Planning for my Dream Destinations

I long for travel day-in-day-out. But then I am passionate about my professional work also, that funds my travels. If I were to follow my inner voice, I would love to take an international vacation every couple of years and a couple of domestic week-long trips every year. I so love exploring new places that even when I am not travelling, I am planning for one.

Those who have known me for some time would know my favorite destinations are all in Europe – primarily, Austria, Norway, and Switzerland. I would be on cloud nine the day I set my foot on the soil there…I just wish the day is not far! For now, I just have this memory from London’s Heathrow Airport 🙂1097099_491878580906968_926422144_o

Speaking of planning, you don’t want to go wrong on any aspect related to travel – be it International Flights, Hotels, Sight-Seeing discounts, or just going with the Package Tours. There are ways to approach each of them since they form a major part of our expense budget:

  1. Flights: For long-haul flights, we want our experience to be as comfortable as possible – pricing, on-time performance, and service of the crew are some of the prominent factors in our selection. I have learned that going with the experienced players in the area takes a lot of work off our shoulders – after all, they have earned that reputation over the years!
  2. Hotels: Isn’t it easy to filter hotels by price, reviews, and globally-accepted ratings? The more information we get on what we are looking for, the easier it becomes to make an informed choice. And the icing on the cake is when you get discounts on the ones which are already classified as deals – those are absolutely hard to miss!
  3. Sight-seeing discounts: Many of us know what we want to see at any location. So why not book online beforehand if we are saving a few bucks? If one is not sure of which day would suit visiting an attraction or wants to play safe because of weather, I would strongly suggest checking the flyers by the reception desk in hotels first…there are normally discounts for major attractions.
  4. Packages: In the interest of saving us the hassle of planning on our own for each aspect of vacation, many of us choose to rely on the package tours. However, with the plethora of them available from many competing vendors, it becomes a daunting task to compare the pros and cons of each. My search ends with the known brands, and then drilling down to the value-for-money options.

Over the years, I have learned the best way to enjoy a vacation is to do an extensive research on it, especially when you want it to be a memorable one! And, there is no substitute for experience – only when you face hardships, you learn what could have been better. That is why I keep on reading experiences of others on their European Journeys, so when it is time for me to hit the road, the road is less bumpy!

56 thoughts on “Planning for my Dream Destinations

  1. That is a great shot of you at Heathrow airport. Looks like you are enjoying down time at the airport 🙂 Great tips on planning and prepping for travel. Research and you will be prepared for most of the trip. The more we research and compare travel expenses, the more we can save and get the most out of where we are going. Good to hear you also like your day job 🙂

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  2. Planning is the major part of any happy vacation…if we plan well in advance we can just relax and enjoy because all major hassles have already been managed! Wishing you great vacations Alok… ‘work like a slave, enjoy like a king!’ 🙂 Work becomes fun when we are looking forward to one of our dream destinations.

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  3. I am extra cautious when I go on trips. Specially since I find it difficult to handle extreme weathers, dust etc. Thanks for these tips. I have never been outside India. Hopefully some day I will go. Your travelogues will be my referrals then 😀

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  4. I think you hit on a key concept that is so essential in the drive to see what is out there, different cultures, different foods and things to open the mind, it is your comment: “I so love exploring new places that even when I am not traveling, I am planning for one” Yes indeed. The thought of what lies ahead always brightens up even the rainy days 🙂

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  5. I have found that extensive research often confuses me – not that I don’t do it. It just becomes a little harder to make choices on the final call. But then, better to be safe than sorry 🙂

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  6. Great tips, agree completely and would like to add what to pack for vacations is equally important and getting to know the place beforehand let’s us decide what to pack smartly. I too wanna go see Austria someday!!

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  7. There are so many reasons for trip planning, it makes the trip so much more memorable and tailored to our specific needs. And I find that for the really big trips, 6-12 months of planning, means you’re engaged with your destination in the most wonderful ways. Great post Alok.

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  8. Thanks for the tips Alok – I really enjoyed this post. Trip planning gives you that much more time to enjoy the place you’ll be visiting – you kind of know what to expect. I hope that you’ll be able to take all those special destination trips you mentioned – yes, you’d be one happy guy.

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  9. Everything about travelling–the dreams, the anticpation, planning–is fun. Most of my favourite destinations are in Europe too 🙂 But I haven’t explored other continents as much, so wouldn’t know for sure.

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  10. Great tips, here!
    Travel is a joy! And, it’s definitely more pleasurable if we know at least a little bit about what lies ahead of us… Even if we enjoy being spontaneous, preplanning can go a long way. 🙂


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