Together, we celebrate

As the classic Bollywood movie Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan highlights, one just needs these basic amenities to live a happy life; rest everything that we aspire for is just a luxury, which still might not lead to additional happiness. Once we are blessed with these necessities, I believe one needs peace of mind to lead a blissful life as there is no end to materialistic possessions.

Consider the people who have too much to even enjoy themselves. Are they happy? No, because the need to acquire more to live the lifestyle they have been living doesn’t allow them to enjoy what they already have.

My father and mother struggled hard living in different cities to build a good house in a good locality in my hometown. At the age of 40, they were the owner of the same and my mother also quit her job so we can all live together. That’s what happiness is – when you live together with your family under one roof. You share your happiness and achievements with them, and celebrate life everyday. Even if one is going through a tough time, family gives strength and support to overcome it. Such phases will then turn out to be a beautiful experience, which turns misery into a blessing. They give a thousand moments to celebrate life and to be thankful about.

Further to that, my parents made sure long back that I and my sister have everything for us to have a good future. Once I got out of college, I had a decent job and my sister also did pretty good. I am in US now and she just got selected in a Bank in India to join as a Probationary Officer. Had my father and mother continued to struggle while staying apart, we wouldn’t have enjoyed the small things we did together in that little home we call our own. We watched cricket matches together, we dined everyday, we celebrated each and every occasion with great excitement and most importantly, we enjoyed the company of each other in our home. As they say – life is all about enjoying small moments; we did exactly the same, without waiting for any bigger reason to celebrate.

With the surge in average salaries across sectors these days, many are earning more than what our parents could even think of. Thus the time it takes to make sure one has his own home is greatly reduced. In fact, at the age of 33 I already have my own decent apartment in India. And I have no obsession to get a bigger one. Once I am back to India, I have already made sure that I have money to fill that house with basic amenities and just enjoy my life with my family everyday.

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