An Onion Savior, you Betcha!

Eavesdropping is not such a bad thing. I realized it during my engineering days. I was a studious boy. For the noise-free environment, I used to go to our under-construction first floor where I studied for hours. It served as a perfect place to study. Only on some occasions there used to be a distraction. The neighborhood kids gathered on the adjacent house’s roof and played, and replicated a ‘fish market,’ so to say. Often I requested them to keep it low, but it fell on deaf ears. Finally, I made peace with it. But there was a day when I heard continuous low-pitched voices. I was intrigued and walked towards the source. To my surprise, two girls were playing with cars and dolls and were enacting a story. I stood there for some time and amused myself with what seemed to be a story of two super girls trying to catch robbers on cars. To say the least, it was very fascinating. More so, as one of the girls had the reputation of being mute in the presence of public. I never expected her to be a storyteller. It was the last time I heard a story from a child.

As far as I am concerned, rumor has that I was quite a storyteller myself. If I broke something, I would weave a story around somebody else. If I was late fetching bread from the market, I gave dramatic accounts of how I was stuck in traffic! Though, I went on foot. The most endearing tales from my mouth were told when I sneaked onions in our luggage while returning from a relative’s place. I was named Onion Thief by my family. Not only I stole onions, I had a gripping narrative of rescuing the onions from rotting at their place. In my defense, I was ‘An Onion Savior,’ not ‘Onion Thief.’ Jokes apart, I feel storytelling is an art. You build characters, plot, and give wings to your imagination. It fuels your brain and breaks the shell that cages your personality. And, props add to the art of storytelling. I am sure, props were the reason the story of ‘Two Super Girls’ on the roof gave me a kick. In fact, my very own onion saga was more appealing because of the presence of rotten onions – the prop.

Two weeks back, I received Colgate toothpaste packs with free magical sea world inside. Don’t get me wrong, there were not actual sea lions and mermaids inside the pack. Instead of a plain box, there are pictures of various sea animals and cartoons which one can cut out and play with. As I am a little old to do that, we passed it on to the neighborhood kids. To educate children, there are facts written alongwith the pictures of sea creatures and characters. There is also a backdrop image which, when combined with images, can make a good puppet show. Children can narrate a story and enact it too. I really loved this idea. I don’t like the idea of children spending time on video games and phones. This, on the other hand, is creative and fun. There are four such packs, each having different characters and backdrops. In case this seems like something your child would enjoy, buy Colgate Toothpaste and encourage the storyteller in him.


28 thoughts on “An Onion Savior, you Betcha!

  1. Storytelling is definitely an art…..It brings out your creative self…..My daughter, the way you describe the little girls here, is often making up stories with her toys. It is fun to watch. It amuses me that I learn what all she has learnt from things around her, through these stories. It is in these stories that she repeats what she has heard, or seen, or understood. And I agree with you, video games are a bane for growing children….And trust me, it takes lot of patience and perseverance to keep them away from it, especially when their friends are into it…..Liked the idea of puppets in Colgate….added reason to buy, brush, and play…..:)

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  2. No doubts on your story telling skills! 😉

    Why else would there be the story of studying in construction area as well as the eavesdropping, when the Colgate stole the show at the end.. 😉

    Keep spinning tales and it is surely a pleasure to read.. 🙂

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  3. I don’t remember which stories I told as a child. :/ But as an adult I crave for some time to write the ones in my head and the lack of time keeps me agitated. Your piece made me smile and gave me hope. Storytelling in any form is an art form… Thanks Alok.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂


  4. Hello, Alok, Onion saviour! Very happy for all those Onions You rescued. Recently I found one which recounted that it had been ‘rescued’ by You some 70 years ago! 🙂

    As You say, Colgate has done a Good thing by bringing about those ‘Picture’ toys which involve Imagination, Speech Skills, Attention and what not, in short, Story telling skills!

    Keep Up Your good work. Regards. 🙂


  5. Haha when the world calls you an onion thief, you name yourself an Onion Saviour. A fresh perspective of how one should see oneself irrespective of what the world calls them 😀 I loved that part in particular 🙂

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