike my wife, Zenfone didn’t nag. With its long battery life, it didn’t give up on me. I laughed non-stop. Zenfone has Intel Atom 2520 processor which made sure that everything worked instantly.

What would a perfect day be with no action? I am a big fan of games. I can’t play them at home. The moment I am about to set a new record, my wife calls me for help on something or the other. This time I took Zenfone to a park close to my home and played my favorite game on it. It made my Valentine’s Day perfect. Zenfone has fast responsiveness and it is better than women when it comes to multitasking. It gave me thrill and a special moment when I hit a new record.

We all want a gorgeous person by our side. On this Valentine’s, that place was perfectly occupied by the Zenfone. In fact, I had the company of the one in Red Color. It has slim body and gentle curves on the side. It scores high on looks. So much so that others were envious of me, when I flaunted it. It also comes with chic case, which means, I was not conscious of my behavior. It can handle bumps and knocks on its own. That’s the luxury of having a date and not worrying about the ‘handle with care’ part. Dream of any man, I tell you.

Moreover, it is affordable. Yeah, it is one of the biggest reasons why Zenfone is an #IdealValentine. You know how difficult is to please women. Even with diamonds, dinner in upscale restaurants, expensive gifts, they are hardly satisfied. Compared to them, Zenfone is light on pocket. It is low on maintenance too.

With all these reasons, wouldn’t you want it to be your #Valentine too?

4 thoughts on “Zenfone – An Ideal Valentine

  1. Aye! I would surely want it as a Valentine. 😀 This phone is pretty good. My phone’s GPS is also very very slow. It shows me way after I get lost. 😛
    And this was written so well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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