Why I love Apple Products…and you should too!

I am crazy about Apple products, but not for no reason! Having tried my hands on many brands in the past, I have come to the realization that nothing beats Apple. Be it performance, class, style statement, service, and even resale value, Apple provides you all of it – yes, for a premium!

Here’s my experience trying other brands and why Apple wins over them:

  1. Notebook and Resale Value: I gifted Saru Macbook Pro in 2012 and bought myself Lenovo Ideapad Yoga in 2013. They both cost me about $1,100 each. Even after all these years, Macbook performed much better than my device, which lacked in performance and even started giving me display issues off late. I got rid of both of them recently (using trade-in option through Best Buy) with Macbook going for more than double the value (they paid me meager $100 for Yoga – Huh! I am not buying any other brand, ever!). I picked Macbook Pro for myself and Saru settled for Macbook Air.
  2. iPhone and Service: I bought iPhone 5S in 2013 and it worked very well for me until I sold it for Rs 18,000 in India last year. I had sent iPhone 6S to my sister in India in 2014, but in a year it started overheating, so I brought the phone to US to get it fixed with Apple and didn’t buy the latest version for myself last year (survived with using her phone here). After I took it to Apple Store, after a bit of convincing that it seems to have a hardware issue, the Manager replaced the device for free even though it had been more than a year since I had bought it (and I didn’t even have Apple Care plan). Speaks so much about their pleasing service!
  3. iPad Mini (first Apple win through blogging) – Saru loved her iPad mini that she won in a contest few years back. But I don’t like living with more than 3-4 year old devices, so we upgraded that too! The reason we thought of taking a major hit on our savings (didn’t upgrade her iPod Touch though, which she uses just to listen to songs) is because we were in New Hampshire on our fall trip last month, and people in the US would know there are no taxes to pay there (that’s a cool 8% savings compared to New Jersey where we live).
  4. Difficult time and Relief: I sent the replaced iPhone 6S to my sister in India a month back and have been surviving with Google Nexus that I won in a blogging contest last year. I must say my efficiency has gone down considerably in the last month – Nexus and iPhone are not even comparable by any standards! I am happy to mention that after a 1.5 month wait, my iPhone 7S Jet Black arrived early this week. It looks so amazing :)fullsizeoutput_90
  5. Don’t buy from Apple though: I bought my Macbook Pro from Apple, but iPad and Air from Best Buy. However, I wish I could have bought Pro from Best Buy too. The reason being, Best Buy brought down the prices of all 3 items within a few days by up to $150. I just had to call them up to credit back the difference (in US, you can return most of the items within a month if you don’t like them; or just get the price difference back). Apple never provides discounts on anything (be it Thanksgiving or Christmas). I did call Apple though….their price-match policy says they can only pay back 10% of the difference in price (so I got $10 back 😦 , taking a hit of $90 that Best Buy would have happily given back).

Having said all this, I just want to clarify that I am not rich by any means, but I would rather save over the years and just buy Apple!

P.S. As you can imagine, Apple was not interested in paying me to write this review!

63 thoughts on “Why I love Apple Products…and you should too!

  1. I’ve never used an Apple product myself, but love their attention to details and cutting edge technology. BTW, I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs for his craze for perfection, which reflects in each and every apple product he launched. It’s great to find that the legacy continues after him!

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  2. I can vouchsafe for your preference for Apple products being one myself. I bought an iPhone 5C at the beginning of 2014 and the handset is still going strong without any hassles. Prior to that, I used a BlackBerry for all of four years before junking it. Both these products are just superb.

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  3. I am also an Apple enthusiast. Being an owner of iPhone 6S, I can relate to what you are conveying.

    I think, iPhone 7S hasn’t come into market yet.
    Owning almost all Apple products and also claiming not rich is an understatement.

    And, oh congratulations on the contest wins. 🙂

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  4. I’ve always been never been too keen on Apple products because of price-reasons. But wow, that is some great customer service there, and it sounds like you are very much a valued customer 🙂 Congrats on winning phones and Saru’s iPad through the competitions and giveaways. Very, very lucky. Enjoy your iPhone 7s. It looks like a mighty nice phone and I hope it delivers in performance for you 🙂


  5. I have plans to purchase an iPad for artistic work. For making portraits or drawings, sometimes we require reference photos. Taking printouts is expensive and constrained, and using laptops is cumbersome. My experience with tablets was not good. Recently I read that iPad is really good for such work due to good picture clarity and battery life.

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  6. I haven’t used a single apple product except the mini music player (what is that called??) – I am so clumsy that I cannot be trusted with such phones. Cheap phones/technology was made for careless people like me ! 😛

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  7. I am using macbook air and by chance will you get it replaced for me with MacBook Pro [New version] without much differnece in amount? 😉 I would love to upgrade this one and I agree with you that after using Macbook I may not use any other device. After all, I selected Macbook over all other window laptops 🙂

    iPhone, am not sure unless you make me your sister and gift me one on 50% discount [newest version] :0)

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    1. Hahaha, no way! I don’t trade my Apple products at any cost…not even if you were my wife!

      I didn’t go for the latest Macbook Pro since I would have not used their Trackpad anyway. The last version looked best for me.


      1. No no I do not want to be your wife! not even if you own Apple Inc, bro! 😛

        I was asking since you are quite well versed with Apple and exchanges, would it be possible to get my Macbook exchanged [in any retail or aux outlet] in lieu of a Macbook Pro..You see I need more space on my laptop. Seriously talking, I needed an apple advice here and possibility of getting apple products from USA [paid off course] instead of buying in India 🙂

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      2. That is possible, but only if you had bought your MacBook from US within last one month. If yes, can you send me your gadget in 1-2 days. If yes, how would the new one go back?

        See, Apple only exchanges (beyond their guarantee window) when you have serious issue with their product…that too in the same country where you purchased the original.

        I can still buy a new one here for you but who would take it back to India?


  8. I have never used an Apple product till date particularly due to the costs. But I can see that you are truly a valued customer of Apple. Interestingly my mom is someone who started from iPhone4 and has now moved on to iPhone 6 Plus. She can’t seem to like anything other than Apple so much so that recently when my Android Phone’s software went for a toss, she commented “Yeh Chinese product (Xiaomi) hai na toh aisa hi hoga” :P.

    Being in Kuwait and not having much options other than Samsung Edge or iPhone due to warranty issues, I did think of going for iPhone for a while. But finally I got my software fixed and am continuing with my Xiaomi until it gets spoilt again ;). I sometimes feel why not spend this money on an international trip or something rather than an iPhone 😉


  9. MacBook I am a complete fan of. I use the husband’s machine and though I own a top-of-the-bundle HP Star Wars laptop that I won, it just does not compare. Of course, the resale value thing too. iPhone, my husband loves but I don’t. I feel they are really overpriced and no great shakes compared to the much cheaper Android phones.


  10. True, though with the recent product unveilings among various technology companies, Apple as a brand has suffered much criticism. All the same, “Once an Apple user, almost always an Apple user.” The products are seamlessly integrated, highly user-friendly, and they just provide that comforting look and feel. I would side with Apple, though I admit that the company should take the recent tongue-in-cheek chides a bit seriously. Competition is tough, but it’s amazing how consumer loyalty seems to beat it every time.
    Enjoy with your new iPhone! Jet black looks classy. 😀

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  11. Sponsored… sponsored… sponsored… [Just kidding bro] 😛
    “I brought the phone to US to get it fixed”- may be such assistance and flexibility you couldn’t have received over here in India. So, here it makes less sense right?
    Congrats on your new conquest… It really looks charming! :-))


  12. You certainly can’t beat Apple when it comes to warranties. They take good care of you with little hassle when something goes wrong with your devices. But for the price of one Apple device you can get 2-3 non-apple devices. It doesn’t save you money unless you’re buying just as equally expensive products from other companies with lesser warranties.

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