Things I aspire to do

We all live a very calculated life, often saving for the future and spending every penny with care. In doing so, I have compromised on many of the things i dearly love, some because of money and others because of time constraints. But if i get a chance to free myself of these never ending issues, here’s what i would like to do:

1. Travel to Europe – I have been thinking of visiting Greece, Italy, Switzerland and a few neighboring countries for a long time. I just love the pristine beauty of Europe. No wonder, so many Bollywood song sequences are shot there. You won’t find much of such places in the US. I can be on the next flight to my dream destination if somebody can give me just enough money and some time off from work. If my wife can have the luxury of accompanying me, we can indeed make it a second honeymoon.

2. Buy my Wife a Solitaire – Not that she is too demanding, but i think she also deserves something materialistic for all the hard work she does for me. When we got engaged, i was a management trainee earning a stipend of Rs 22,000 per month and i gave her a 24 cents solitaire then. It would be an accomplishment of sorts if i can buy her a 2 carat solitaire now. But for that, with my current salary, it would take a couple of years’ worth of my savings to buy her what i am looking for. I just wish, i can get lucky with a lottery!

3. Have my Parents and Sister experience a Flight – I am sure this is a dream for many, but for me this is a project. I once got them booked on a return flight from Delhi to Goa but had to cancel it at the last moment because of an unavoidable reason…that was way back in 2007. But after getting married in 2009, my personal expenses have gone up and it just seems a bit tough to get my Parents and Sister to travel together. A journey on A380 would be an icing on the cake!

4. A Leadership Program from Harvard – I always wanted to go to an Ivy-league B-school for my MBA but couldn’t afford it, so i settled for the same from IIFT in India. I have always believed that the knowledge you get in the West is more practical and is better suited to the needs of the industry. If i were to get a chance to do a Leadership program from Harvard with no monetary issues, i would have no second thoughts about it. A six month Program for Leadership Development costs a whopping $45,000 with them.

5. Watch a World Cup Cricket match Live – I was not lucky enough to watch a match in Delhi when the 2011 world cup was on. Watching the same now that i travel because of my work assignments seems to be a difficult proposition. However, i think i should plan ahead for the next world cup to be help in England in 2019. Hope the luck goes my way this time, with everything just falling in place.

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8 thoughts on “Things I aspire to do

  1. Hello Alok,
    I enjoyed reading this post. Enjoyed because you have a list of a number of beautiful things to accomplish in life. We all have some wishes or desires, but fail to express ourselves. I wish you achieve all the above mentioned dreams in coming years. I am sure , you will.
    By the way I too want to watch a live football match(world cup) before I die. 🙂

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