New India Portfolio – A New Age Investment

Indian economy has witnessed many positive changes in the last few decades. We have been going very strong as reflected in our GDP numbers. This has led to a surge in money at our disposal, thereby increasing our need for better investment opportunities. I have been investing in the Equity and Fixed Income markets since long. But,of late, due to time constraints, I have been preferring mutual funds. There are schemes that ensure good returns on my money in addition to creating long-term wealth. While analyzing additional options to diversify my portfolio, I stumbled upon New India Portfolio from and found it to be worthy of investing.

FundsIndia alok singhal

It is a comprehensive amalgamation of four funds which aims at the growth of our investments over a period of time. These four funds are discreetly selected after taking into consideration economic situation, sector performance, interest rate volatility and exchange rate. The four funds in this portfolio are:

Diversified Fund – This fund invests in large cap shares to give stability to the portfolio. Acting as a core fund, it ranks high on a risk-adjusted basis, but has low volatility. It is because of these reasons, this fund has performed consistently for many years.

Mid-cap Fund – Mid cap stocks are like dark horses of capital market and this fund harnesses this quality to increase the return on our portfolio. However, only less volatile stocks are selected to be a part of this fund; hence, even this fund has performed well for over more than 5 years.

Diversified Theme Fund – It concentrates on investing in those sectors which are considered the building blocks of an economy. Investments in infrastructure, resources, finance, social development and agriculture are bound to give good returns. And, coupled with that, investments in cyclical sectors like manufacturing, banking and auto are making it truly diverse.

Long-term Debt Fund – This is the only debt component in this portfolio. Fund Managers have kept medium-to-long term maturity government securities and AAA-rated bonds in it, with an aim to gain from debt rally.

Even with four different funds, the core values of this portfolio are consistency and stability. Hence, growth of investment is guaranteed in the long run. Along with the diversification of funds in this portfolio, it has taken into account the economic scenario of India into consideration, making it an ideal plan to invest these days.

Since the economic reforms in 2014, there have been many developments which have contributed towards the compilation of this portfolio – lower inflation, improving fiscal deficit situation, stable currency and deregulation of oil prices and a cut in interest rates has made it an ideal time to invest into. Have a look below for better understanding –  

alok singhal mutual fund

Now, from an investor perspective, I would invest in it for two reasons. One, for long term wealth creation. This fund performs better in the long term. So, if you are looking for a long term option, say 5 years, this is a right scheme for you. I am sure, presence of diverse funds will bring good returns on my investment. Second, to supplement my existing portfolio. This portfolio is aggressive in nature, with a major part being equity and a little portion of debt. It best suits those who want to supplement their existing portfolio, just like me.

After reading about the major components of these funds, I delved into its performance. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this portfolio has generated 18% compounded annual returns in the last five years, as compared to 11% returns from the blended index. These figures are calculated by taking into account the weighted average performance of the funds. In simple words, the performance of this portfolio is amazing by all standards.

funds india comparison

In case you are looking to diversify your existing portfolio, this New India Portfolio by #FundsIndia is the right investment for you. You can log into FundsIndia to know more.

* Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.

26 thoughts on “New India Portfolio – A New Age Investment

    1. I think if you would have stay put, you would have not lost anything. I still have shares from long back which are still to recuperate from devastation caused by recession…but slowly i am getting rid of them as they are turning in green.

      My belief is one never loses in long term, if the investment is good.

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  1. uff… I really wanted to check out this blog and man you really are spot on with many of your principles of living life well… I always been thinking that because you write really simple but its interesting as well, many of us write nonsense in blog just for writing… anyway… I don’t know how you know so much on finance, but investing in these financial investments is a must… I am lazy and way too stupid so even though I read outlook Money, you must read this month’s edition it is brilliant for it’s 15th aniversary I think…when I was a teenager I used to be attracted with a magazine called intelligent investor and then now after ages I realised Outlook Money was Intelligent Investor…(: anyway… Invest one should because of the power of compunding, its amazing, magic… and I think though you can correct me, this is a good way to save on tax as well(: …in fixed deposit the returns you get, you get taxed on it(:… also India has immense growth potencial, a company will grow a lot because it has not let reached saturation point, so if you invest well, changes are in few years time your money would have grown a lot… anyway… I have more to say like instead of investing in gold or property if you have excess money invest in Mutual Funds, check their performence, their objective, the fund manager etc… and those who want to buy gold to use in future buy gold funds, you can sell them and buy gold when required… don’t invest all your money, don’t be impatient… one can invest in debt funds I think because it’s less interest now and will make money now 2 years from now… search b rate debt funds that would turn to aaa rate funds sooned…and this I am wanting to tell somebody…if you guys are married and planning to have kids and are wanting to take insurance policies… check insurance health policies that also give cover for maternity…like most funds have 2 to 3 year start… there are some with 6 months start…that is after 6 months maternity cover whatever they give your eligible for it…anyway blabbering…as said I am speaking from knowledge I heard and read half hazardly but you speak more concreately… good blog… I am very lazy to read anything thesedays, but finally made it till here… nicely written… good good

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    1. I invest a lot in Mutual Funds and they perform very well, in general. India is a growing economy, so there is no need to be afraid of non-performance (in the long-term at least).

      Thank you so much for adding perfectly valid points and your knowledge on them. I agree with you…we need to invest money in various instruments based on our objectives and requirements.

      I am glad you like being here 🙂

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      1. I think it is better to invest in Equity markets…if you don’t know the stocks well, go the Mutual fund route.

        I don’t invest in Debt markets much…just have a few FDs.


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