Mumbai – A City For Travelers

I am an avid traveler. I hop on to every opportunity I get to travel and, to be very honest, the best ones are those that are paid for by my company. In my last company, I traveled a lot to Mumbai – experienced the cosmopolitan lifestyle of this city, experienced its much talked about train commute and stayed in the best hotels in Central Mumbai. Mumbai is a city with a lot of character. If on one hand it is the financial hub of India, on the other it’s the ‘mayanagari.’ People come to this city for enjoying the various shades of it. The historic landmarks, like Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali and the lively Beaches also attract many people. Even the Modern Architecture draws thousands for a vacation. I, myself, looked forward to drive on the Worli Sea Link, but as luck would have it, I never got a chance.

When I took trips to Mumbai, I was working for a financial client and I had to go there every alternate week. It was during the summer and monsoon season of 2010. The traveler in me was always excited. I worked during the day and explored the city in my free time. I visited the landmarks, tasted local delicacies and commuted in the famous Mumbai locals. In short, I tasted almost all the flavors of the city. However, there was one drawback – my company booked the flight and hotels for me. Every time I stayed in a different hotel. It was thrilling to enjoy the luxuries of good hotels at the expense of company. But, there were times when I stayed so far away from the client’s office, that I spent a lot of time in commute. And we all know that Mumbai monsoon can dampen our spirits easily. Once, I was stuck in traffic for good 2 hours. After that incident, I made very sure to tell the travel department to consider my commute while booking hotel for me next time.

Being a major tourist attraction of India, there are good options for hotels near Mumbai Airport. If you ask me, I always prefer hotels near airports. They are big, new, have better facilities and better road connectivity. There are many good hotels near Mumbai Airport. Some big chains have made sure to cater to the business and transit travelers. And for those who prefer budget hotels, there is no need to worry; you will find many options around the airport. All these hotels have excellent service and fits the requirements of all kinds of travelers. Best part is, since the Mumbai Airport is within the city, one can stay in luxury and enjoy the perks of city life. Whenever I will visit Mumbai next, I plan to stay in one such hotel and visit the places I haven’t covered so far. Ambani’s Antilla is top on my list. What about you, which places you want to visit in Mumbai?

30 thoughts on “Mumbai – A City For Travelers

  1. Well, I have not travelled much, I have been in Mumbai once or twice. But the best part I liked about Mumbai was Haji Ali and Bandstrand. The reason could be my love for beaches. I just love water touhing my feet, I just love cool, moist air touching my face. I love the music played by the waves. This is one thing I love about Mumbai. 🙂

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  2. I have never been to Mumbai so far. Planning to visit during next January or February. Want to ask you about hotels. I am told major tourist attractions are in South Mumbai. If that is correct, is it better to find a hotel in South Mumbai for staying? What do you think?


  3. I don’t count how many times I moved to mumbai but the crowded city doesn’t attract me. yes, It is joydriving in mumbai roads with desciplened traffic . Hotels are yes luxurious but the beaches are dirty ones. Noght weather is plesant and the day is sultry there. of course being financial hun visitors pourin and out daily.

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    1. I too don’t like Mumbai much and had to be there for business. Given an option I would stay away from this city.

      Agree with you beaches are dirty and that’s true for a lot of places in India.


      1. The shores in gujarat are cleaner… and many are virgin – or may be visited by fewer people. In cities the beaches don’t get maintained. The populace has to be educated though they all are EDUCATED.

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      2. I haven’t ventured out much in India, but general perception is beaches are normally filthy….good to know about gujarat.
        Thanks for your inputs, Sir.


  4. I am guessing you must have hogged on mumbai food during your travel because if not, you are missing out on a lot of yummiess!! If into spicy stuff, try the authentic Kolhapuri cuisine and irani cafes.. Love mumbai except the weather though!! But anyway Happy traveling to u:D

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    1. I did enjoy the food out there when i stayed over 3 weeks. But it’s been a while since i have been there and i am not even inclined to visit again…blame it on pollution and congestion.

      Good to know from you though, i might help somebody out. Thanks.

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  5. Wow.. I like your post.. I have been in Mumbai since over a year now. I am in love with the city. Nariman point and bandstand garden where u can see the worli sea face are my favourites.. even kanheri caves in borivalli national park are beautiful

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    1. Personally, i feel mumbai to be quite congested for my liking. But the attractions are definitely worth visiting.

      If i ever go again, i will keep your inputs in mind.
      Thanks a lot, Himali. Welcome here 🙂

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