How to find an ATM with Cash around you…

On Nov 8, Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi took the extreme step of taking out 86% of Cash in circulation in India. This is to be accomplished by banning the 500- and 1,000-rupee notes – a process called demonetization – which have formed the bread and butter of most of the cash transactions in India since decades. No wonder, there have been chaos since, as the deadline to exchange these old notes with the new 500- and 2,000-rupee notes is this year-end.

Though the move was aimed at tackling corruption (read black-money or unaccounted-for cash) and terrorism, it is the common man who has been hit the hardest so far! There are long queues outside Banks and ATM machines, but there is insufficient cash to serve everybody. Many other factors are adding too to their misery – importantly, limits to exchanging notes on any given day, some don’t even have a bank account, and many fear losing their hard-earned money because of their mistrust of the financial institutions and concerns about being harassed about where the money came from.

My sister is an Officer in Bank of Baroda in Panipat, and her bank has been working 14 hours every day to make sure they can serve as many customers as they can, but they can hardly do anything if bank doesn’t have enough cash! The issue is so serious that many people took to streets in India opposing the decision and some assaulted bank employees too; one of the Officers known to my sister died of a heart attack when he couldn’t handle the pressure! After all, general public in India can’t live without cash, though many are now trying to go cashless.

Having highlighted the brunt many are facing, do you know we have a way around to lessen the stress on ourselves? What if we knew which ATM around us has money? That would at least save us the time and ordeal of going through the torture. Correct? Fortunately, Find ATM with Cash feature on Money View app does exactly that. It gives you the location of nearest ATM available with Cash. They do this by crowd-sourcing data from more than 5 million users spread across 200 cities in India. It is one of the most comprehensive ATM tracking solutions available to us.

You just have to download the Money View app from Google Play store and use their Find ATM with Cash feature.alok-singhalEven if you are on a desktop, you can use their Find ATM with Cash page. This will help you save on a lot of time and effort by visiting the right ATM near you. Once you withdraw the money, do upload your feedback on the queue, so your experience can help other too!

My parents in Ambala are now using the desktop version, and enjoying this convenience:alok-singhal-money-viewLastly, it is not just the ATMs that Money View has mapped. We can also find active banks, petrol pumps, Big Bazaar stores, and Inox multiplexes, which are dispensing cash through their app. My sister has been recommending this app to whosoever she can, making their lives easier. You can too by spreading the word around!

44 thoughts on “How to find an ATM with Cash around you…

  1. I’ve heard about this happening in India, and hope the country can work this out soon. We all need money go survive, and it sounds like it has been hard for so many people. As you said, cashless can be a solution but not all of us are familiar with using that. Personally I like to pay by cash unless it is a big amount.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Another good way to figure out cash. However, I think that the cashless transactions part are a lot more convenient and I am glad to see many of our domestic help and local vendors taking those on.


    1. Oh, can you please send your feedback to their team or put down here…I’ll make sure to pass on.

      The feature is based on data collected from users’ experience, so can change any moment.


  3. You have shared a very helpful information Alok! We hope the long queues at the ATMs get shorter soon.. Downloading this app now 🙂


  4. I have been reading about this on news. Living in countries where I hardly bring cash but cards as payment, perhaps make it easier for India’s new monetary policy. The apps is certainly handy and I hope it will ease people who are in need in cash!

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  5. After all, general public in India can’t live without cash, though many are now trying to go cashless.Exactly , I am doing my most of transaction cashless but there are many shops where Debit/ Credit card is not acceptable or you may these people do not have card swapping machines. I install two apps to know about cash in ATM nearby me , but I found them bogus. these apps are actually only for name .


  6. आज के समय के हिसाब से बहुत ही उपयोगी है। शेयर करने के लिए धन्यवाद।

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  7. There are several APPs that tell you about ATMs and ATMs that have cash. But unless there is enough cash in ATMs, it is meaningless. Moreover, we had four long holidays. When banks also remained closed. Given the emergency situation, should banks not have worked with lean staff?


  8. Wow! This was informative! Last few weeks I had to postpone many activities due to this cash issue. Sadly, there are many vendors who don’t have the swiping machine. Downloading the app while I’m typing this. Thanks Alok 🙂


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