A show with a Twist – EkNayiLeague

Kapil Dev, the Indian Cricketing Legend, started something called as ‘EkNayiLeague’ few days back. What exactly is the concept all about is yet to be unveiled. There is a lot of buzz about it and many are guessing what is cooking behind the curtains. But few hints can be made in the face of the fact that Mr Dev joined twitter just a few weeks back with this campaign. Also, 4 videos have been made available on YouTube where he says this campaign is not going to be about making decisions from the Heart, but we will have to use our Brains to win it. Could it be related to cricket, match making or simply a dare show? Well, we will find out in a few days, but let me guess what EkNayiLeague could be.

I would place my bets on it being a game show like Kaun Banega Crorepati, which would also have Twitter as a medium of expression. A show where one must always be attentive and never lose his concentration. Play by the rule and the rule is to keep the heart out of the game. The contestants will be put under some emotional stress, but they should refrain from getting emotionally involved. Maybe the initiative could have some elements from Sach Ka Saamna too.

My reasons behind these thought being:
1. Kapil Dev asked people via Videos available to follow him through Twitter. Why would he do that? So he could reach out to people and have them participate in the ‘League’ he is talking about. Maybe there would be some lucky winners decided through Twitter too. And if you give correct answer, you might get a chance to face him for a question-answer session to win a grand prize. Much like the phone selection process and fastest fingers first on Kaun Banega Crorepati. Twitter acts as a shortcut to getting on the hot seat, or whatever Kapil Dev chooses to call it. I suggest – Dimaag Wali Kursi.

2. He has included people from multiple industries in his Videos, which makes me feel this is for the common man and not just about Cricket. And, I feel the show would be played by some famous personality (obviously), involving the contestant along with someone from his family or friends. A situation that would automatically inject emotions. A tricky situation, where it won’t be that easy to answer questions involving personal life. Either win the game or lose something on the personal front! And, in this age of the Internet, what could connect us best with celebrities in the first place? Social media! But to keep things simple, Twitter is the best way to promote and widen the reach.

So, what do you think? A show where you have to be strong-headed and have strong control over your emotions. Or you have some other thoughts?

12 thoughts on “A show with a Twist – EkNayiLeague

  1. Alok, I in fact am unable to grasp the concept of such shows. Although, I love them. But, the way you described ignited the interest. I’ll watch it.

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