A Perfect Bedtime Ritual for my Kids

I always believe that there has to be a ‘dose of fun’ in whatever you do. And this becomes especially important when we are dealing with kids. You can’t force anything on them. Once you make it interesting, they literally come running to join you. I have seen my friends struggling to get their kids do homework and certain activities, but what they complain most about is – sleep-time. I often tell them to have a routine and make it interesting. When I will be a dad, I will have a fun time before putting my children to sleep so that they don’t feel that things are forced onto them. They should rather call me a ‘Cool Dad’.

First, I will ask them what they want to do after brushing their teeth. It’s really important to know what they want, right? I will give them all the fun options to choose from – play game on iPad, watch their favorite show, read a book or listen to a story. This would also act as a bribe, so that they brush their teeth properly because of the excitement ahead. And I will assign a time to it. It’s not like they can play as long as they like. When the terms are settled, the routine would begin with brushing teeth. I will make sure to buy them the toothbrush with their favorite cartoon characters. You know, how kids are particular about everything these days. Why give them a reason to complain? Fun should be in everything they do, even brush heads have to be special.

Next, I will let my children do whatever activity they picked up earlier. If it’s a game, I would play along. If it’s a TV show, the entire family can watch it together. I feel, that would make it more fun, not only for my children but for all of us. We can have some quality time together before tucking them in the bed. My mother played some mathematical games with us at night. I can’t recall the exact ones, but it was fun as I won a candy most of the days, which I took to the school next day.

After the fun activity, I am sure the kids would be exhausted and ready for a sound sleep. Then, I would love to read or tell them a story. I grew up listening to folklores and Raja-Rani stories and I would love to share those with my kids. I would also love to share ‘Vikram Betal’ stories, which are my personal favorites. I hope, my kids will like them too. I will also buy them the most colorful and fun books that are popular in the market these days. If they can read it themselves, it would be perfect. I believe, reading habits are developed at an earlier stage in life. Reading a good book before sleeping is very soothing. And after that, I will kiss my children ‘good night.’ That’s how I would like to prepare my children to meet fairies in their dreams.


6 thoughts on “A Perfect Bedtime Ritual for my Kids

  1. You have it all planned. I have a 4 year old son and I can tell you what has worked for him and what hasn’t. The rules had to be laid beforehand and then both of us, son and me followed them. If they see parents follow the same rules they tend to do things diligently. Watching tv or playing games on ipads before bed time strecthed him disturbing his sleep pattern. He would never want to sleep then. So the bedtimes were made very quiet time with a book reading.

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