An Expert at Home!

Mothers are special, i feel most of us are more attached to our Mothers than our Fathers. I fall in that bracket too, for valid reasons. Most important being I and my sister stayed with our Mom in Mandi Dabwali (a place near Bathinda, in Punjab) as kids while our Father used to stay and work far away in Ambala, Haryana. They had to stay afar because they had their jobs even before getting married and wanted to continue with them for Financial reasons. So one can understand the emotional connect I have with my Mother. Also, I am the elder one with my sister 5 years younger to me, so i was pampered a lot.

Even after my Mother left her job when I was 12 to give us a family life in Ambala, I continued to derive inspiration and strength from her. She has always been with me, through thick and thin. Some of the memories i cherish with her include:

1. Gajjar Halwa in winters – I am a big time foodie and my craving for sweets is unparalleled. My mom used to make this sweet-dish for me whenever I wanted to have it. Even though the kitchen was on the other side of the floor from the bedroom in our rented house in Mandi Dabwali, she used to go all the way just to satisfy my desire every time. Later it so happened that she kept a stove in the bedroom itself so she would not have to cross the open area in the night and still do her best for me. She would tuck me in the quilt, and I would do my homework quickly so I could get the halwa soon.

2. Family lunch together – When we were in Mandi Dabwali, my mom used to make lunch for me and my sister in the morning itself since she used to come late in the afternoons from work. Our nanny used to take care of us. After she left her job and we all settled in Ambala, one day she cooked our favorite food along with salad and raita and lay it nicely on the dining table. She waited for me and my sister to return from school and we all had lunch together, along with our Father. I still remember mentioning to her – aaj to maja aa gaya. That’s exactly the reason she left her job so she could take care of us and also that we could get Fatherly love.

3. Early morning companion – When i was doing my Engineering from a place not much away from Ambala, i used to come back home on Friday evenings and return to hostel and college Monday mornings. I was a pretty studious person, normally sleeping at 11pm and getting up at 1am on weekends and then sleeping a bit in the afternoons. To make sure i concentrate on my studies, my mom used to get up at odd hours in the morning and make breakfast for me. The Gold medal i got for my academic performance in Engineering goes to her for her sacrifices.

There are many other moments when my Mother was there for me – pouring her affection and guiding me with her wisdom. She has made difficult situations into a cakewalk. Do Mothers have some magical potion that make everything cheerful?…they seem to be some sort of an expert just like Godrej is in Hair Color.

P.S. Sharing my Mother’s favorite memory – my first Raksha Bandhan

first raksha bandhan alok singhal

81 thoughts on “An Expert at Home!

  1. Mother is the only person in our life, who could trade any pain for us, without a second thought. Sometimes I hate this world customes that we girls have to leave our mother’s to take care of completely unknown. And I wonder how all of us including me leave our parents for our comforts, ambitions etc and move on to another place for job etc. 🙂
    But we have to do and life goes on.

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      1. I have seen some of us fighting our own parents for property and other materialistic desires…I feel pretty bad about it.

        Some are indeed doing their best.


  2. I’m 32, educated and have a knack for survival, at work I’m the reliable one and for the best part I have a very fierce sense of independence (courtesy of good parenting and an NHS mum!) But when I’m staring down a cliff, inaction and lack of motivation cursing me despite knowing I need to act, mum is the only one who with ruthless verbal bitch slaps can sort me out and get me on the path I need, and I think she likes verbal bitch slapping a bit too much!

    Might be from whom I get my wicked sense of humour to boot!!

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    1. The ‘verbal bitch slaps’ part is funny. But jokes apart, mums know how to get us in order…i too remember some personal moments when i was in disarray and needed a slap to get in my senses.

      Thanks for a wonderful input.

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  3. why is it that mom’s food has no comparison to anything else in the world….and gajjar ka halwa….OMG Alok… made me crave for it….I make the halwa very often for my kids and my husband….but I don’t relish the one I make….always remember and wonder how mummy makes it…..loved that click too…..:)

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    1. You know, i made gajjar halwa 2 yrs back and spent 7 hours making it…yes, very slowly. Haven’t had the guts to made it that awesome since 😛

      I like Suji and Besan halwa now, which Saru makes often for me.

      Thanks, for the picture too 🙂

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  4. Alok, your words and fond memories of your mother are just precious. I really felt your Love for your mom, and smiled thoughout as I read this. I do have a question for you. What is a Raksha Bandhan? Love, Amy ❤


      1. Thank you, Alok, for the explanation. What a beautiful tradition! We have nothing like that in our culture, and now I wish we did. Families are so disconnected here for the most part. I truly Hope it is different in your part of the world. May your weekend be wonderful!! Love, Amy ❤

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  5. Well, good you appreciate your Mom. Actually, being a Mom is hard task and as kids we don’t realize it, they go through so many troubles and sacrifices to make us stay comfortable. Your Mom seems committed and bold too, staying and taking care of two girl kids with husband far away is not easy in our Indian society but she did it that too working. Nice. Make her proud. I could see the awe and appreciation for your Mom in the write up.

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    1. Thank you so much, Maria…your appreciation is so uplifting.

      My family sacrificed a lot initially just to be financially healthy…for us. But then, we had to enjoy that money too…so we did it and still going strong.

      Btw, there is a typo i guess, she has a boy and a girl 🙂


  6. I could sense that the feelings expressed in the post came from your heart.Mothers are selfless and shower their affection with no expectations.Best wishes for the contest.

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  7. Beyond the food that she prepares and the help she renders, moms also provide the much-needed emotional support for children. In my case too, I vividly remember the pooris she used to keep making even as I kept eating whatever she had made. Also, I remember how she used to wait for me, without sleeping, whenever I used to return home later after work assignments.

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  8. Aww this is a post straight from your heart. My mother is still working. Whenever she tells that she is on leave, my sister and I jump around in glee. There is nothing that can replace her presence in our lives. Regarding the magic potion, yes! there is something! But they shouldn’t tell us what that is, I think. 😮

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