Attire matters!

PS (Pre-Script): Contents are funny (or supposed to be), please proceed with a Smile!

I have come a long way to look decent, if not good! If you had seen me before marriage, you would be utterly surprised to see me now. My dressing sense has improved drastically, courtesy my wife, Saru. Today, the likes of Calvin Klein, Gucci and Ralph Lauren adorn my wardrobe.

Let me take you through my Journey.
Saru and I studied together in school though we were in different sections (sort of different classes because of batch size). I don’t remember speaking to her at length ever, so we didn’t know each other much. It was during my Summer Internship with IBM as part of my MBA curriculum much later in life that I somehow met her on Orkut, the Social platform that is no more. She was running her online business then and used to be on the Internet quite often. I at least remembered her name from school, so we found a way to talk.

After a few conversations which made us comfortable, we opened up a bit. As her Parents were looking for a groom for her and I also was not much away from my days, somehow we got into the discussion of marriage. I have always been pretty simple in life and have had a good corporate career even before getting into MBA which I was now doing from a pretty reputed college in India. Barring my looks, my professional and family credentials were noteworthy. Saru must have taken a note of them and she never worried about the looks anyway.

Soon, we decided to meet during my upcoming weekend trip to our hometown, Ambala. We told our families that we would meet informally at a neutral place. On the D-Day, I was such a nerd that I set out to meet her for the first time in a white T-shirt and dark-brown Pajama. What the heck, I think of myself now. Who with the complexion I have wears such terrible attire on a date! God knows what Saru would have thought about me then. Luckily, that’s history now.

Saru has worked hard on me, the way I look and the way I behave also. Not only the external appearance, but my undergarments have also been upgraded. Earlier, I used to go with my favorite Red Hill (a local brand famous in North India) so much so that I used to mock my wife ‘Red Hill ka kaccha Calvin Klein se achcha (Red Hill’s brief is better than Calvin Klein’s),’ but now it’s more of Hanes and Jockeys of the world.

But considering the wacky looks I sometimes get from ladies around, I still feel there is some scope for improvement. For a consolation, at least now they are looking at me. I can now relate to how much elated ladies feel when we look at them and why they spend so much on their make-ups. Makes me feel I should increase Saru’s monthly allowances.

So guys, take it from me – what you wear is how people perceive you. It is very essential to be properly dressed; who knows, you might just get lucky with that lady you have been dreaming about 🙂

PS (Post-Script): If you ever see multiple creases on my Trouser or Shirt, it means I recently had an argument with Saru and I have been ironing my clothes.

78 thoughts on “Attire matters!

  1. It seems you were the first one to keep smiling while writing this post 🙂 being all nostalgic. The line which caused me laughter was the post script 😀 hahaha!! Cheers Saru, your monthly allowances are soon receiving a hefty boost.

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  2. Attire matters! Indeed it does. I liked the funny take on it. Looking good is a demand now. Being beautiful in your own way is your right. If I consider myself beautiful, why shouldn’t I try to enhance it. Frankly speaking, I want to be dressed up like a page 3 celeb someday. 😛

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  3. Attire matters…undoubtedly only if you know how to carry it with the positive body language, the brightness in the eyes, the smile that matches it and the right amount of confidence. I am sure Saru could see through your attire and hooked you!
    Thanks for a lighthearted piece, I could relate to it very well!

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    1. Very true. I have seen people working at management level but very poorly dressed and many don’t feel like associating with them, so I believe attire carries a big weight among all others.

      You’re most welcome here 😊

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  4. Hahahahaa… it’s a delight reading your post. But I must agree that attire matters not just in heart matters but also professional and other matters too. But no one should make the terrible mistake of judging a person only by the look and outfit. By the way, you said “God knows what Saru would have thought…” means you still do not dare to ask her about it! … 😉 😀

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    1. This post is actually inspired by Saru mocking me as to how terrible I looked when I met her back then but I am not sure if she had any other thoughts too and I don’t want to ask her 😔

      I agree one should be decently dressed no matter the occasion or place.

      Happy that you enjoyed the write-up 😀


  5. As you said , I proceeded with a smile and still smiling while writing this comment :). One thing I got from this post is Saru likes and loves you the same way today as she loved you the day you were in white t shirt and brown pajama on your first date. 🙂 I am sue you would agree on this.
    Attire definitely matter, but it’s not for our soulmates , our friends , our parents. Their love will not increase or decrease for you if you change from that red one to some brand ( BTW, that line rhymed well ) .
    Attire matters where in have to make a short term impact somewhere in business, but gradually it’s the inner attire that matters.
    You may get thousands of FB likes due to a branded tshirt , but your nature, your inner brand will get you the real likes 🙂

    And believe me this like is real like :). and one more thing you should more often write such things like increasing wife’s allowances. You will gradually become some kind of ideal husband every girl would want a husband like you, Man who gives credit to wife for all that she does for her family. All they write about is her shoping list 🙂

    and no doubt you write really well.

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    1. Thank you so much for a generous comment, Nimi.

      I know Saru’s love has not gone down a bit 🙂

      I agree, attire makes a good impression upfront, especially in business. But in social circles too, it matters a lot these days.

      I would be on cloud nine if i can fit the description of an ‘ideal husband,’ but i know i am not yet inspite of all the talk of increased allowances 😛

      I am very pleased to be able to entertain my friends 🙂

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  6. Hi Alok, First time here. Thanks for your visit to Saturday Musings and for liking a post there. I like what I see here and will definitely come back for more. Cheers!
    And ah clothes are very important and you will see why if you read my post ‘ Clotheless in Manila’. 🙂

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  7. I was teacher 33 years. Most USA teenagers have no idea how to dress for job interview. Need not be formal attire but casual and neat. They look like they are going to the dance or to the beach. I would reject them as they walked through the door. The employer does and must judge the book by its cover as they say. The employees are projections of the company in the eyes of the public.

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    1. Carl, it can’t be put in a better context than yours. I have been through numerous interviews in my life and have cracked most of them, courtesy my dressing sense and confidence.

      I can’t emphasize how much essential it is to be appropriately dressed for any interview…you said it all.

      Btw, my father was also a Professor of Chemistry. He retired a couple years back and now enjoying his free time 🙂


  8. This is the first post i’m reading today and it ends up being awesome..
    Red hill waala line was the USP…
    And yes, looks matter the most.
    Your ore script and post script lines too were damn good.
    Many can relate to it..
    And yes, your attire on the date.. i just have one question.. seriously?????? Out of all the formals you chose that… 😛

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  9. It’s really awesome!

    Being a newbie, if I’m allowed to laugh, I’d laugh like a demented hyena.

    It’s 6 hours since I really understood how this thing works and am astounded by the talent of the bloggers! God! And, I thought like… Only I write! I’m feeling like the child Newton, who went to the library with his first theory on calculas and was rebuffed by the librarian. Because, that theory was already established by Aryabhatta.

    You have a mean punch where humor is concerned. You play on black humor. Being a black humorist, I really appreciate your style!

    Don’t forget… Even after that fiasco, Newton wrote ‘Principia Mathematica Au Naturalis’. 🙂

    Alok, you rock!

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    1. Hahaha, I am still learning some of the tricks to write well. I intend to improve upon my humor quotient for sure. Pleasure that you enjoyed it.

      There are some more under the humor category which might find light and unwinding.

      Thank you so much, Rakesh. Welcome here 😊

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  10. haha It was a humorous post Alok!!I have always wondered why guys dress hopelessly but then the wife changes them!!Saru must have had some serious plans for you when she met you on the date!!:)

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    1. Hahaha…I feel wives should work on their husbands but some end up just working on themselves 😋

      Saru is always with some sort of plans…I am bombarded with improvement ideas every now and then. Good for me though!

      Thank you for appreciating 😊

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  11. There was a sweet story years ago about Will Smith after he was named best dressed male.
    They asked to what he attributed his great looks, and he replied, “I just put on what ever my wife lays out on the bed. ”
    It was hilarious and made many love him even more~

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  12. “Red Hill ka kaccha Calvin Klein se achcha” 🙂 hahahaaa This is super funny. Your posts are always delightful. Can’t stop laughing 🙂

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  13. Stumbled upon this piece!!! Trust me, every odr guy who falls in love with a gal from the corporate sector has to go through this sense of transformation!!! Nice and humorous piece! (apart from the fact that I still get into dose college days avatar iff i get a chance! 😀 )


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