The blah-blah story!

I am always amazed with the energy some talkative people carry around. You just have to give them a hint (sometimes not even that) and they are well on their way to a marathon journey with you!

My father is one of them – he was a Professor of Chemistry before he retired and he talks too much. Ask him one question and he gives answers to many more. Maybe his profession led him to talk more, or it could be genetic as my grandmother used to talk a lot too. It’s not that one won’t enjoy his company, on the contrary he is funny many a times; but it’s just that when one is busy, it gets too much; and at times, it does get boring.

I tried finding reasons as to why some people are so talkative – it seems, more often than not, they are Extroverts, Self-Confident, but might come across as Insensitive and, at times, Arrogant too.

If one is an Extrovert, he is bound to strike a conversation with others. It is easy for such people to get along with others; maybe they grew up in a crowded environment and they find it difficult to be alone. So when they get a chance to get social, they burst all out. Remember the instance where the person next to you in a bus, train or an airplane started off a talk with you? …and it seemed he would follow you all the way to your home 🙂

Self-confidence rides high in such people and they hardly think about what others think of them because they have too much of a self-esteem. Some of them would not take ‘no’ for an answer and could actually hit you if you go against their views. Sometimes, their aggressive behavior over many others has shaped their personality.

Few of them might come across as Insensitive too as they hardly pay attention to others’ feelings.  In such instances they might be perceived as Arrogant also. Normally, if a person talks too much, it means he is too fascinated within himself and takes pride in what he is.

Sometimes, it is all just relative. I might come across as talkative to you, if you don’t even like opening up your lips…or if it is the other way, i could come out as an introvert. Either way, in order to have a healthy discussion, it is best to reflect on oneself and see if we are having a two-way conversation.

P.S. The point is equally applicable in case of women, may be more so 😛

108 thoughts on “The blah-blah story!

  1. You are right! Only those who have self-confidence can be good conversationalists, also the ones in teaching professions develop this habit most naturally, they can discern certain questions and expectations effortlessly.

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  2. As an introvert, it amazes how much need some people have to be constantly talking or at least be in company of others. There are lots of times when I wished a person would just shut up but wouldn’t have the courage to say it to him aloud.

    As for confidence, yes, extroverts do seem to be brimming with it. At least as far as letting their their thoughts out. On the contrary, anything that comes out of my mouth would have been internally debates and rehearsed.

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  3. Hahaha.. I am one talkative head, with the USP of talking non-stop! And it’s fun to talk. When you see people enjoying your conversations, that feeling can’t be described in words.. the points you made are very true and apt. Good job!


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    1. Sometime, i speak too much too…and i can see the frustration on the other guys face. I guess i should stop there itself.
      Glad to know more about you and that we are in the same boat 🙂

      Thank you so much, Geets. Cheers!


  4. I’m extremely talkative. It applies to everyone in my family as well. Needless to say, family dinner is like a circus, and I don’t think I would have had it any other way! 🙂 Unfortunately my ears get out of practice since my tongue dominates and I often have to remind myself to listen!

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  5. Alok – sometimes it’s just nervous energy that needs letting out. I know several people like that who are not self-confident at all. Talking is their way of releasing tension, is all!

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  6. Haha… seems like you have just explained a pinch characteristic of my father too 😉 But yup two-way conversation is most welcome anytime. And in case of women, it always go two-way but more one a competition mode 🙂 Good article Alok.

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  7. Hmm good to read point of view of an extrovert (as you have hinted :P). I am a good listener who finds it hard and disrespectful to let not others finish their talks and hence I end up most of the times just listening and getting termed as introvert 😦 (only my husband listens to my blah blah..)

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    1. Actually, the definition of Introvert is not that they are not Talkative, but they like keeping things to themselves.
      Hope your husband is keeping up well with your blah-blah 😛


  8. Loved your blog… having said and done all the points, one point which neither can deny is you are never bored in the company of talkative people 🙂

    btw, my father too was a Chemistry prof for sometime!!

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  9. Loved your post. My best friends are talkitive, but then so am I. People sometimes, wonder how these girls are friends. Do they all only talk, or they actually listen to each other sometimes? 😛 The truth is we are good listeners too.
    By the way, intoverts are talkitive too. Only they need close people, who are good listeners.

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    1. Hahaha, i feel ladies are normally talkative, more than men 😛

      Introverts need some sort of nudge to keep them talking for a bit, else they keep it to themselves. I spent a few years commuting with one such guy.

      Thank you, Kiran.

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    1. I guess one should be balanced in terms of communicating…extremes don’t help much.

      My father used to repeat the same concept multiple times; so either the poor chaps would get it or they would be already asleep 🙂

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  10. I liked your observations regarding TALKATIVENESS..
    Well, talkativeness per se (as such) in itself is not necessarily bad….if hearing person’s respect and liking is taken care of.
    If you can perceive the signals of hearing persons limit.
    A time-limit is decided and followed.
    In fact it is mental catharsis, openness and frankness of a talkative person that others do like.
    Dr Bharat Desai, Bilimora

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  11. I hope I don’t become talkative when I grow old … 😛 😀 I think ‘conversation’ is a two-way thing even if you don’t mention explicitly. If it’s one-way it’s not a conversation it is only ‘talking’. 🙂 So, one must learn to listen if he/she wants to carry out a conversation.

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  12. Alok, also people have the case of “diarrhea mouth” as I have coined it (smile) when they manipulate the conversation so the attention is on them. It is uncomfortable, irritating, and many times, downright rude. They are known as the “hoggers” of the conversation when others are able to get very little in, for being talked right over. A bulldozer, if you will, in human form. Yep, know all about it.
    When excited about something, I tend to go on and on, and have really been trying to catch myself so that the conversation is not all about my Life. I really enjoy conversation when mutual sharing is done.
    Great post and I do thank you!!! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Those are nice terms you have used. I too believe in mutual sharing, but sometimes go over when I am too excited or have too much to share. Better to cut down the flab.

      Thank you so much for adding, Amy.

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  13. I agree sometimes too officious and too inquisitive a person gets on my nerves. Those who talk need not talk about their own selves but would also like to know about you which I detest. However, I do not agree with your last sentence. Women talk too much is a misnomer. There are some who wouldn’t even divulge one bit of themselves. If there is an exception then there should not be any generalization either. I like your candidness which has come forth in your article.

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    1. I agree some women keep it to themselves. Last sentence actually has ‘maybe’ and i just wanted to have it for fun (and you see a different smiley too 😛 )

      Thank you so much for adding a valuable comment.


  14. People who talk a lot just has a lot of information to share and they don’t care who they share it to. I too talk a lot if an ear is given often hearing humor in my own stories when told aloud. That’s why the title is so funny to me because after awhile, that’s all we hear is blah blah.

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  15. My Dear Alok, thanks for the many visits and likes to my site. …About the present one, there is Never just One reason for anything!

    Same as ‘choices!’ Never just one choice, leading to I have no choice!’

    See, I have started ‘talking.’ Excuse me.

    But instead of trying to find reasons for their behaviour, unless You are really interested in that as a study, I would say We find ways of ‘Dealing’ with it!

    Regards and Blessings. 🙂

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      1. Hello, Alok! Thanks for that! …About Your father, and all our fathers, THEY HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE! That is what makes them Wise! And Anybody who has learnt something, is always eager to teach it to somebody else. This is something Natural.

        Secondly, if a person talks a lot, we have to examine WHETHER WE HAVE GIVEN THEM TIME TO SPEAK, WHETHER WE HAVE LISTENED TO THEM, ENOUGH.

        It may be time for Us to listen to them. When We listen to them, we will find that their ‘talking’ becomes less and less.

        To listen to somebody can be quite tiring! My suggestion would be, listen till You get tired, and then gently tell them that You could talk again.

        And keep making time for them, over the days.

        This will create a Beautiful Bond between which You will appreciate very much.

        Love and Blessings. 🙂

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      2. This is such a beautiful input. I don’t have anything against people who talk too much…just that they should give time to others also to put forth their views.
        After all, listening should work both ways 🙂


      3. One of the branches of Psychology is the Transactional analysis. According to that, You are in a ‘Crossed’ situation, not a straight forward one. Also, I VERY MUCH doubt that youth and Age could ‘discuss.’ Unless, it is a Ventilation that you seek. …All these are Psychological terms.

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      4. Am replying to this again, my Dear Alok! Don’t worry, You probably know MUCH MORE than myself about Computer and even the cell phone, besides Your own branch of study.

        You had written that ‘Listening should be Both ways.’ About that, Yes and No.

        If You want to speak about Your personal life, particularly to members of Your own family, there is an Obligation to Listen. Elders, particularly, have to make time and listen to the younger family members.

        But when ‘youth’ thinks that it knows quite a lot, and wants its elders about its ‘knowledge,’ that can be quite quite a different thing.

        After all, it takes Years and Years to just learn about things and Life. So Youth should learn to Keep Quiet, and Listen to these things.

        Hope this is clear!

        Love and Regards. 🙂

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  16. I am a combination of both. It is very difficult for me to open up. But once I do, that is it. I observe people, I discern whether I feel like opening up with them. There is some kind of software in my head that does all the job and after the analysis, I either sit still because, the software’s result is negative. If the result is positive, then I show my true form.
    Similarly, as you put it, I keep a distance from arrogant people who force their opinions on me. I do like talkative people who respect my opinions to (If I ever let it out :P).

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    1. I guess most of us fall in this bracket – talk more when we are comfortable with the other person, else try to remain calm.

      The entire point is to listen also, as that leads to a fruitful conversation.

      Thanks buddy, for adding a valuable comment 🙂

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  17. Yes have come across many such people, and sometimes have to suffer them! Somehow cannot take them too lightly. Often, whilst they are jabbering, and not to be discourteous, I just let them flow with their words, whilst I float with my own thoughts! Thanks for sharing, Alok.

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