Zen-Next Smartphone!

The Smartphone industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hence, for anybody looking for an upgrade, it is becoming quite a tedious task to zero-in on one. While doing research for myself, I stumbled upon #AsusZenFone2 as it has been gathering a lot of hype in the market. If one goes through its specs, it is easy to find out why it is one of the best phones in the market. The reasons are many, primarily:

Robust Performance – The phone is super-fast owing to its 2.3 GHz 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 processor and is the world’s first smartphone to boast 4GB RAM. This ensures surfing the web is smooth and multitasking is lightening quick. For those who like watching videos or playing games on phone, this gadget is bound to be a treat as it comes with PowerVR-G6420 graphics chips which is a solid performer and is a blessing for Android users.

Stunning Pictures – The device comes with 13MP rear shooter and 5MP front-facing camera. If you love travelling as I do, this phone will come in handy with its superior picture quality compared to its competitors. What sets it apart is ASUS’ Pixelmaster technology that provides better shots and video in low light conditions…it boasts an increase in light sensitivity and color contrast by up to 400% combined with an enhanced noise reduction.

Fast Charging – The phone comes with non-removable 3000mAh battery and fast-charging technology, which restores 60% of battery life in about 39 minutes. With so many apps updating themselves on a  regular basis, battery is normally an issue with many phones. And this problem is compounded when we are travelling. However, ZenFone 2 compares well with its competitors and is expected to get even better in future with new software updates.

Classy Design and Looks – ZenFone 2 comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD display with a 1080p resolution. The screen is sharp, vivid, and bright enough to see in daylight. The phone is nothing short of an Engineering marvel with its thinnest edge going for a mere 3.9mm. Its shape is elegant owing to its Ergonomic Arc design that also ensures comfortable holding. It also comes with premium metallic looks and the feel is awesome. In fact, it bagged the 2015 iF Design Award.

Seamless User Experience – Its brand-new UI has a variety of new features including ZenMotion (simply touch, tap and swipe to get things done), SnapView (a personal space available only to us for our apps, photos and files), Trend Micro Security (browser has inbuilt security features) and ZenUI Instant Updates that enhance usability which ensuring security and privacy. The interface looks brighter, smarter, simpler and even more beautiful!

And, these are just a handful of the features to talk about. Overall, ZenFone 2 boasts a beautiful design, powerful specifications, and with a solid user experience on earlier versions, it is bound to drive people crazy with its budget-friendly price.

To add to the excitement, ASUS ZenFone 2 has received amazingly favorable response and reviews worldwide and has even smashed some records:

– Zoomed to No 1 position of Unlocked Phone Bestsellers on Amazon USA within 10 hours

– No 1 Bestseller on newegg.com – USA

– No 1 Bestseller on Amazon Italy

– No 2 top seller at the biggest Re-tailer in France – Cdiscount

– 6x more preorders than ZenFone 1st gen in Japan

– Surpasses Galaxy S6 on Google trend in Singapore

– 600,000 orders in Taiwan within 2 months

– China saw 1,500,000 preorders in 15 days

– No 1 voice share on top 3 3C website in Hong kong. Sold over 100,000 units until now

– 2 million units sold in Indonesia with No 1 share of voice on Google trend

I know, I do not have to look further!


44 thoughts on “Zen-Next Smartphone!

  1. Interesting, a lot of great information here, and so much good stuff packed into this phone. Technology continues to amaze, and I am sure will continue to do so for a long time. Thank you for taking the time to write such an informative and detailed article.

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  2. I was loyal to IOS for 6 years after which moved to android, samsung to be precise ….well now i am not happy with S5 and cant move to s6 as I find it a cheap marketing gimmick. I can’t understand the launch of a new variant every year…but your post suggests this phone as robust and good…need to get my hands on it now 🙂

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  3. Let me confess, when it comes about gadgets my knowledge is in negative.. By younger always says “Outdated hoti ja rahi ho.. Lol”.. After reading this post I am gonna talk about this phone & will see his reaction.. ha ha ha.. Thanks for sharing Alok 🙂

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  4. Very nice well organized and informative post. But I love the title the most. 🙂 I have seen the specs of the on flipkart. Very impressive. Many people are going for Zenfone these days.

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