The Biggest Decision of my Life

We plan every aspect of our lives and on some occasions we have to let go off the short term goals to achieve something bigger. Things may appear to be blurry at that moment but we have to take the first step to #startanewlife, hoping things will fare out well in the end. I, too, stood at the same crossroads back in 2007. I was working with TCS for over a year and my good performance in the company fetched me an ‘Onsite’ opportunity in the UK. As an IT guy, I was looking forward to a long term project and this project was very tempting and promising.

I also appeared for MBA entrance exams of few prominent colleges in India and was waiting for the results. I must confess, I was losing hope each passing day as few of the results didn’t have my name in the list. In the meanwhile, my Project Manager offered me this project in Manchester, UK and I was in a fix as what to reply to him. I wanted to go to UK and earn pounds, just like my other colleagues. At the same time, MBA from a prestigious institute was my big dream. And I knew in my heart that I was just a step away, but the waiting period was taking a toll on both my patience and work assignments. As he was taking in pressure from Client to send me at the earliest, he finally asked me to take a stand. It was either in or out for me. I couldn’t delay the onsite decision any further. It was then I informed him about my MBA plans and we agreed to have me Visa ready to fly instantly. I knew if I get into a good B-School, options for an onsite will be plenty. All my colleagues thought otherwise, earning in pounds made more sense to them. Also, they said – a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Declining the onsite opportunity was a huge decision for me, a very bold step. I placed too much faith in my luck and hoped that I would get into one of the premier institutes. And thankfully, with the blessings of my parents and almighty, I got a place in IIFT, which was ranked 6th in India by the Wall Street Journal in 2014. It was a dream come true. One decision which seemed too harsh for many actually changed my life in a big way. I got a Masters Degree, earned many good job offers after passing out of there, all courtesy IIFT. I also met my wife because of it. Had I not gone for the MBA, I would have not been in IBM for my summer internship and would have never met her. In all, if I look back, opting out of onsite and doing MBA was one of the best decisions of my life. The one which set the foundation stone of my career and personal life. If anyone of you want to #startanewlife – believe in yourself, take a few risks and think from long term perspective. Nothing big is ever achieved by thinking small.

27 thoughts on “The Biggest Decision of my Life

    1. Well, it was not a risk as such as I was not concerned about the money I could have made at Onsite…I just looked at the bigger picture, which is my career.

      The other part is a bonus 😊


      1. By the way If I may ask, how is the demand for psychology graduates in the US for a teaching job. What do you think is the most demanding job there. I suppose IT


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