Clean-up that mess!

I love cleanliness. Sorry for those who don’t…I’ll explain why.

I can’t stand the sight of banana peel sitting on someone’s office desk for multiple days or that wrapper in their car enjoying multiple rides over weeks. I feel cleanliness should be of paramount importance. And, it should start from within oneself. Think for yourself, would you be attracted towards somebody if you knew that person hasn’t bathed for a week…even if it is winters?

Maybe some specific examples will help:

I used to commute with a guy few years back in his car and he wouldn’t even bother to trash the wrappers from chocolate, toffees etc that his kid had eaten few days back. I used to literally take them off when I had to sit…sometimes even keeping them alongside me (because there were too many). I had to quietly feel bad for myself for sitting at the corner, because the entire seat used to be full of trash, at times. I soon got my own car!

A colleague of mine used to have Bananas almost every day but hardly found time to throw off the peels. They would get stale in days and even then they would sit right there against the keyboard and monitor. One lucky day, he would get rid of the trash, but by then there would already be marks on the desk. One can still see those spots there.

I know of a guy from college who was so busy with ladies, that he hardly had time to bathe (in summers too). He would just apply deodorant mostly and set out to please those women, who were mad for him. He was a handsome chap and had many women after him because he was rich too. He used those women (in the literal sense also) with finesse to further his business interests. Yes, he was earning while studying by being a part of two businesses that thrive on networking…that’s where he used those women, who were from different cities.

If you think about each of these cases, you will not feel good about them. Often times, we are not even mindful that we are a part of such group and sometimes we are too lazy to do the needful. However, it is not hard to clean-up the mess we leave behind – whether in office, car or even at a public place! Why throw trash on beaches, roads, stations etc when we know the same places would be used by our kids and our future generations?

I take pride in being clean (might not be ultra-clean). If you look at my house, office desk or car, you would hardly find a reason to complain. Sometimes I buy solutions to keep them clean, and I don’t hesitate a bit to spend (well, 5-7 bucks is hardly anything anyway). I clean my cell phone and laptop with a solution every week too. I am sure some of you do too!

In the last one year, I have had to shift seats in office a couple of times. Every time, I cleaned-up everything in my new cubicle with water and then with hand-sanitizer…including phone, monitor, keyboard, chair, drawers, and desk (of course). I have received compliments at times, for being clutter-free.

I believe, if you are clean, it will attract more people towards you and you will feel good for yourself too.

83 thoughts on “Clean-up that mess!

  1. I always felt that this is a local problem. It relieves to understand that this is human problem across. A similar issue is alighting from flight- craft or dinning at a dinner function, wherein you don’t have an alternative. But every one is hell bent to be the first – I don’t know why. Some one might be in hurry to take up a connecting flight or take a journey soon after dinner well that sounds healthy … but then are all hurry at all times… miserable situation. Again some one on a craft confirms – this is also a universal issue – not local.

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  2. It certainly is great to keep yourself and your environment clean! I always feel better when I clean my house and everything smells nice and looks inviting. Then I can relax and enjoy things I love to do. Cleanliness or lack of it has to do with a social state of the environment. I’ve been to countries which have a lot of social issues and poverty and people are preoccupied with their own problems and don’t seem to care about the cleanliness of their environment and I can understand that because when you struggle to survive each day and worry about if you’re going to have food next day, cleanliness isn’t something that’s a priority…

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    1. I agree, but then it is also a personal issue…why to throw garbage around when you have a dustbin within your sight. People don’t seem to care much there because they have been raised that way, it just doesn’t even occur to them…and they are well-off folks.

      Glad to know you are like me 😊

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  3. I too find it difficult to do anything in a cluttered place. For me a clutter free desk and clutter free space is essential before I can get on with work. Btw a guy who is so busy with ladies that doesn’t have the time to bathe sounds pretty weird. 🙂

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  4. Being a kid, I was not really concerned about keeping the surroundings clean, but now I can’t even stand a thing that needs to be disposed and is yet on my desk. Cleanliness is must for the health and for our eyes to feel good too. 😀

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  5. I see families enjoying picnics in the park, when they leave all their mess is on the ground only a few feet from the trash bins… I don’t care what your home looks like but when out in public teach your kids to have some respect for others!

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  6. Oh My! Finally I think I have met someone from my own species! What you wrote is so true and so common. Are they lazy?? Or simply do not bother!! I am quite surprised to see that people are so unmindful about something like keeping the surroundings clean. And I am often being accused of being a freak to someone suffering OCD. But in my defense I think that I like living in a cleaner environment. So much about Swach Bharat, for God’s sake people plz first clean your house first!!!

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  7. I too have confronted such people, some I know, some met in crowd. Well, we can’t help much on this, as we can’t change people. They must feel such things themselves, only then they will understand. By the way… the 3 stories you shared has a male lead 😉 Just kidding! I have seen females too (comparatively less though) but a strong contender in this aspect. Cleanliness is applicable to everyone, everywhere, all the time 🙂 Good post Alok!

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  8. Nicely penned Alok. Whilst I largely agree with you on cleanliness, I do think there is a limit and it should not become an OCD, which often happens. Also cannot stand filth. That banana incident was surely filthy! Thanks again for those thoughts.

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      1. I am a very nice person, but OCD caused my hoading, but it is not as bad as the shows and no banana peels next to my computer. If I could just let go it wouldn’t be bad.

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  9. I firmly believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. I find it difficult to concentrate in a filthy, cluttered surrounding. Moreover, when you have kids at home, it’s a real tough job!
    Enjoyed the post, Alok..the banana peel incident was quite something…. !!!!

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  10. what you have written is quite true…we all face such issue once in while or quite often…depending on our luck !!!
    Even though hygiene is a personal issue yet it affects others too…I do come across people in the gym who stink terribly because of the body odor. I am not sure whether they are aware of this problem or they turn blind eye thinking its not their problem ( because they can’t smell any)!! In either case, this becomes everyone’s problem! Similarly, I come across people who sweat so much that they leave the benches and machines drenched in sweat. Its quite disgusting! I don’t understand why they can’t use a towel and clean the bench after use?

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    1. I have seen people who won’t even flush after they pee…and if they have to encounter such situations themselves, they go red-faced.

      Perfect example of gym and a nasty one too since that is where a lot of germs would like to live.


  11. You have got some interesting situations there. The best was that the guy was able to please so many girls without them knowing that he doesn’t take bath and just bathes in perfumes instead :P.

    I have also come across a lot of individuals who smell awfully because they sweat like crazy and they don’t change their clothes which smell after drying off. Surprisingly, I have seen many sales agents smell so badly. Wonder how they sell their stuff when people wouldn’t even want to sit next to them.

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    1. I find it really weird some people wear same pair of socks over multiple days, even in summers. How smelly!

      Glad to read about sales agents…I know they apply perfume a lot, not sure if this is to hide their smells.

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  12. Amen to that! I’m not the cleanliness freak but I always prefer things to be in order and most importantly clean. I hate it when I’m in a not-so-clean place and I cannot do anything about it.

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  13. Ah. I know. Even I like cleanliness. Not too clean, but nothing that’ll raise eyebrows or attract wildlife or leave spots etc. It helps to keep things organized too, I feel. If the habit is inculcated from childhood itself, it becomes easier to continue it. I think those who are too messy, they find it difficult to move from the mess to a cleaner state. They become habituated to finding their way in the mess that the clean state seems muddled. Lovely thoughts, Alok.

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

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    1. Great though, maybe we can’t even understand their state of mind…as if they are in another world.

      I feel the thought has to come from within at some point in life (maybe from some external trigger, like this post), else you would never feel about it.

      Thanks for a great comment, Vinay.


  14. A basic hygiene and cleanliness should be maintained by everyone. But surely this is something which is inculcated since childhood. If it is not taught then, it is difficult to teach later.

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  15. Right Alok .. and some people MUST understand the difference between keeping (things/rooms) clean and keeping them empty .. For such I have this gem- clean desk ;clean mind .Empty desk;…….. 😛 😛
    I am a cleanliness lover 🙂

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  16. I am a clean-freak 😀 my kids tells me I can’t live without my Roomba & Hand sanitizer 😀
    But on a serious note, I desist almost anything that is smelly, unkempt, not “ultra clean”…I have had so many experiences with my silverware while dining out, I had to ask for “Cleaner” ones 😀
    I believe its a way, a mindset, an attitude like for everything else- littering should be punishable, our cultural heritage is so significant, say for example, Indus Valley Civilization, Harappa/Mohanjodero/Lothal shows we had sense of great plumbing & sanitation way back than…than why to forget this…now. A great post, Alok. (y)

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    1. You seem to be like me, i just can’t stand the trash around…i would myself clean it up, if need be.

      I think as we are getting more educated, we are losing our sense of right and wrong. It’s more of a show-off or cool factor that is coming in. See kids, they are not ready to listen to anybody these days, try teaching them and you might have a nightmare of life.

      You won’t believe, i saw a couple asking their daughter to pee in the garden (after making sure no one from the crowd was watching them) in front of the white house…you can guess the country they were from. So shameful!

      Anyway, hope few people can keep themselves straight.

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      1. Alok…same pinch! regarding the weird experience, u just shared…it’s really shameful…& I also feel….we are devolving in many aspects…after “evolved” as a hi-tech homo-sapiens…we are now “devaluing” so many things/outlooks in our day-to-day life. Regarding kids behavior, I personally believe they mimic us…so it’s our duty to be a good role-model…We can definitely shape their vulnerable minds, support/distort it…it’s astonishing to see/watch these kind of incidents… the other day, I was watching episode of Savdhaan India…wherein a rich fellow was being discriminatory with a low caste person, eventually, he passed on this hatred to his young son…& in the end someone loose his life…. 😀 Thanks! Have a great week ahead….

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      2. So true and so sad to read all this…we are ourselves to blame for what our kids become.

        Hopefully at least a few of us can teach better (like you) so we can make our earth a better place to live.

        Thank you so much for adding your views.

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  17. I am like you, a very clutter-free person. Sorry to hear that you had to move the trash away in your colleague’s car. You really don’t know how long they’ve been there…

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t chuck bananas skins right away after I eat them in the office, but at the end of the day I make sure they go straight in the bin. I believe that clean space gives a clearer mind.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately some people don’t even realize it could be an issue for another person…they are happy in their own ways!

      Good to know more about you. I guess it doesn’t take much of effort to get rid of stuff…especially in offices, where trash bin is just below the desk.

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  18. hmmm… there used to be a time I would take bath once a week… but that was because I generally don’t stick and also wanted to save water and had Sunday only time to bathe because working all other days… but never needed to use a deodarant, I am surprised that chap could attract ladies, the way you are saying makes one wonder did he use them in a unethical manner, I hope not…anyway… I must learn ofcourse to clean my phone and computer… I have a hand sanitizer which I forget to carry sometimes but comes in handy when going out in public places and spaces. I try to be non-messy and clean… but quite messy unfortunately… but I clean my own room only because I don’t want maid to steal anything from my room… but I make it a point when possible to keep the sink clean, thrown all the food particles away and wash with water so the roaches don’t feast around. I only request people to keep the toilets clean and dry if not anything else and keep self clean… anyway good that your clean so much so that you clean phone and comp too…shows your organized, disciplined… good habit… it provably attracts positive energy too no doubt…anyway goodday

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    1. The cleaner we are, the more positive vibes we are spreading across. These days with hectic life, people often take things for granted; but in my opinion there are some aspects which should necessarily take care of (every day)!

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      1. yeah I the dirty things with now with is is our socks and shoes… most of us are too lazy to wash it with their hectic daily lives… even bags… I think sry cleaning fr these acessories is required…but seriously everything is anyway dirty… look at the trains… and since I take top birth and I am afraid to keep my sandals down, I get confused weather to climb up with slippers or bare feet… its a delima especially after you come back from the train toilets… you know I got a luggage in my room and it reminds me of the other day where we waited in the station and roaches huge ones came to dance around the luggage…that trolley luggage has gone everywhere on the road and station!! and I want to clean it or move it so I can exercise freely there without feeling I will be proximate to that luggage… really I know this sounds stupid but in India staying clean is quite a challenge… one day I was coming back by bus and was tortured by little roaches on the side window… so well yeah… but yes small things should be done for cleaner environment… if that is the least we can do… I think I have to give my luggage for dry cleaning… I vowed to keep Minty Mile my Organge backpack clean by sponge bathing Minty Mile once a while… I am very used to filth I have cleaned pigeon baby waste besides beating baby pigeons to let fleas from its body fly… othering can beat that…and also Indian maids damn they don’t clean anything properly… so I guess all of us are quite dirty with bacteria…thankgod we don’t know it, it is creepy… I see people spit on roads, some people we meet have bad breath and they don’t know… just the way things are…in my flat my lift smells with dog urine now tell me, how do you expect anyone to be clean around all the filth!!!… provably take you as inspiration…anyway


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