Wishes do come true!

We all have many dreams and wishes. And why not…that is what life should be all about. Some of us want to make an impact in the world and some just want to travel to their favorite destinations. But one thing is for sure – we all have wishes. They could be tiny, big, achievable or otherwise – they come in all shapes and sizes. Like, a blogger friend, Shilpa has a wish of having an iPad Air, so she could give shape to her dreams. Just like her, I too have a wish of having a Professional Camera so I can capture the best of shots wherever I travel (and you would know i am an avid traveler).

However, to fulfill the wishes, we also need to chose the right place from where to buy the product since we would like the vendor to be reliable, trustworthy and should offer value for money. I have been using one such website – Flipkart, for a long time now and found the camera i want to buy available at a pretty competitive price there. Flipkart also has a superb delivery system and if, for some reason we are not happy with the purchase, they guarantee to replace the product as well.

I have been holding on to my wish of learning Photography for a very long time. It all started when I bought my first ‘point and shoot’ camera in 2005. It is a basic Sony Digital Camera and it clicks quality images. However, there are many restrictions and hardly any room for creativity with it. It pinches me when I get a great landscape view and my camera refuses to capture it due to lack of options in it. With a professional camera, I will be able to use many options available based on what I want to capture. These features are called ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed (collectively knows as The Exposure Triangle). Understanding them will give me perfect shots of the things I love to click. Landscape, Portrait and Bokeh are my favorite genre and I am thinking of starting from there.

I love to travel and mostly where I can be close to nature. Every new place I have been to had countless moments and stories which can inspire many. I want to travel with my new camera and capture all such unique aspects to share with my friends and also keep them as my memories. Maybe, one of my pictures will inspire creativity in others too. Last year, when I went to New Hampshire, there were many postcard moments (see pics below), that could have been captured better in the RAW mode of a Professional Camera and converted into a life-size poster for my apartment. Hopefully, i will not be able to miss on such opportunities henceforth.

new hampshire - alok saru singhalnew hampshire - alok saru singhalnew hampshire alok saru singhalAll views are from Mount Washington Auto Road

What is my Wish? I want to buy Sony’s hot selling product Sony Alpha A7 camera (with FE 28-70mm lens).


Now, since we all want our plans to proceed without any hiccups, selecting the right vendor is extremely important. We do not want to feel cheated on any account and still have the flexibility to choose from a variety of options available at the best price in the market. Here is where Flipkart beats its competitors. As the video below shows, we just need to have a wish and Flipkart makes sure #AbHarWishHogiPoori.

86 thoughts on “Wishes do come true!

  1. I too had the same wish of buying a DSLR from a long long time…but only entry level..to capture moments..:) I did buy it last December after much turmoil..was a good feeling..I wish your wish gets fulfilled soon.

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  2. I hope that your wish comes true soon! I too moved on to DSLR after waiting for many years. the main consideration for wait was that I did not want to buy DSLR and stash it away to be taken out on a holiday. I started a schedule whereby I would camera every sunday. after about 2 months I decided that time was right to move on to DSLR. In spite of owning and using DSLR I still use travel zoom camera more often. Reason – its pretty compact, just pull out and shoot! And yes, it does have some limited options for creativity – shutter and aperture priority modes! Also, its quite discreet to use!

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    1. Absolutely, my current one is pretty compact, but it’s been 10 years with it…so needs an upgrade!

      I will try to do more hands-on with the new one, so i get used to it and then maybe use the current one only if i feel like.

      Thanks for adding your experience 🙂

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      1. 10 years is a long time when it comes to technology, although no major shift has happened in digital cameras except mirrorless cameras. However, given the limitations that current mirrorless cameras technology has, it will be sometime before they become popular and replace DSLR! Olympus and Fuji currently have good line up of mirrorless camera and rules the best mirrorless camera lists.

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      2. at the moment 2 major limitations of mirrorless vis-a-vis DSLR – low light photography and action/high speed photography.DSLR outperforms them. Even the Sony A6000 supposedly to be fastest one around has mixed reviews. anyways, go ahead..mirrorless is the future!

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      3. There quite a few compact cameras that are very good with great zoom capability and amazing results.check out panasonic lumix dmc-fz 1000/ fz 300/ fz 200. One of the finest bridge cameras around.

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  3. One of the best learning tools is to look at images made by great photographers and try to replicate them. It’s not cheating and really works provided you analyse your results and keep a written record of your progress.

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    1. That’s a good way to learn, but i know i need to spend more time now 🙂
      I have a few vacations coming up, that would be a pretty good practical experience!

      Thank you so much, buddy!


  4. May your wish come true, Alok 🙂 I am sure it will… I guess most writers love photography too…
    ..I have been craving for upgrading my DSLR too but am mot yet able to convince, m precious half 😛 …will be elated to see atleast yours fulfilled!

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  5. Alok, I dont understand cameras tbh. Best of luck with yours. As for Flipkart I think they are very efficient. I’ve also had a good experience with them in returns. I quite like shopping with them. Haven’t tried other online retailers but am told Amazon are equally good.

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    1. I am a fan of Amazon in US…they are simply Superb. Haven’t tried their Indian counterparts yet though…i am sure they are equally good.

      Some of Flipkart management worked for Amazon earlier, so it’s a concept adapted from them to a certain extent.

      Thank you for adding your views!

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  6. A new camera is so exciting!! I can’t wait to see some of your new photography.

    Also, thank you for posting the Flipkart video. I was so entranced by the colours (and the baking and the scenery) that I didn’t even notice the products they were selling. What a gorgeous video! I might watch it again.

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  7. From the comments I get the idea that you’ve got your wish fulfilled?! Congratulations, that’s awesome!! Hope to see some fantastic pics from this new camera 🙂 I would love your user updates on it too – curious about mirrorless camera’s and their features. Enjoy your wish coming true, hope there’s many more to come!!

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    1. I have just bought it and i am loving it! It is a great product. I will post pictures once i learn a bit and take it out.
      I have some vacations coming up in Sep, that would be it’s best test.

      Thank you, Ami 🙂


  8. You know today I got my wish fullfilled(:… I got myself a 40lts backpack, I had plans to go trekking earlier not so much now but today went to enquire about the prices of backpack… it seemed resonable at Rs 1200, so my Mom brought it for me knowing I wanted a backpack… I know it seems very simple wish but I have seen people with packbacks and wanted it, I never found the right bag that is a trek, spacy well made bag and today I got it. I have named that bag Mintymile(:… I am quite happy today with Mintymile…it reminds me of the possibilities of travels tommorow… Yes any person who travels will become interested in photography… I too want good camera soon for taking pictures… it is fun stuff to share and just memories and a great hobby. I am sure you will become professional photographer soon…who knows maybe you will take wedding and event photography and have it as a side business… i meet someone who is a software engenear mostly but in the mornings is a Yoga teacher and when time permits in the night or evening he becomes event photographer and weekends if time permits organizes outdoor events, trekking, bike travels etc… inspiring…anyway

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    1. So happy to know about Mintymile 🙂
      You can just go out exploring whatever is close-by over the weekends and it would be a great partner. I am sure you will have a great time with your new buy.

      Amazing how that person manages so many things during a day and still does his best. Really inspiring!
      For me, i have a full-time job and i am loving writing over here. I do plan to take awesome pictures as i learn photography, but let’s see what after that…


      1. yeah that guy’s dreams to to trek Mount Everest… yes it is a very suitable thing to learn photography… I think these gadgets help you and motivate you to explore somethings by yourself and that camera will be part of you as you travel…because it will aid you to express how things were…so if your found of travelling, photography is nice thing… That person told me secret is do your work on time with focus(:…also a day has 24 hours…so to do more things you can adjust your sleep and other resting things a bit… like stop getting up late, or think its late lets go home and watch tv, instead get up early start your day, do one thing for a time, then a completely different thing next… he also has full time job, and a fiancee as well… and tells the other activities he does keeps him productive on his full time job… yes he is inspiring I am glad others agree with me…so no complains that can’t spend time with family because of no time…whatever little time we have we waste(: that is the truth looks like…

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  9. Alok,

    I really enjoyed reading this post as I am a firm believer in having positive thoughts and wishes.

    I do share your passion in photography and I had been through these stages just like you 🙂

    Hope to see many interesting images here, as you fine tune this craft…

    Have a beautiful day 🙂

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  10. I for one know that dreams come true and know you will have your Sony camera! The photos that you took in New Hampshire with a lesser camera are amazing. I look forward to seeing the world you create with your new Sony ILCE – 7K!

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  11. The Images you took are stunning! I too wish to travel around the world one day. And I like photography too but can’t buy the high definition camera right now but hey I’m keeping my fingers crossed for someone to gift me that ! lol 😀

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  12. Wow!!! You should definitely own a professional camera. You have an eye for good things. And yes, even I plan to learn photography !!! Let’s c. And since you are a traveller. I have a question for you. I and my fiance are looking for places to travel for honeymoon in Feb, 2017. We don’t want to go to conventional places. And wanted to go to New Zealand, but unfortunately it’s crossing our budgets. Probably you could help us suggest an ideal destination keeping the budget and weather in mind. 🙂 and you have a nice blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      Destination depends on your liking…I like more of beaches and snow-covered mountains, so for that Seychelles/Hawaii (beaches) or Iceland/Alaska (snow) works. There are many places in Europe, which would be rather cheap now because of Brexit…try Scotland, Sweden, Norway.

      Close to India, you can look at Mauritius.

      You need to do some research based on what you prefer…I would have gone to New Zealand though (my personal favorite)!

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