When Your Life Partner Is Your Best Friend

It’s a blessing when you find a friend in your life partner. Fortunately, I am one of the few who has been bestowed with it.

My wife and I were school mates. We were in different sections of the same grade and thus hardly spoke to each other back then. After school, we took our own paths and 11 years went by. Then one day we somehow bumped into each other on Orkut, the social media platform that is no more. It was an instant connection that made us good friends, and later, life partners. Our friendship was put to test many times, and so was our marriage! To be honest, our friendship is the main reason our marriage has survived the tough times. I even joke with my wife, ‘kabhi husband wala treatment bhi diya karo!’ She treats me like a buddy. Like all other friendships, humor is one thing that has helped us sail through. We have clean-bowled our problems with a mighty dose of laughter!

The picture has not always been rosy, though. We have seen our share of ups and downs, both before and after marriage. Before marriage, when due to the recession of 2008 I couldn’t get a job, she was there for me. Our marriage date was fixed and I was still waiting for the placements. Though there was tremendous pressure on me, she understood my agony and frustration without me saying a word. During that hard time, I never felt the burden of being in a committed relationship. She was there for me, not as a fiancee but as a friend. When I take stock of things, I feel we never think from husband-wife perspective. We say what we want. There are no insecurities, which I sometimes see in other couples. People measure their words, hide things, or are diplomatic in their relationships. We are not! Friendship brings that stress-free feeling between us. It also makes this bond stronger.

As a friend, my wife has helped me in all aspects of life. I was a serious lad. In her company, I learned to enjoy life. We now do things like buddies. And she is equally competitive. The ‘cool quotient’ in our friendship is the way we talk. We call each other names. Some are so absurd that I don’t feel like sharing it on my blog. Sometimes, living with her is like living with boys in the hostel. However, there are days when she plays the wife card to her advantage. For instance, I got the following response from her when I disagreed with one of her claims a few days back:screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-57-04-pm

But before you think my wife is a saint of sorts, sometimes she irritates me to the core! She suffers from mild OCD, and occasionally, I get the heat of it. On one hand, she argues like a lawyer with all the facts, details, and time stamps; on the other, she pouts like a child and throws random tantrums to buy a thrift store item. These nonsensical things make her super adorable. At least to me! The best moments of our lives are often shared in the form of random statuses on social media. Humor is the savior in our relationship.

Sharing a few anecdotes to show how we fight as friends. And, if not as friends, she plays the wife card with the right amount of buddy humor.

When my wife teased me on my all-time favorite song…it reminds of my Engineering days:


My OCD comment was used like this:screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-7-51-22-pm

She even makes fun of my love for my iPhone:screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-7-49-07-pm

And the best of all – when she declares publicly that she is my best buddy!screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-11-31-pm

Don’t you think such attitude can bring any two people closer? It absolutely can!

Here are a couple of selfies of us, having fun from honeymoon to current status:


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I am so looking forward to this extravaganza, which already looks a hit with its star cast!

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72 thoughts on “When Your Life Partner Is Your Best Friend

  1. You and Saru are very cute. Very lucky of you to have married your best friend. Agree that a good friend can sustain a relationship and make it go the distance. When you are best friends, you have no qualms of seeing each other at their best or their worst. It is all about going along for the ride with each other no matter what happens 🙂

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  2. wonderful post…of late I haven’t paid attention to one of my blogs that deals with other things and have been writing on only travel blog so my indirank for ‘Thinking Aloud’ has dipped to 69 and I cannot participate in this happy hour …. but your post is best of what I read till now.

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  3. Wonderful post ~ this morning and seeing/reading this made me smile inside & out. Many great days of happiness are yet to be made with you two – and make me feel great about this world. Cheers to great friends, partners and life 🙂


  4. I like your openness in your post of your most personal life. What can be more personal and trusting to write about your life’s partner. You have a precious pearl as a wife.Many more happy turbulent years!


  5. Where is the SUPER-LIKE button?
    Alok, I am amazed at the flow of your emotions in this post! I am so happy that you could marry your school friend and both of you share such a wonderful and frank relationship. Loved those status anecdotes. Such couples are very rare. May God bless you! Wishing you many many years of love and togetherness.
    Zee TV show has evoked some fantastic posts. 🙂


  6. I hardly watch zee TV so unable relate to your comments thereof, Alok. I simply loved the delightful flow of anecdotes in your narrative. May life keep you both hale and hearty for long years to come. Best…


  7. I was very sure that when you will write about this post , it will be for Saru…..
    I read your complete post and all the comments …
    And as many have said this is so far the best post for ” Yaaron ki baarat” and i too agree
    and here is what I feel makes this post the best post in this category ….

    1. Loved the way how u expressed ur best friend qualities,….sense of humour, tantrums, etc etc and best of all standing by you in the worst of the time. This brings out her character, she is a great person.
    2. Your love for her is so overflowing in this post… Being a guy you have saved all such emails /post /mails etc whihc were lik eway back …
    3. I liked the ” gunda wala part of saru ” ” Bach gaye aaj ” lol that was so funny.
    4. You have published the best thing which is reuired in every relationship. FRIENDSHIP.

    so in all Thanks to Saru… As only only because of her we got to read such a great post….
    Touchwood. May love between you increase more and more by every second passing.


  8. You know this is the thing I love about you guys. Humor is such a lovely component which I am sure keeps your relationship together. This is so refreshingly different from the typical “Oh I love my hubby blah blah” kind of posts which I see on FB day in and day out ;).

    Interestingly on another note, just like you me and my fiancee were together in school but didn’t talk much really. We then met after quite a few years on Orkut :p.


  9. Alok I just got up to read your posts and for this I shall comment with a poem on both of you later.I am inspired by your PartnerFriendHusband WifeShip.
    Please remember me, sometimes it may so happen I may be drowned in my life’s waters.
    Good Morning here!
    Have nice days ahead of YOU BOTH.
    Love to YOU BOTH


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