Are you Happy today?

I am a strong believer in being content with what we already have in life. Essentially, we all have enough to be happy about our lives, yet we keep searching for what we don’t have…a futile effort, and we know ‘why’ already!

Well, this post is to give a couple of happy updates from my side:

  1. Travel updates: I am just back from a 10-day road-trip in California…pretty much covered all major attractions there. Being a travel enthusiast, this is a big reason to be happy about.

Now, I have been getting the question – How can I travel so much (though I don’t travel full-time)? I guess the question relates to money and time aspects.

For me, it is very simple – I ‘chose’ to spend most of my salary on travel. I am not the one who is more concerned about overloading my bank account. I feel decent savings are sufficient to live a happy life; but to be happier, travel 🙂

With finding time, we all get holidays no matter which field we are in. I don’t see any reason to not be able to take a week off every few months (say twice every year). Clubbed with successive weekends, it essentially becomes a long time-off!

Btw, if you haven’t noticed, I am refining this site to make things better and easier for you. I have added a Travel Journal link at the top and classified posts under it based on Geographies I have been to yet. Here’s a quick preview:

alok singhal blog

2. Instagram run: I have been on Insta since Dec 12 last year and crossed a 1,000 followers few weeks back. Yay! Feels my pictures are loved by many 🙂 (and up goes my happiness index)

This is especially important since I am only following my wife since beginning, so the expectations of no follow back are clear. I do, however, visit friends’ profiles from time to time.

A humble Thanks to some of you who are already following me there. If not, and you wish to, my handle is The_Learning_Step. I am confident my pics will keep you entertained!*

We all have something to worry about in our lives (including me). But then we can all look at the bright side and sleep peacefully. Maybe tomorrow those worries will get sorted out, as have the worries in the past. Should it matter then? No!

P.S. All pics I share here or on Social Media are mine (unless source is mentioned)…please do not copy. I am not a fan of copying every shot from Flickr, especially if you claim to be a Travel Blogger.

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