I have always used Airtel. It has been my preferred service provider since I had my first cell phone. They have exceptional network coverage and great packages for every type of user. When I was in College, I had many friends who used Airtel. Later, when I bought my first Motorola cellphone, I took Airtel prepaid connection. I moved to many cities and Airtel has been with me throughout. Only thing that changed was a switch from prepaid to postpaid. Even when I was looking for Broadband and Cable package, I opted for Airtel Broadband and DTH. Now they have introduced #MyAirtelApp, which according to me is a step ahead to cater to and pamper its ever increasing customer base.

Here are a few things which I feel can redefine my experience and are best suited to my lifestyle:

Shake Feature – This is the best feature of this app. A single shake to your phone and you receive updates of great offers. There were times when I had to ask shopkeepers about the full talktime plan and they used to be unsure. It caused a bit of frustration. Since most of my family members use Airtel and I was responsible for their recharge, it added to my worries. Now, my parents live in another town. With this feature, I can ask them to shake and check what offers are applicable in their state and I can just ask the shopkeeper to recharge their number with that amount. With the help of this feature, recharging my parents cell phone will be very easy.

Next thing I like is ‘Airtel Surprises’. It’s an amazing feature where one can save money on their favorite sites, places and brands. With every recharge, one will get a surprise offer, where we can save money on many popular places and sites. Discounts on Cafe Coffee Day, PVR, Myntra and many more such deals will help me save few bucks and will keep my family happy. I feel, this will also give me an excuse to indulge myself more. I would want to hit coffee shops and cinemas often to avail their discounts.

Last but not the least, I love ‘I want to’ feature. I am a very organized person. I keep everything I use in the most systematic way. Even the apps on my phone are placed in order of how I use them. ‘I want to’ feature keeps the most used tabs as shortcuts. There are always few things in any application which one uses more than others. Sometimes, it is a task to surf through the long list; it not only wastes time but consumes battery too. But this feature keeps things organized and maintains shortcuts of most used features. I know I would check ‘bill payments’ and ‘recharge’ more than ‘record a program’; having the former ones on the screen would help me immensely.

There are other good features too in this app, like – recharge any other cell phone, recharge your DTH and check your data consumption. With the launch of this app, Airtel has scored very high in customer satisfaction and as for me, I am waiting for its iOS version. I will need it on my next trip to India.


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