Healthy food at Guptaji’s

I am a big time foodie. My love for food has only grown over the years. Not only it has increased multiple times, I have developed and refined it. Now, I look for healthier versions of any food. Yesterday I had a peek into Guptaji’s kitchen and what all his wife cooks on Facebook. Since I am so tempted, I wish they invite me for #nashta to their house.

These are a few reasons why I want to go to Guptaji’s house. The dishes they make are not only mouthwatering but also healthy and a better substitute to the traditional ones. I can learn more about following dishes from Mrs Gupta and would want to start having them with my family.

1. Walnut Cornflakes Choco Balls – I love chocolates. Whenever and wherever I get a chance to gobble them down, I don’t hesitate. I love all forms of chocolates and this Cornflakes Choco Balls seem very delicious. A bit of crunchy flavor of cornflakes mixed with smooth chocolates rolled into balls will make perfect dessert post dinner.

2. Cornflakes Popcorn Clusters – I watch all forms of cricket, even if India is not playing and popcorn are must for me when I am on my couch in front of my TV. These days I am glued to the World Cup. What if I get the best of Popcorn in a healthier mix? Yes, why not. I have tasted spicy popcorn, chocolate popcorn, butter popcorn and now I am waiting to savor popcorn with cornflakes and honey.

3. Cabbage Corn Salad in Basil Curd Dressing – These days sometimes I have only salad for dinner. I can as well try it for breakfast, only if it is bound to give me a fresh start to the day. The crunchy flakes, with the rich taste of grapes, cucumber and cabbage might just give me that. This looks like a great option in contrast to the super-heavy ‘aloo-parathas’ I normally have in breakfast and better than usual salads for dinner.

4. Cornflake Coconut Ladoo – Besan ladoos are my favorite, but if given an option to try something new, I won’t mind. The Cornflake Coconut Ladoo seems to have all the right ingredients that make up for a perfect ladoo – nuts, ghee, milk and flakes. But I don’t just want to have them in breakfast, I plan to take them to office and have one or two in the night as well. Since they are a healthy alternative to what I currently have, my fitness will not take a hit. If Guptaji invites me over, I wish they make these.

5. Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda – Ever heard about Chapatti Corn Flakes? Even I hadn’t. When I saw this Chivda/Poha I couldn’t believe the ingredients actually contain leftover chapattis…what a great option to the pure rice flakes we normally have, which are so unhealthy. This recipe also has multiple grains in it – corn and wheat, along with spices and herbs…perfect snack for any time of the day.

For those who want to get more information on these dishes, please visit You will be amazed with how Kellogg’s has just refined our breakfast and provided us with better options.

6 thoughts on “Healthy food at Guptaji’s

  1. It was a great read. Is this Guptaji part of a TV cookery show?
    I wish I could develop so much liking for healthy foods that paranthas, puris and pakoras will not tickle to my eyes and nose any longer. I remember my Delhi days where the motto was “ki laike aya tha aur ki laike jayega … jo khayega wohi saath jayega”on one end and “kal se diet-ting chalu” on the other end.

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    1. This post is actually for a happy hour sponsored by Kellogg’s…the entire story is fictional.

      Regardless, we need to eat healthy to be better off during old age. Hope you can get the inspiration here.

      Thank you so much for coming by and adding your experience while being in Delhi 😊


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