Smartphone with an Edge

A smartphone can change your life, it brings ease and makes everything simple. We don’t press keys to type a message; we type 2-3 alphabets and it shows suggestions. It is supposed to be fast, easy to operate and edgy. Simply saying, it should be smart enough to beat every phone around. ASUS Zenfone 2 definitely falls in that category. It redefines the smartphone experience for users and here are my five reasons to go for it –

Better Performance – If you look at the specifications of this phone, we can easily find that it is designed for multitasking and fast browsing. With 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor and 4GB RAM, Zenfone 2 is super fast. I can play video games without worrying about the crazy hang-ups and browse internet at a much faster speed. I love playing youtube videos on my phone and with this power-packed phone, I think it will now be a treat.

Better Pictures – You all know, I love travelling. Some of my trips are impromptu which make it difficult to recharge camera batteries in advance. We depend a lot on our phone to take pictures on our trips. Sometimes, my wife complains about the bad picture quality, but with Zenfone 2, the pictures will be clearer. It has low light feature which enables to click clearer pictures in low light, that too without flash. It has better camera lens too. With such a smartphone in my pocket, I will be a smart-traveller and it would redefine our vacations.

Fast Charging – We all know how much battery a smartphone consumes. With so many apps updating themselves on a regular basis, battery is nearly dead by the end of the day. Charging my phone tops the to-do list at night, but not with this phone though. This smartphone charges 60% in 39 minutes. I can put it on charging when I am back home and surf net again or play games. This is without doubt my favorite feature of this phone.

Awesome Looks and Personalization – Zenfone 2 is not only technically sophisticated but is loaded with amazing features. It has an array of themes to choose from, we can also personalize these themes. It has wide 5.5 inch screen and a cool metallic finish with important buttons placed at the comfort so that we can operate it with our index finger. Its looks won me over completely.

Lastly, the best feature of all, ZenMotion – A smartphone which operates on mere hand motions is a dream come true for me. I love the Mac’s finger gestures but Zenfone 2 has taken the whole motion experience to the next level. 2 taps or swipe to get things done quickly but the best of all is if you write some specific characters on screen, you can operate many functions. For example – write C on the screen to open Camera, E for Email and V for dialer. I find this the best feature in any smartphone available yet.

All this gives Zenfone 2 edge over other smartphones in the market and can easily redefine the whole smartphone experience.

25 thoughts on “Smartphone with an Edge

  1. Alok,

    Yes, I hardly find a reason to pull out my Nikon these days with the tech smartphones give us, though I do hold it dear. Unless it is specifically photography session and only that in the agenda, my Nikon comes out else it is all smart phone though cribbing that my camera could have done this and that…. 🙂

    Sometimes it does scare me that I will lose that manual touch to my clicks.

    Chennai Focus

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    1. Likewise with me.
      I have a 10-year old Sony cyber shot and is still pretty good with 7.2MP camera; but with my iPhone 5s, i use more of it than my camera.

      I am sure in future cameras will be used a lot less unless we want that ultra-clarity which only camera can provide.

      Thanks for stopping-by.

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  2. It is actually a plus when we need to click pictures in dim light. Without proper settings my camera when uses flash just kills the true feeling of the place. Though it is not handy to take DSLR to every place we go and then need for phone camera arises. Fast charging is another awesome specification we all need today! Right now I am fine with my decently working android phone. I would surely check this gadget out and its price… I act a little miser while buying highly priced phones and prefer buyinh another lense for my camera insteadt!!! 😀

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    1. Ditto with me…though I have a small camera which is easy to carry around. My iPhone is helpful for regular clicks though.

      But then I think advances in technology will make cell phones much more usable for even pictures…so may be wait for a better phone and survive with your DSLR for now.

      Thanks for contributing 😊


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