Behind My Success…

My growth graph is not spectacular but I am proud of my humble achievements. I have reached so far with hard work, commitment and, most importantly, because of my family. My father has guided me in my professional life and my mother has taught me to be a better person. They have always been there at every step of my life with their unrelenting support and valuable guidance.

My father is a self made man, he belongs to a remote village in Haryana. He had a vision for himself, he wanted to have a doctorate and, despite of any direction or counselling, he succeeded in his dreams. He is a Phd in Chemistry. He has passed on his visionary ideologies to me. And he made sure that I had the fire to chase my dreams. Whenever I needed a gentle push, he was always there. I did my Engineering from an average college and I had a hard time finding a decent job after that. Though I got a good job after some time but it was not something I wanted in life. That time my father told me to concentrate on the job and prepare for higher studies. It was then that I thought of doing an MBA. I wanted to get into one of top 10 MBA colleges in India and worked really hard to achieve it. I did my full-time MBA from IIFT and it could have never been possible if my parents didn’t encourage me. Value of education is the most important gift my parents have given me and it is only because of that, I am self reliant. I am financially independent and right on track to achieve my professional goals, all thanks to my family.

But even after getting into a good college, things didn’t turn up the way I imagined. The recession of 2008 hit us all very bad and our batch had a tough time with placements. It was one of the most tough times of my life. My marriage date was fixed and I had no job offer in hand. I was under a lot of stress. That time my family told me to not give up. My father said that even if I couldn’t get a job, I could always start my own business and earn. He told me to look beyond the usuals in life. Life always throws challenges at us and how we face them defines us. It was the support of my family that helped me sail through that hard time. I eventually got placed on campus, but the tough time was a good learning. Now, I am ready to face any hardship thrown at me. My family has prepared me to face the life with strength and courage. They have made me independent and a better person. Even today when my life is going smooth, my family still tell me to work towards making it better.

18 thoughts on “Behind My Success…

  1. Nice story. Challenges make us what we are. Just don’t give up. I see people giving up easily and also know of people who have given up just when they were on the verge of success. It takes a moment’s madness to give up as success may be about to knock your doors the next moment.

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  2. I just read a little of your story, and it is fabulous. Your family seems to be very strong, and you should be proud to have a mother and father who think the world of you. Very nice!

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

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