Remembering God, for his Blessings!

There was a day in 2003 when I was looking at a Qantas Airlines Aircraft parked at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi from across the boundary. It was around 3 in the morning and I was on my way back home after completing my shift at IBM Daksh in Gurgaon. I remember climbing up the pavement after the cab stopped, looking at the aircraft and wondering if I would ever get to fly Domestic, let alone International.

I have always had fascination with flights. Given an opportunity, I would rather travel by flight than by any other means, even if the expenses are on me (saying this with a heavy heart).

Today, after more than 12 years since that quiet night, I have completed 35 Domestic (in India and the US) and 5 International one-way journeys. Yes, I remember all of them. I have covered every major airline in India, and flown Air France, British Airways, Etihad Airways for my trips beyond Indian borders.

I feel it is time to Thank God for this wonderful journey, considering that my Parents have not even experienced any flight…though it is my dream to see them fly someday!

I am also thrilled as I look forward to travelling to India and Australia starting Friday. Well, for the Australia vacation, I should thank my wife also, as she won a contest early this year, sponsored by Tourism Victoria. I am just a baggage travelling with her, though paying her non-sponsored expenses 😉

The post that won us our first International vacation can be read here.

With my travels within Australia and across countries, my overall count would stand at 49 in a month’s time…just 1 short of a half-century! God works in mysterious ways!

P.S. I will not be regular on my blog but already have some posts that I will publish regularly…I am sure they will keep you thoroughly entertained. Please do keep on adding your comments…and I look forward to replying to them soon.

149 thoughts on “Remembering God, for his Blessings!

  1. Man..!! You both turn out to be writing couples!!! What a match!! I love Saru’s write ups as well but never knew you both are husband and wife.. Congratulations to your wife and you as well.. Have a great trip.. Stay blessed!


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  2. I am sure you guys must have had an awesome vacation :). Looking forward to reading your posts.

    By the way, even I love flying and travelling to new places. It’s so much fun to experience new cultures, cuisines, meet new people and so on and so forth :D.

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