Mumbai – the city of dreams!

When I heard about Tata Motors’ campaign to write about my favorite city, I had either Delhi or Mumbai to choose from. Being from a city near Delhi, it would have been an obvious choice for me. However, from a holistic perspective, there was a tough competition from Mumbai – a city where so many land daily to fulfill their dreams. A city where I also went a few times to further my career; albeit, not to settle down.

After much thought, i zeroed-in on Mumbai and my reasons to chose it over Delhi would be best explained by classifying them into Drive, Design and Connect categories! Overall, I would classify my sojourns to this city as pleasing for the following reasons:

1. Drive – Apart from being the Bollywood capital of India, Mumbai is also a Financial hub. If you want to rise quickly in your career, you need to be at a place where you have plenty of opportunities. And, Mumbai does just that! With so many options in any of the areas one can think of, it scores highly for me.

Coming from an Engineering and Management background, with interests in Financial Consulting, I feel the tough competition in the corporate sector in Mumbai would bring out the best in you. The collective drive to move up the corporate ladder would help one achieve his/her ambitions quickly. After all, there is a reason to the mad rush there, which one won’t find easily in Delhi. Add to it the fact that many corporates have their Indian Headquarters in Mumbai, which only sweetens the deal.

2. Design – Mumbai blends-in Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and contemporary architectural styles. Most of these come from 18th and early 19th centuries, referred to as the colonial era, when India was under the British rule. Mumbai, after Miami, has the second largest number of Art Deco buildings in the world!

Mumbai is a big tourist attraction in India, for its world-class structures, some of which include the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mahalakshmi Temple, Jahangir Art Gallery, Crawford Market, Bombay Stock Exchange and many others. I have been to a few of them myself and absolutely loved them.

3. Connect – Mumbai is thoroughly connected together by its public transport, primarily comprising of Trains and Buses. In fact, Mumbai has the largest organized bus transport network among major Indian cities and 88% of its commuters use public transport. This is the reason why trains look over-loaded at times. Also, Mumbai’s suburban railway is the oldest in Asia, founded in 1867.

In order to lessen the burden on traditional means of commute, and also to keep up with the population overload, Metro became operational in June 2014 and the ridership was estimated at 8 Million at its inception.

Having said all this, I feel Mumbai’s architecture needs to keep up with the ever growing demand for housing, recreation and public transportation. I hope whosoever goes there, enjoys life too!

Here’s a little souvenir from one of my trips

Mumbai alok singhal

75 thoughts on “Mumbai – the city of dreams!

  1. I love the spirit and the pace of Mumbai. Whenever I visit that city, I feel charged. The thing I don’t like about large cities is its width, and consequently time wasted commuting from one place to another. And Mumbai’s local trains are absolutely hopeless!

    Destination Infinity
    PS: BTW, the language on the souvenir is Tamil. Where did you get it?

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    1. I agree to it…the bigger the city, the bigger the mess. They need to replicate the kind of transportation network West has (example New York)!

      I got the Souvenir from a market behind Taj Hotel…not sure the name of market though.


  2. Totally agree with you! I have been staying in this fast track city since 25 years. It keeps you on toes with respect to career, Life, adventure, happiness in small things, career, food, art, culture !! And the list goes on and on. Totally love this city. But would also want to explore other cities across India. For a better perspective. Experience yourself than from someone’s eyes. Everyone have their own experience and own stories. 🙂 😉

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  3. I have not lived in Mumbai and have never been to it too but my best friend lives in Mumbai. She has lived in Delhi and Mumbai both and any day she prefers Mumbai. The independence that Mumbai offers to single working women is unmatched whether it is commuting from office to home late at night, venturing out alone to attend plays in the late evenings and so on. She hates the overcrowded local trains, however.

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  4. Mumbai indeed is a beautiful city I been to it for a few times now and have had some very goood times

    Recently here we had a series on BBC about the city the structure. . Railways and lots of other things I did not know about

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  5. Your love for Mumbai is explained in this post dear Alok, you made this post with all the awesomeness, focusing on the key factors for development and technology. A very nice post 🙂

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  6. I have not been there ever but as I liked that design point in your narration so, maybe some day ..
    Calcutta , Simla and Goa sounds so alluring .. And Bengaluru suits me wonderfully !
    A nice post Alok, as you have given Mumbai at least one point to suit my sensibilities 🙂

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  7. Yes….. Mumbai is the dream city. Since it has witness many successful stories right from Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to Mr. Dhirubhai Ambhani. This city make you addicted to run behind your dreams with an average of any vehicle of Tata motors😉. But jokes apart… Mumbai is one of the busy cities of India. And one speciality of Mumbai is Mumbai never stop no matter what …it keeps on going. And that’s why it has always been on target of terrorist. But Mumbai and Mumbaikar both don’t fear to anyone.
    And the way you classified Mumbai on drive, design and connect is fully justified….!!!
    Gr8 blog👍🏼

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  8. I agree with you on Mumbai especially points no. 2 & 3. I had been to Delhi so many times for work – although I enjoyed the city because of friends, I found my mobility limited for security reasons. When I visited Mumbai for the first time in 2014, I was thinking, oh why didn’t I explore Mumbai much earlier? It was easy for me to move around in the city and I just love walking around observing the historical architecture, so beautiful. And Mumbaikars are chilled out people 🙂

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  9. Though personally am not a fan of Mumbai ;), I like the way you have connected the ‘Drive, Design and Connect’ theme to Mumbai :). By the way never knew that Mumbai has the 2nd highest number of art deco buildings in the world :O.

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