73 thoughts on “2,000+ on Instagram…

  1. congrats Alok! that’s quite some achievement! It’s good to come across a blogger who has not resorted to any short cuts! I have been following you on instagram and your pictures are great. To the best of my knowledge they are not “photo-shopped” or “Light-roomed” like I see on many other instagrammers. I don’t use either. I think photography is an art, manipulating it beyond a degree is like a sportsman on a steroid! BTW, do you think those tags helped you achieve those numbers? or was it purely because of your pictures?

    Great going..


  2. Congrats, Alok! It is quite a milestone to hit 2,000 followers. Many more to come for you. Love your landscape photos the most. Keep taking photos and keep posting, and looking forward to seeing more from where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going 🙂


  3. Congrats. I admire the effort you put in taking every single photo. Also, I like that you show us the best ones. I think this maybe the reason why the no. of followers have increased so quickly. All the best!

    Destination Infinity


      1. Hey Alok now i saw that you only follow one person on insta n tats ur wife..you never told me she writes so well yaar..i follow her too n she is an excellent writer. Why u never told me this before? Let me tell you its really v.cute of you to follow only her..kip going n we all are frnds here.. you need not follow me on insta…there only limited posts r there due to less space…we can stay in touch thru wordpress…aree is your wife on wordpress i wud love to connect wid her?

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