Let’s clap for Ourselves!

Most of us keep thinking about the future as to what we have to achieve tomorrow or day after or in distant future, never really appreciating what we have accomplished till date. Let me clarify that the real accomplishment is not our degrees, our financial status, or anything else that has elevated us in stature, but it is about making a difference in somebody else’s life. That’s the achievement we should aspire for!

Let’s take a moment to think about what we have achieved till date in the sense i have mentioned. Is there some incident that we can be proud of ourselves? May be we helped somebody lead a better life, or just gave a bit of advice to a colleague to help him overcome a tough situation, or spent a few bucks on a needy beggar and he didn’t have to sleep empty stomach that day. Think now! Please stop reading and think! If it is still a trouble figuring out, I am sure there is something or the other we would have done in life that would have given us some peace of mind. Recollect that incident.

Should we feel proud of ourselves for that incident? Yes, right? Then, let’s clap for this achievement. We deserve this applause. We did great, many people would be proud of us on such an accomplishment. Now, let’s revisit that incident and think about how we can take it a step further. I am sure most of us are in a much better state now than we were back then when that incident happened, may be better financially, independent, more educated or just mature enough to handle things differently now. If we do this exercise now, we will be better equipped to handle the same situation differently tomorrow, which would help us do better and feel satisfied.

Now, in case one thinks he or she has not achieved absolutely anything in life (again, from the above perspective), this is the time to reflect on how we can help somebody with something that can improve his life or may be just help that person a bit that day. Think about our daily routines and a couple of instances where we can pitch-in to just make a bit of a difference. May be we take a metro to office and often see a small chap selling newspaper supporting his studies or family. Let’s ask ourselves, if we buy a paper from him, would it make us poor? Would it give us pleasure? Yes? Then, i suggest we do it today before we start thinking about ourselves again.

And, if anybody is lacking the motivation to do it, my question would be ‘Don’t we want to become a better person?’ We want to, right? So, let’s go out and do it for our own sake…

43 thoughts on “Let’s clap for Ourselves!

  1. I agree that we should try to do good to others. However, as far as begging are concerned, it is a parallel economy. I have seen 5 beggars coming daily to the local PVR cinema hall in delhi to beg. It is like artists using the makeup in a film. They have people who collect daily money from the beggars. It is like having area sales managers, regional sales managers etc. Beggars have a complete channel, its is a huge organisation.

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    1. Absolutely correct. In fact, while writing i was thinking about your point on begging…but then some are genuine ones too and we can make it out. What i do is offer them food, instead of money. And definitely not to the ones who are standing by the malls.
      I have seen kids eating from dustbins in Noida and a couple of times i gave them 10 bucks each and they were so happy.


  2. Nice one Alok……I think we do this all the time without thinking…or much analyzing!! ‘how to take it forward’ is something I loved it in your article…

    Hey I also remember you saying somewhere in your blog that you are part of toastmaster…what exactly it is and how is it value add to our life?

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    1. Thank you, Hemant. Happy that you can take away the ‘futuristic’ part from this post.

      Yes, i am a member of Toastmasters, a non-profit organization helping with improving Communication and Leadership qualities. It is more of a practical approach to learning. They have clubs all over the world. You can find one near you and just attend to see what they do…normally people like it, in which case you can become a member.
      You can check http://www.toastmasters.org for more.

      I am planning to write a post also on my experience sometime soon.


  3. Hi Alok! This is a good read 🙂 I too celebrate my achievement of accomplishing my targets… and I do that by giving myself a treat.. for which I don’t even have to call up for other’s attention and pats 😉

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    1. That’s indeed a great thing that we all can do to ourselves, for such little celebrations will keep us motivated and yearning for more.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Tara.


  4. This is how our lives can have a meaning and reason to move on. Then all the achievements will satisfy us in every aspect, each and everyone need to think and act now. Am glad to stop by such an inspirational post 🙂

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  5. quite inspiring…I also agree that all material possessions whether in terms of what we have bought , earned or owned will never keep us happy forever! we need to look for “intellectual” achievements and not merely material achievements

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  6. Becoming a better person should be the goal. Live everyday like it was your last. Good thoughts, as a person people don’t stop to pat themselves on the back. Showing appreciation for yourself is the perfect start!

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