Trust Cements a Relationship!

We build relationships throughout our lives. While some come and go, others stay with us for our lifetime. These steadfast relationships are nurtured with respect and care. However, with every passing year, there is one element that grows by leaps and bounds – trust. Trust is something that holds a relationship together irrespective of the label.

Do you place your trust on someone outside of your family?

I do. There are many people in my life who have raised the bar of the relationship to a point where they have our unwavering trust. One such person is my father’s friend – Bindra Uncle. Bindra Uncle has been in our lives for more than 10 years now. Initially, his association was only with my father. They became acquaintances through a charitable organization, and later on became fast friends. But over the years, their relationship has extended to our families. Bindra aunty is now friends with my mother. And, we children, replicate the same bond amongst ourselves. I can safely say we have merged into each other’s life seamlessly. Of course, there is a reason behind it. Like any other relationship, ours is also based on respect, care, and understanding.

What makes a relationship strong enough to last long?

There were many testing times when we needed Bindra Uncle’s help. Once – when dad was bedridden, and I was not there to take care of him. And, there are many small anecdotes where he or his family lent their support – in words as well as in actions. They were always there for us! Be it doing a simple task of fetching groceries when dad was unwell, or giving their emotional support, they never wavered from their duties as family friends. In fact, their entire family has been with us through thick and thin. That’s not all – the selflessness behind their acts is very humbling. They held our backs and provided unflinching support and care. The longevity of our relationship is the testimony of its success. Only those who pass the test of time stay. And, if I try to list it out besides support, there is one thing that stands out – trust. We know we can trust them under all circumstances, this is a trust that has built up over the years and one which I know will remain in the years to come. And, I hope, they think the same about us.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships – Stephen Covey”

Should we honor those who support us unconditionally?

There are countless ways to repay our debts to all those who stood by us. We can be there for them. Extend a helpful hand and make their lives easier.

Watch the video above, one more testament to long-standing relationships, and trust that comes with it. Dhoni expresses his gratitude towards people who stood by him. Exide Life Insurance has partnered with M S Dhoni to showcase the value of long-term associations #DhoniKaSaath. And, with Exide Life Insurances’ long-standing reputation, we can secure our future and achieve our personal goals stress-free.

58 thoughts on “Trust Cements a Relationship!

  1. That can’t be called a relationship if there’s no trust. There will be no bond but everything would be scattered between two people who don’t trust each other.

    And, it’s ironic that sometimes you can’t trust who is supposedly close (relation) to you while an inexplicable trust burgeons between (almost) strangers.

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  2. Trust is such a valuable thing. It takes time to gain trust, but it can take a second to lose it and throw it all away. Bindra Uncle sounds like such a compassionate man, not hesitating to help those close to him in need. It is in our most challenging times that we learn who will be there for us and who we can truly trust.

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  3. Trust is the foundation stone of all relationships laid down by mothers, the first pillar…she is the one who builds an edifice and passes on this virtue to the society by nurturing it.
    Relationships rest on trust and fall due to its betrayal. Let’s cement true trust, that is the call of modern times. 🙂

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  4. Agree with you. Trust and selfless acts are the foundation of a long lasting relationships that rides above the rough weather. Such friendship are never fickle and is proved by time.


  5. Relationships are built on Respect and trust. Both elements are crucial and it has to be mutual. You can have respect for someone, but if you don’t have trust, the relationship will crumble.

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  6. Oh absolutely ! This is so well said. As I read somewhere, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” I totally agree with this quote too, because I know when someone trusts me with their feelings or emotions or secrets or in general decisions in life, that makes my heart swell up with warmth ! Wonderful post Alok 🙂

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  7. The relationship between your father and Bindra uncle has passed the test of time which is why it is so strong. It is very difficult to find relationships like these, at least these days! For starters, I find it very difficult to trust people or go that extra mile. What if they don’t reciprocate (Well, expectations! I know.)? What if they have ulterior motives? There are a hundred what if’s.
    The title aptly says, trust cements relationships. Working on the trust part is the most difficult thing. 🙂

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  8. They held our backs and provided unflinching support and care. The longevity of our relationship is the testimony of its success. Only those who pass the test of time stay. Very well written !!

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