What have I done for India?

With our country celebrating 70th Independence day today, it is a perfect occasion to ask ourselves ‘What have I done for my Country’?

No matter the issues we have – corruption, politics, social, economic, and the list is long – we all have an obligation to serve our motherland. If not for anything else, just for the fact that we have been aggressively using its resources, which are not infinite!

And it is not just by being at the border and fighting the enemy that we can make a difference. Think about how you can touch the lives of others! Even if you are just cleaning up the surroundings of your house, throwing the trash at the designated places, being kind to the tourists, using public transport to travel to your workplace, you are doing your bit, though you might not even realize it.

I worked in India for long and contributed to its economy. Even when I am out of the country*, I am adding to its Forex reserves.  And I am not alone. Today, there is hardly any country with Indians not being there, isn’t it something we should be proud of? Absolutely yes! Many NRIs help their families back home in whatever way possible. Even if they just send the money home, it makes the lives of their near and dear ones better, thus adding to our GDP indirectly.DSC07468

We have come a long way from being called the nation of snake charmers to having our flag illuminated at the Empire State Building in New York. It is not for nothing that Mr Modi is a close friend of Mr Obama…something our freedom fighters would not even have dreamt of back then. The entire world it taking note of our capabilities, every single day!

I traveled 2 hours today just to get this shot…it made me Proud!

Happy Independence Day, INDIA.

*My long term wish is to retire in my Dad’s house in Ambala, India, doing the activities I love

79 thoughts on “What have I done for India?

  1. A very pertinent Independence Day observation, Alok, reminiscent of JFK’s famous statement, ‘Ask not what America can do for you, but what you can do for America’. If you ask me, I have been an honest tax paying citizen all through my career years. Like you, I have also been an expatriate, on outside assignments for nearly fourteen years, repatriating my earnings through banking channels. In my present retired situation, I am involved in academia, environmental conservation, among other things. I keep meeting a lot of youngsters in vocational training environment, where I exhort them to pursue higher aspirations through consistent hard work directed towards realisation of potentials. Given India’s demographic dividend, the country is sure to scale greater heights and leverage its position for welfare of global communities even if sixty percent of its young citizens are able to realise their potential.

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  2. So proud of Indians like you who still celebrate the spirit of India’s independence and progress from thousands of miles away. Of course, the NRI’s who help their families back in India also help enrich the country’s foreign reserves. India has really come a very long way. Proud to be an Indian. 😀

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  3. Alok it’s a nice thought provoking post. It’s right that as long as you do your bit as a good citizen in whatever way, it’s a good thing.
    You drove for two hours? Great man! Hope it was worth it. 🙂

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  4. Wow very inspiring post Alok. We have to serve our country by every means possible. Our India is so strong because of its capabilities, but it will be stronger when all citizens work in a single direction, that is towards success and development of our country, that is technically, economically, socially and spiritually. And the main problem which exists in India from centuries, is caste feeling. When we see everyone with a view of human rather than any other classification, that would be the real independence for citizens.

    And the pic of Empire State building, NY lighting up our Indian flag is amazing. Nice click, worth your travel time of 2 hours. Proud of India. Happy Indpendence day, Alok. Have a great day. 🙂

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  5. Alok, this is a thoughtful post on the occasion of Independence Day. We keep on complaining and complaining about what is not working, what is wrong, what is awful in our country. And hardly ever ask ourselves what have we done for the country. I wish more of us would start worrying about our contribution for the nation, more of us would start doing our little bit. That is the only way to bring “Acchey Din”.

    May your retirement dreams come true 🙂 And thanks for driving to NYC to get that beautiful shot and sharing with your readers.

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  6. Happy Independence Day to India. Wow, what a shot and well worth the drive. You must be so proud to be from Indian and your community, your heritage. It will be interesting to see where Mr Modi will lead the country – one of the more progressive leaders in this generation. Happy and safe drives 🙂


  7. Really enjoyed reading this post and Happy Independence to India. I am looking forward to see the changes that Modi is going to continue to make to allow India to reach their full potential.

    I’d also like to retire in my village in India 🙂


  8. Alok, what a positive post for the day. Loved that picture and more so your thoughts. Instead of complaining, we need to do our bit.
    Ambala? So cool! VT is from kurukshetra and I have visited ambala once. 🙂 small world.

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    1. Thank you so much, Parul.

      We anyway complain about many things daily…wonder how people don’t get enough of that!

      Good to know about VT, I have been to Kurukshetra many times. Indeed a small world 🙂


  9. Good post, my Dear Alok! And feel Very Proud to see the Tri-colour on the ES building. …We have to do Much More than Our ‘bits,’ Just to Survive. The Water resources are going down at an alarming rate, People are giving up Farming, because the administration (government) is not paying enough attention to it, and more. Regards.

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  10. TRUE.. so very true what have we done for the nation .. if only each of us does teeny weeny .. little bit each day .. maybe just give a couple of minutes for the nation .. imagine where we will be .. WOW…

    that is a beautiful picture..


  11. Thought provoking post. There is one thing I can always be proud of. Not littering the streets. But, I have thought of it as something I do for ourselves and for the next generation; I think eventually it benefits the country too.
    Beautiful picture. I remember seeing this in FB 🙂 The tri colors always make us proud.

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  12. Nice shot. I wish Indians who go abroad, gain knowledge and help in developing India. Most of them plan to settle in the foreign land forever. But home is home and everyone needs to come back home one day!


  13. Interesting post with some really important points. I believe, most of us are doing our bit by paying taxes for the betterment of India. Don’t know whether the funds are being used in right spirit or not (politics comes in role here), but I’m sure we all support and care for our nation “India”. BTW Salute to your patriotism! Tricolor on Empire State Building: Worth a shot! 🙂


  14. Wonderful post here. As saumya mentioned in his reply, we all are doing our bit but whether it’s being used for the right cause is something we are unaware of. Hats off for that magnificent pic ! Jai Hind !


  15. We all want to settle abroad but somewhere don’t want to leave our country too. We were in US for 5 years and always wanted to come back..even if we had lot of good friends there..missed our family in India. Good one and nice pic!

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  16. I traveled 2 hours today just to get this shot…it made me Proud! me too !! off course I am thousand kilometer away but this picture gives a look of tomorrow’s India . I just want to say that we all are worried for our rights not for our duties to the nation.


  17. Quality post which make us proud and quest us to think about our responsibility. Agreed that instead of talking only about our rights we should b more responsible towards our duties and should help our nation to achieve the dream of becoming a developed nation. You are right that our country has improved a lot and today world has a huge expectations from us.. So we all Indians should contribute our part fr a common goal of nation building. Happy that I am doing my part and proud to see our national flag in US.



  18. That’s a very thoughtful question you have posed there. If each of us stood up and took responsibility towards making India and the world a better place, it would create a wave of change that would sweep everyone and everything over.

    I wish for your wish to come true!. And, thank you for that capture, it is indeed very beautiful and something to be proud of.


  19. No there are some very interesting points in this post. The one which I would like to put in here is that everyone is doing one thing or the other for self and country, Despite, everyone of us at some point of time muse over it. Don’t you think it is wary? What is that which makes us feel this?

    I will take a cue from your lines “I worked in India for long and contributed to its economy. Even when I am out of the country*, I am adding to its Forex reserves.” A valid justification.

    Now there is a interesting thing here. Post 1944 Gross National Product was the measure of economic growth and after that of course with DCs insistence it was changed to Gross Domestic Product.

    Now any income that National is earning abroad is not counted in for measuring Economic Growth of the Nation and of course this GDP neither takes into account factors like Health, Education, Social Welfare et – al, which is fairly included in GNP. So, GNP was reasoned to be cumbersome to calculate and shaded away under the basket. India of course got this legacy inbuilt in 1947 which is broadly a period that could be classified as ‘end of colonialism’.

    This arm is very intricately being used by the Bureaucracy and Politics. Now, in this background, ask yourself what happens to your (so very predominantly being talked about by every developing and underdeveloped nation) FOREX. If this sounds interesting I might write a few articles on blog, so please do let me know,

    120 Billion people doing something every day for self and the country (knowingly or unknowingly – even beggars are paying taxes – Indirect) and everybody thinking ‘What I have done?” Paradoxical, isn’t it.

    The best thing to make your contribution felt in the nation, our responsibility not only lies in voting but to be constantly engaged and asking the government as constructive pressure group.

    Howsoever, trust you me, once we will start doing this we will be brandished as communists, anti nationals and what not euphemism.

    Hope in short I made my point.



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