Advanced Communicator Bronze – Toastmasters

Few weeks back I was awarded the ‘Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)’ certificate by Toastmasters. Earlier, I was conferred with Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL) on separate occasions. I also wrote a post on the same here.


Each of the Communication and Leadership tracks are independent and can be pursued simultaneously. Only after achieving the basic levels of CC and CL, the respective Advanced levels (multiple of them) can be taken up.

Towards my ACB achievement, I worked upon ‘Humorously Speaking’ and ‘Speaking to Inform’ projects (5 speeches in each). On the Communication side, what lies ahead for me are Silver and Bronze; while on the Leadership side I have to work towards Bronze and then Silver (no Gold here). After completing all the Advanced levels, one becomes a Distinguished Toastmaster.

The overall program layout is below (read bottom-up). Essentially, each level in both the tracks cater to some aspect(s) of Communication and Leadership qualities, thus making one a better Communicator and Leader.

 Communication Track  Leadership Track
 Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

  • Achieve Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) or Advanced Toastmaster Gold (ATMG)
  • Achieve Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) or Advanced Leader (AL)
 Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

 Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

  • Achieve Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) or “old” Competent Leader CL)
  • Serve as district officer
  • Complete the High Performance Leadership program
  • Serve as Club Sponsor, Club Mentor or Club Coach
 Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)

 Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)

  • Achieve Competent Leader
  • Achieve Competent Communicator or Competent Toastmaster
  • Serve as club officer
  • Participate in Club Success Plan
  • Attend Club Officer Training
  • Conduct two programs from the Successful Club Series and/or the Leadership Excellence Series
 Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)

 Competent Communicator (CC)

 Competent Leader (CL)

I have been enjoying my Journey with Toastmasters since last 2 years now. We might not be looking forward to becoming a Professional Speaker, but the learning’s definitely count – they can be applied in our day-to-day activities perfectly, like in managing a team, motivating our kids, speaking at functions, becoming humorous and entertaining (as i am trying to be – some of my speeches can be found in the Humor category) and the list is endless as one can imagine!

The club at my workplace that I am a part of is supportive, as most of the clubs in the world are (if not all). We learn, have fun and it is sort of a de-stressor too from work. We meet every Thursday from 12.30 to 13.30 and I have to go to another building in the campus. There has hardly been a day when I was not excited enough to be in the meeting. Sometimes, weather plays a role too, like it did last Thursday 🙂

citigroup citi warren new jerseytoastmasters warren citi campus scenic

I strongly advice everybody to join Toastmasters, wherever they are in the world. It is a non-expensive and practical way to refine ourselves!

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127 thoughts on “Advanced Communicator Bronze – Toastmasters

  1. Effective communication is very important even in our day-to-day lives, and being able to speak up in front of a crowd goes a long way in overall personality development. I’ve been a public speaker since childhood and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m really happy for you buddy 🙂

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  2. You go!! This is so wonderful! I have had in the back of mind for years to try Toastmasters and other things have gotten in the way. But I do plan to make a a goal for myself because, like you said, we learn a lot from it even if we are not professional public speakers;)

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