Balanced Diet for Healthy Living

I am a foodie. I love trying different cuisines and the good thing about me is I eat in moderation, which helps me to stay healthy. If I want to have a bowl of ice cream in dessert, I cut down a chapati from my meal. I eat everything, but I never stuff myself. I am a strong believer of eating right and I am totally against dieting. A balanced diet is the right way to stay healthy. Having the right combination of food with proper nutrients and eating at proper times too are important.

What exactly is a balanced diet? A balanced diet is one that gives proper nutrients for the functioning of the body. We must remember that a balanced diet is different for all of us; it depends on age, gender, body type and on our lifestyle. Even if we are overweight, a balanced diet can help reduce the weight without harming the body. It is basically the consumption of required calories for the body to function and burning the excess with physical work and exercise. This way one can continue with daily activities without losing the vigor, as opposed to what happens when we are on diet.

There are many benefits of a balanced diet:

– First being, we remain healthy and are never out of energy to carry on with our lifestyles. When we diet or crash meals, we compromise on our health and risk damage to our internal organs.

– Second benefit of a balanced diet is since we are consuming the right food at proper intervals, we tend to be happier. Even many researches show that when we are empty stomach, we feel angry, low and unhappy. Eating a healthy meal helps us attain more peace and happiness.

– Third, and which breaks many myths is, a balanced diet helps us lose weight. When we are on diet, we deprive our body of nutrients and we lose weight temporarily; but in the long run, our body start craving for those insufficient nutrients and we end up gaining weight. The entire process brings no weight loss and adds to frustration. With balanced diet and by keeping a check on the calorie intake, one can lose weight in the long run.

– Lastly, a balanced diet helps in improving our health – our heart, bone and teeth strength and body organs improve significantly with eating right, which in turn increases the life expectancy.

Along with a balanced diet, one must make smart changes to the food habits. Most days, I eat salads in dinner – a right mix of protein, carbs and greens. There are some healthy tips which can improve health and vitality, like drinking lemon water with honey empty stomach in the morning. Dabur Honey has many recipes on their website which are mouthwatering and healthy at the same time. We all know sugar is not good for the body. Honey, on the other hand, gives a better taste and is not bad for the body. Click here to check recipes and health benefits of honey diet.

So, a balanced diet, with healthier options and exercise is the way to have a better body and happier life. Try making necessary changes to your diet and see the positive changes. I bet, like me, you will enjoy it.

74 thoughts on “Balanced Diet for Healthy Living

  1. Balance, a variety of foods and colors, and eating regularly. True that. And well, this is a sponsored post so I won’t say anything about Dabur here but I think you should double check Dabur honey. Personally I prefer organic variety.

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  2. No doubt a balanced diet essential Alok but a lot of other factors too play a part. Lifestyle, habits, excecise and of course attitude. And as for Dabur honey, or any such, its artificial isnt it? Wonder if really beneficial? Would like to try though, thx sharing recipes ☺

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  3. A balanced diet is always essential. But sadly, in this day and age of the fast paced corporate life, all of us are in such a rush that the diet goes for a toss. Though I cook quite often, I try to make different veggies, have fruits, water etc. at regular intervals. But it gets quite challenging to maintain a good diet with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins all the time :/

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    1. But then why we are earning and running around madly…to live a happy life. Right? I guess we forget what is the ultimate need…to enjoy life. So better take a little break from busy schedules and do the needful.

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      1. Truly agree. If we don’t maintain good health, what will we do with just success financially or higher up the corporate ladder. We all need to learn to enjoy life.

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  4. Very true. If we know what to eat, when to eat things get easy. SOme people skip meals because they hog at one meal and I dont even want to get started on crash diets because some people cant find time to do some exercises.

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  5. I’ve bookmarked the recipes webpage. Thanks Alok.
    Nicely written as always. Many of your posts make some of us want to mend our ways. 🙂
    Have a great week, Alok. 🙂

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  6. Interesting! I too don’t cut short ghee or oil. I add a little bit of everything. I don’t like to starve in the name of dieting. I like to eat less, as far as possible. Your advice about honey is good. But somehow, I have forgotten about it now…I used to take honey and lemon in the morning! Thanks for reminding. Enjoyed reading this post, Alok! Thank you!

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  7. The flow of the post is perfect.. it doesn’t gets boring, the way other health related posts do.. you maintained the interest of the readers just fine..
    Enjoyed reading it..


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  8. I certainly notice a big difference day to day depending on what I eat. Most days I make a big salad with a variety of vegetables… with nuts and beans for protein… then I feel good!

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  9. After looking at a number of the blog posts on your website, I really like your
    way of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my website too and let me know your opinion.

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  10. hmmm… everyone knows this but what I see is that you believe in this that is why sharing… actually I wish I had more things to add, I knew more about this last to last year… somethings to reduce weight include – stop eating too much rice, reduce sugar content in coffe/tea, try sugar subtitutes like in Indian tradition we add too much sugar and ghee for sweet, we should reduce that(can use artificial sweetners instead)…have nuts, reduce coffeine… don’t binge on anything…I am having buscuit with my tea thesedays I think it is good refreshner, have tea with healthy cookie(Unibic or marie biscuit)… for ladies see you have curds and greens for better bone because more proteins and all… then add veggies to what ever you make – beans, potato, carrots bit of everything…maybe mint and spinach… don’t eat too much fried food… there are really healthy breakfast iteams just search for them… I used to watch foodfood and there is this guy too whose video taught me how to make yummy badam halwa 2 or 3 years back…/ with oats one can grind it and make atta for oats idly, bread dosa…lots of options. Alwaays eat light… and yes exercise atleast a bit…do some strecting exercise, walking, climb stairs or do spot jogging, see more exercise options if you can’t find time to exercise. 20 minutes of exercise should do and keep busy… if your not busy either you will eat too much or not have apetite… some self management involved… green tea I believed last yead to be good… you can try red rice instead of white nice… buy fruits…take some sweet like dark chocolate just a bit has some antioxidants I guess… and anything else… to someextent I too believe that a bit of feel good factor can come from exercising, then eating because you feel strong, plus you can justify eating… now I don’t follow any diet(:…but don’t diet atall because more than weight healthy and strenght is important, weight is secondary… just look at Sonakshi Sinha how fat she was but still unbothered everyone should try to be happy in general and not let these issues trouble them…also drink water, have fluids… those who are non-veg will benefit eating eggs and fish they say but I am veggie so not recomending…Mahatma Gandhi eat lots of nuts and avoided food later I guess I don’t know weather to recomment his diet that is extreme… food gives happiness too… I am beginning to believe that believe who eat and have taste generally are happy mood not dull mood… I am cross I guess… I sometimes eat everything without wasting as in marriages and sometimes don’t want to eat much a tall even ok tasting food will do but sometimes like tasty yummy food as well I guess because I am a explorer too…every ingredient of food adds flavour, colour and it is interesting…anyway enjoy food… I suppose you cook well too…off to eat lunch…my odinary tomato rice with raita…goodday


    1. Your comment is a post in itself and a pretty good one at that. You should post on your blog with more inputs added…seriously!

      I am a Veggie too and do Yoga routinely…whatever i can. On Saturdays, i attend a Yoga session for an hour. I also walk at least 5K step every day (using stairs) in my office. I am feeling the difference since i have adapted this kind of a lifestyle and i wrote a post titled ‘Blissful Yoga’ also sometime back, which you can go through.

      I never waste food (no matter what), so i fill my plate with caution.
      Oh my! You are so like me, happy to know so much from and about you. Thanks a ton 🙂


  11. also dieting one day in a month or so is good habbit…many reasons but one solid one is you can detoxify and know hunger and control it…so when the diet stuff is over you will be grateful for the food you eat… the taste sense will like any simple food after diet… t will be interesting to try… anyway… want to do that someday, maybe add it to my bucket list… ofcourse dieting should be accompied by drinking juices, so energy level stays good…maybe I should join up on a hunger protest and see…

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