All for a Happy Child

I went to my friend’s house a couple of weeks back and his son was crying incessantly. I asked my friend, is everything alright? To which he replied, ‘Either he is hungry or wet.’ He explained in great details that a child cries for a reason, and as a parent you can make out the ‘type of cry’ and you work accordingly. It was pretty amusing for me. It sounded as if there is a formal code to interpret crying for parents. At that time, his baby was hungry and after a bottle of milk he calmed down.

Later, we played with the child and all of us had a great time. He was a happy kid and my friend made sure to keep the boy occupied in various activities. That day I found out numerous ways to keep a child entertained and happy. I must say my friend aced as a daddy. He told me that youtube is very popular among kids, though I always thought youtube videos to be a grown up thing. My friend played rhymes and baby songs on it, which his son absolutely enjoyed. I also found that ‘Baa baa black sheep’ and ‘And the wheels on the bus go round and round’ were really cool rhymes. My friend’s son giggled a lot whenever he listened to those rhymes. Even I developed a kind of liking for ‘the bus goes round and round’. It has a peppy tune, don’t you think so?

We made him play with his toys, but the child was more interested in adventurous things like – he laughed endlessly when his father threw him up in the air. The kid had a thing for frenzy. Whenever my friend held him in weird positions, he seemed to have a ball. He liked to be thrown and caught in strange positions and he liked poking too. It must have set his adrenaline high, I think. I guess, most of the kids enjoy that kind of thrill. I have seen many parents attempting such stunts at home. But as far as my friend’s boy was concerned, he was a big fan of all this crazy action.

In between those actions, he was fed by his mother at proper intervals and she kept changing his diapers to keep him dry and clean. Later in the afternoon when we adults were having snacks, he started crying again. I thought he got hungry but my friend clarified – it was his ‘I am wet’ cry. My friend changed his diaper and the child was happy again. We gave him one cookie and started playing with it.

One visit to my friend’s place taught me many things to keep a child happy. You just have to take care of his needs – feed him at regular intervals, keep him dry, and give him a good company.

13 thoughts on “All for a Happy Child

      1. You won’t believe I’ve had times Im grocry shopping and Im singing Old McDonald Had a farm to myself without even realising and people who pass by me giving the LOOKS… =/ its embarrassing. . That’s how much the rhymes get of you!

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