Datsun redi-Go – Power Packed Car

Datsun redi-GO

I am a car enthusiast. I started driving when I was in high school. The first car I drove was Fiat. Ever since, driving is something that excites me. I look forward to my road trips. A new car by Nissan which is being launched on June 7th is making news for being the best urban hatchback. Datsun redi-Go – manufactured using Japanese technology has the best of both worlds, style, and comfort. In addition to its performance, it has also made history by being the first car that you can book online on Snapdeal. A true crossover in every sense! Packed with these many exciting features, I checked it, and found these features worth checking:

Performance –

I go on road trips often. Performance on the car is very important when you are on long road trips. You can neither afford a snag or run out of fuel. These factors are a cause of concern for me when I head to Himachal. I need a car that has good mileage and can operate well on narrow roads. Datsun redi-Go with 799cc has a good fuel economy of 25.17 km/l. So, it won’t burn a hole in my pocket. In addition to that, I can drive it comfortably on hills as it has small turning radius. 5-speed manual transmission, power steering, drive computer, and shift indicator are other bonus features that come loaded in this car.

Safety –

On Indian roads, the driver biggest worry is safety. On highways, accidents are common. In the city, a brush with speeding motorcyclists or spinning auto happens all the time. In congested traffic condition, we have to use brakes often. Thankfully, Datsun redi-Go has augmented brakes. This solves the problem in congested city traffic where we have to apply brakes fast and within short distance. To avoid bodily injuries for the driver and passengers, this car has airbags and crash protection shell. All of that offsets the effects of the crash. Superior suspension system helps while cornering the car. It’s safe to say – Datsun redi-Go is a safe car for Indian roads.

Looks –

A car speaks a lot about his owner and I want my car to reflect my personality. Datsun redi-Go is stylish and cool. With Yukan design, it has sporty looks, and wide and robust exterior. Not only that, it has good legroom and luggage space. It’s modern with practical features. Daytime running lamps and good ground clearance are some added bonus features. The head lamp and tail lamp design is practical and cool. On the looks department, this car is already my favorite.

Where would I test it and what would I test it for?

I would test it with my dad in Ambala. Actually, we both would take it out for a spin, as in my absence he is the one who will drive it. I have been driving for the last 15 years. When I take a car out on road, I test it for fuel economy and ease of drive – gear shift and power steering should be easy; and for Indian summers, air conditioning should be powerful.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

With all these features, it will help me in beating all the urban driving blues. Go for a test drive today!

36 thoughts on “Datsun redi-Go – Power Packed Car

  1. To be honest when I see the word “performance” my first thought is “how quickly will it go from 0-60mph”! I guess in heavy traffic or on narrow winding roads that’s pretty immaterial though 🙂
    I does look like a pretty cool car.

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  2. I’m not much of a driver and more of a passenger. That said, I agree with your points of a good car and safety is the most important things for me. When I lived in Malaysia, cars always had no respect for road rules and good brakes were important – you never know if that car behind you will overtake you, fast.

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  3. Love that color! At least other drivers would not miss seeing you on the road! I believe the name Datsun was phased out in the US many years ago… which is a shame… i like that name! maybe somebody will import the redi-go and bring the name back!

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