Secrets to Healthy Skin

How often we get attracted to somebody just because his or her skin is radiant, thus contributing to the overall personality of the person…almost every time. Long gone are the days when only women used to spend hours working to keep their skin clear and complexion glowing. Today, men are equally conscious about taking care of themselves. It won’t be wrong to say that both the genders are not only spending time searching for but also a chunk of their earnings on skin care products.

But with the splurge of cosmetics, it has become pretty daunting to decide what to go with. Most of them are chemical-based, which do more harm than good in the long run. In such cases what’s better than something which is natural and does not carry any side effects – Ayurveda. It has some time proven tricks to make our skin clear, soft and radiant. To be specific, what exactly can we do in the comforts of our home to keep our skin soft and beautiful?

There are many things passed on from our grandparents to our parents and these are a few my mother keeps telling me:

  1.       Eat veggies: We must have heard the best we can do to our body is to eat vegetables (and fruits too). Taking it one step further by sticking to the ones which have a high water content like tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cucumber (these are easier to digest too) will only do more good. They prevent unwanted signs of aging and keeps skin young and supple. Eating water based fruits is more helpful in summer, as they assist with beating the heat too.
  1.       Drink liquids: Keeping ourselves hydrated helps with a lot of diseases, including Constipation, Cancer, Kidney Stones and even Acne and other Skin issues. Not only water, but caffeinated drinks like Tea or Coffee are also useful. Health practitioners normally suggest drinking enough to keep ourselves hydrated and that is based on the individual, activity level and environment we live in. It also helps to throw the toxins away from our body and keeps it glowing.
  1.       Exercise: This is one important aspect that can go a long way in alleviating most of the issues of modern lifestyle. It keeps muscles and joints healthy and toned, which results in flushing out toxins from our skin. It also improves blood circulation, digestion, and gives us a healthy blush. We could go with Yoga, Jogging, Walking or any other form of exercise, whatever works well for us. There are many exercises which help to retain skin glow and improve skin sagging.
  1.       Proper skin care routine: Though staying well on the inside is good, we also need to take care of ourselves on the outside. Proper cleansing and moisturizing is a must too to keep skin healthy and young.  Rather than going for chemical-based products, try Ayurvedic options like the one from Vicco. I remember my mother used to have Vicco Turmeric Cream on her dressing table when I was a kid. Watch the Video for more on the benefits of same.

37 thoughts on “Secrets to Healthy Skin

  1. Great tips Alok. I just finished a week being a vegan – and I do feel that my skins (especially face) are lighter and less oily. My energy level is rising. Now I will try to eat veggies and fruits more than I eat meats 🙂

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  2. Your suggestions make a lot of sense. It’s better to avoid chemical based cosmetics.
    But at the end of it all, complexion and colour, are just skin deep, aren’t they? What matters is much more than that, irrespective of colour or complexion.

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  3. Dear Alok !
    Nice to see your this Post it remembers me of the article I had written long back which I have put it as my first Post “THE WHITENING MYTH”, after I started my blog, you may please go through it and if you want you can re-blog it on your blog. It is just lying there unread, I want people to read it. It is my request.
    I have dedicated my Latest Post in your name and in the name of your Blog. Please visit and put your Comment.

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