Next Car with Quikr NXT

I am bored of my car. I want a better version than what I have, so it’s time for replacement. I am looking for leather seats, a better surround sound system and weather control in the car. But I don’t have the budget of buying a brand new luxury car and I am ready to wait. So, I am planning to use Quikr NXT to get what I want. I have surfed the site many times now and I know they have all the brands that I am looking for. So, here’s what my plans are –

I own a Camry now. I will start with surfing all the models that Quikr NXT has in the brands I am desiring to own – Audi, BMW or Volkswagen. I like their site since it has many other filters that I can choose from for my discreet taste. I am very particular of the model, since I want some specifications that are not in the car I own. But I don’t want to have an old model of any car. I can also filter by price range, year, location, color and who the seller is. And the best thing is I can narrow it down to when the ad was posted. You see, if the ad is old, I can get a good bargain on it. I would prefer to buy from an individual rather than a dealer, to save on the commission. No, I am not naive, I will get the car tested from a trusted mechanic before finalizing on the deal. Since the ads posted on Quikr NXT have all the required information and even pictures, I think finding a good deal should be easy.

In case nothing works out in my favor, there is also a way out for that on Quikr NXT. I could create an alert. Now, creating an alert is an awesome feature. You get all the details of the product you are looking for, as soon as it hits Quikr. Even while creating an alert, you can be as specific as you like, fill-in brand, year, price, model, area and locality. Then, you fill your contact details – your mail and phone number and as soon as there is even a single car that fits the bill, you will get an alert. So, if the model I am looking for is not available on the site right now, I can post an alert and check the car when there is one available.

When I am able to get the car with the specifications I want, I would sell my old car, again using Quikr. I can post the ad free on Quikr. This way, I will get an upgrade by selling my old car, that too without going out of the comforts of my house. It will all be easy, smooth and quick. As they say – No Fikar, Bech Quikr.

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