The Great Indian Comedy!

I feel these aspects are applicable primarily to Indians, so the title! If you feel it has takers in other parts of the world too, please feel free to add so we don’t feel alone (no offense to anybody).

The comedy goes as – show us a picture of God or something that touches our emotional being and ask us to Like or Comment or Share within a few seconds or else something wrong will happen, and we would jump at it! Do you really think the world is going to come crashing down if nobody likes that pic? On the other hand, most of you won’t even share my posts on your social media accounts (because you feel they are not worth it, though I really spend a lot of time and money in bringing you the best of places from my travels).

alok singhal

Another of my favorite is – somebody showing somebody’s grim situation on social media and asking us to contribute in whatever way we can (bank account details are mentioned alongside; how else will you contribute from miles away?). I have seen many such pictures going viral too. The issue is most of us don’t even feel like verifying the authenticity of it and the result is many getting duped of their money.

I am not saying the world is all rosy and such content is always fake, but if we are so practical enough to not pay a very old lady begging on the roadside OR bargaining with a person who has no legs and is still trying to earn his livelihood decently by selling vegetables, why just pay thousands blindly online?

Wouldn’t you want your contribution to actually go to the needy? I am sure you would; so put in some effort to check who is really in need of your help and go ahead with them. I understand it is easy to just transfer the money if somebody can do the ground work for you, but make sure that person is reliable. Otherwise, there are many other ways to help the ones in need…just open up your heart for a start!

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58 thoughts on “The Great Indian Comedy!

  1. Alok, pretty true..
    While you have only highlighted the social media aspect of “emotional blackmail”, it’s quite common to receive calls from so called NGO asking you to donate money for kids admitted into hospital and suffering from life threatening condition. They use calculated language which imply that if you don’t do something, you will be liable for death of suffering kid. I’m not sure not many people check legitimacy of so called NGO. I guess these people are masters at “emotional blackmail”

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  2. I actually unfriended people who kept forwarding such pics on social media. It is disturbing and honestly quite foolish to expect a miracle or doom to happen with you because you did or didn’t forward it.

    We are insecure people and do everything in our capacity to save us from anything unpleasant.

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  3. You have very good advice there. Check out the charity or the person, before you part with your money.On the other hand don’t use as an excuse not to give, just because some organizations do things dishonestly.

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  4. I agree with you on the sharing images on social media. So many of us yearn for likes on that tweet or photo we share – that is, we feel that in order to be validated, we must have attention on us and have the numbers. In reality, what we post up on social medial is fleeting, fleeting in the sense that there will always be another picture and another person who might have a louder and more relatable voice than us.

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  5. Agreed , very true . People with such foul games play with the sentiments . Myself fought with many people on such posts . You wrote it so nicely and thanks for bringing the attention on this side .

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  6. Yes, I got some links or photos of GOD on Whatsapp and with that ink it’s written to share it among 10 people to avoid bad luck… I try to avoid as much as possible… You’ve brought up this topic to our attention. 🙂

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  7. Hi Alok. How are you? Sorry, I’ve been away for long time so couldn’t catch up with your blog.
    Apart from what you’ve shared, one thing that I highly dislike is that some mischievous people upload photographs of some famous personalities with few fictitious lines as quotes and ultimately people like them, share them, and more importantly believe them – a falsehood.

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    1. Yes, i have been meaning to raise that up too. Also, what is the point in sharing quotes that we already know of (but don’t follow anyway)…before that share the hard-work of our friends first!


  8. Thought provoking piece. You know I always wondered the same, how does any kind explaination cover up for not sparing even a meagre amount for severally old beggars who probably aren’t going to get any work anywhere? And then the issue of saving bucks with people who are too poor but still try to keep them employed and do not simply beg. At least we should respect that.

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  9. There is no shortage of educated illiterates who wants to do SOCIAL WORK without even verifying the truth. 😀
    An example: CHILDLINE India put this on their webpage – “Warning : We understand there is a chain mail circulating that says – one should call up 1098 to pick up left over food after a party etc so that it is not wasted. This is not true. We are India ‘s only and most widespread Children’s phone emergency outreach service (1098) for children in need of care and protection. We do not pick up food or distribute food. This mail was not initiated by us, kindly do not circulate it. Your cooperation is appreciated.”

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  10. Hello Alok,

    I am happy that you have chosen this topic.. It irks me when someone send these kind of chain messages. At first, I did not take any action but when its lot of them, I straight away ask the person not to send those to me again. It works!

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      1. Actually, I don’t want to spoil the relationship in true sense. It will be their choice then whether they continue with it or unfollow me.

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  11. Oh yes! Social media and social causes have always been interlinked – and often come to the rescue many a times. But this is just a horrible way of getting publicity – type “Amen” posts are the worst! Agree with every word here.

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  12. You know taking your first instance the God stuff ex, I came up a message myself… I got a heart badge so I took pictures of it and planning to post love spam messages for Valentines day… with that tom singing to his white cat girlfriend song…”is you in’t or is you are not my baby… baby baby baby…” and text will mention if you forward this message to 50 eople you get love luck(: maybe gf or bf for valentines day(:… but abandoned project… ): … Indias are funny… do you know that in public toilets here women pay Rs 5 and men pay Rs 3? …

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