The scenery to die for!

In my earlier post, I had covered the snow-capped mountains from our California road-trip. On the same trip, we experienced another aspect of similar landscapes – the ones that were lush-green.

We didn’t mind stopping at each such worthy stop as we had plenty of time…that’s the biggest benefit of driving on your own. I was so overawed by the postcard-perfect views that Saru had to drag me at times to get back to the car🙂

Below shot is of the New Melones Bridge on the lake with the same name, though it is more of a reservoir.


Having driven more than 1,700 miles across the state, I would say that California has every aspect of natural beauty, thus making it perfect for a long vacation break.


70 thoughts on “The scenery to die for!

  1. I can totally understand why Saru had to drag you away from the view and back to the car. Such stunning views, from the lush greenery, the rolling mountains, the smooth water, the textured clouds overhead…picture perfect postcard photos🙂

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  2. Some wonderful clicks here. You know sometimes I feel that you guys are so lucky to stay in a part of the world where you can take such short road trips to experience such amazingly beautiful surroundings😀.


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