The smartphone (r)evolution!

Smartphones have changed our lives. They has revolutionized the way we live, and many new breeds of people have ‘evolved’ because of this evolving technology. Some of these newbies are amusing, intelligent, while some are border-line crazy! Read some species that have made their way to the Top 5 list:

Expert Photographers – They are the ones to use their smartphones more as a camera. When I see a plate of food, I dig into it; but these folks take pictures from 10 different angles, post them and comments and likes follow. Few chaps think they have clicked a NatGeo award winning picture, while all others are admiring Kaka Chat Bhandar ki Chaat. Their hashtags are brand affiliated #Lumia #Galaxy6 #iPhonePhotography #Android; my personal favorite is #NoFilter. I wonder what is their ultimate wish – shooting the next Kingfisher Calendar Girls! …which, by the way, I will surely like and retweet 😛


Selfies Addicts – They are the most photogenic people on our timeline, or so they think. They click their own pictures and bombard us. From Angelina Jolie’s pout to Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar look, they copy everything. Well, I have no problems with that, but their action selfies are scary – #EatingSelfie #SleepingSelfie and I am scared that one day some fellow will share his #ShittingSelfie, or it might already be there!


Expert Opinion – First thing this breed does every morning is to see the trending hashtags. For every topic under the sun, they have some ‘life changing’ opinion. I bet they haven’t even see a  real football in life, but come the FIFA season and they write the most opinionated tweets. But look at their modesty, every tweet is followed by a humble –  #Just Saying

expert opinion

Jack of all trades – I might get thrown out of my house for citing this breed, as my wife is a perfect example. They are the golden child of smartphone companies as they use the smartphones of every individual in the family. Zara is sunset ki picture lena, meri battery kam hai; Bhai, snowfall ki picture bhej. Then begins the tough job of choosing the best from the lot and sharing it on the best occasion. Their timeline is filled with pictures clicked on smartphones, pictures made on smartphone apps and in my case, sarcastic comments on husband for using his smartphone.

Kings of Sharing and Caring – These generous folks don’t shy away from tagging, forwarding, and sharing excessively…that too at 4G speed! Agreed, sharing is caring, but too much of everything is bad. No point in trying to be modern day Danveer Karan! When it comes to social media and whatsapp, there is a high chance of being unfollowed and blocked. And, what is the fun in doing extra homework! #KeepCalm #SaveYourBattery

sharing is caring

And, the only category that ends up riding on appreciation is #Technocrats. They provide us with the best technology, reviews, comparison, bug fixes, and hack tools. Sadly, we call them geeks. Well, they are the dudes responsible for midnight whatsapp messages for your girlfriend, sukhdev dhaba check-in on highway and even for your social talks. I love them and so should you. We owe our loveline, blogline and timeline to them!

When it comes to Technocrats and the Technical know-how they have, nothing can beat Team Micromax! They introduce the best of technologies at unbeatable prices! You can join the smartphone (r)evolution with them at

155 thoughts on “The smartphone (r)evolution!

  1. Absolutely spot on, and here’s something to share with you:

    I have always, always wondered about No Filter – it’s like, so you mean, your previous pics were heavily edited?? 🙂

    The Selfies – I know of a former colleague in Delhi who loves to take selfies which he then posts on FB, and that’s the only posts he ever uploads on FB! And, another former colleague in KL who claimed to be very busy at work & loved staying back late in the office but we could tell from her Whatsapp profile pic that she took her selfies in the office…we didn’t see her doing that during office hours, so that means, she was not actually doing work when she stayed back, she was “busy” taking selfies!

    The Forwarders – oh I actually had to tell a friend (in a polite manner) to not forward to me anymore inspirational quotes. She used to forward every single morning without fail at 8am. She was OK with it. But then she continued to spam the same in a group chat, plus videos and other lame stuff. I exited the group chat…but…she continued to forward the same to me (again) separately. In the end, I had to say, sorry, friend, but you have to stop this spamming because I just don’t like any of these quotes or videos. She stopped, finally…Man, I felt as if I was being stalked!

    The downside of phone technology 😦 #JustSaying


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    1. I agree with you completely…some people out there are complete jerks! Attention grabbing has taken over their lives, and they don’t seem to look at from others’ perspective.

      I too had a friend on FB who used to share something or the other incessantly. I had to unfriend her finally! Even on Twitter, some people like flooding and that really puts me off!

      You’ve highlighted pitfalls of the ‘Tech’ era very subtly! Thank you very much for sharing those examples, they add to the glory of my post 😀

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  2. Hilarious hilarious!! It is difficult to pick up lines from this post that sound funnier because there are so many. The first one is about the food photographers hahahha my first feelings at the sight of the food served is to eat it, how these expert photographers have the patience to click pics from all angles is beyond my understanding 😀 And yes the selfie lovers and the concept of sleeping selfies. I think my smartphone is a total wastage since I don’t take and post selfies, neither do I click pictures of food nor I have opinions worth expressing on social media. I recently discovered the hash tag revolution. What a shame!!

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    1. Seriously, you don’t deserve having a smartphone then 😋

      I do so much with it, not the selfies or clicking pictures of food; just the normal scenic stuff, when my camera is not with me.

      Glad you had a good time here 😊

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  3. he he he he 🙂 loved it .. I have just two days ago baught myself a selfie stick he he he 🙂 although i must say I hardly use my phone to take pics .. 🙂 most of the time when at work its in the locker ..

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  4. Hilarious one….. This days actually ppl gone crazy due to smartphones and I m one among dem :p well, one more thing can go in this list and that is “dp” fr whatsapp. Now-a-days most of the people most of the time click pictures not because they want to capture some memories but because they want a nice dp for whatsapp. And whether they enjoy it or not doesn’t matter but a selfie and a good status has become the priority 😜

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  5. Hehehe…Smart phones have made everyone experts. 😛 But I always wonder (or should say used to wonder) how people can click pictures of food without digging in immediately. Now, I’m trying to cultivate that habit. Pictures of food are more delicious than actual food. 😉 😛

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  6. Ha ha love this one! Specially the selfie ones 😛
    Selfie at trial rooms n bathrooms. People end up choosing the most embarrassing location for selfie. And sharing is caring. Excessive of anything is harmful. It’s more of public display of “annoying” selfies. Good one again 🙂

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  7. Bhai ke dost ki honewali girlfriend ki aankhon ki kankar ban gayi Hun mai becoz of feeling the way you feel for smartphones :/ and you are getting accolades for it !

    You have presented reality from its best profile – humor …
    Add ‘The Updaters ‘ for those who update sans selfie –
    watching ‘Maine pyar kiya’ on zee cinema with the #lakh ruppee mahina wala engineer I have set my eyes on , #feeling lucky , #feeling oh-so-shy -like suman …. Ya Fir..
    having fun at Chacha-bhateeja chole kulche ,mawana bus stand #dusty roads # gou mata on road !!

    PS . based in real experiences .

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  8. I like your thoughts. I feel cell phones capture great photos. I admire the fancy cameras but don’t feel anyone should feel superior. Just like painters need to respect each other’s artistry. Smiles, Robin

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