Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

Social Media Logotype BackgroundI have been active on my social accounts (Twitter and Instagram) for more than a year now and have been asked to share my learnings a few times. So, here are the most important ones that I think one must absolutely follow:

  1. Avoid Tagging: Kitna tag karoge yaar? Haath nahin thakte kya tumhare?

Take it, people hate to see them tagged often*! They might still like or share (re-tweet) it but that is more of an obligation than a genuine interaction. To me, it looks like a desperate attempt to get some views.

If your content has quality, genuine followers will anyway come and appreciate your hard work. Moreover, why do you want to restrict yourself to only a few people? Let the world see your work!

  1. Limited Shares: If you come from hibernation, don’t go sharing every new post of everybody you follow!

You might be following thousands of people and want to share their content frequently, but excessive sharing doesn’t do any good. In fact, it irritates your serious followers.

Most of my shares are only when I have read the post, commented on it, and really liked it! That way my audience can be sure that they are looking at a good work that they can read too. I also take a break between shares, so you get a breather too.

  1. Be Genuine: Read the content before you share it!

Many people resort to blind re-tweets, meaning just share it without even clicking on the link. Many also buy followers or resort to cheap practice of follow-unfollow. What a waste of time!

Why not read few posts/blogs and be genuine to yourself first? After all, you would want to be better tomorrow than you are right now. And think about your audience too while sharing…you have an obligation to them (to provide quality content).

  1. Be Elaborate: Don’t just write ‘Great post,’ ‘Wonderful pictures,’ ‘Beautiful’ etc on a 500-word post!

I would suggest reading the content and adding your inputs to it. It is better to read less than run across all blogs, adding 2 words to each.

I am glad to have some readers who really add their unique experiences on my travels (especially). It adds to my knowledge too and makes me better every single day!

At the end of the day it is your wish how you want to lead your life. For me, it is not just about numbers…and will never be!

*One should tag the official handles of places though
**Image sourced from here

88 thoughts on “Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

  1. The first one😂😂 I could hear in my mind, I don’t know why or how, Khuda ka khauf karo😂😂
    Agree with your suggestions, people RT stuff blindly, it’s lazy and fake. Also it feels genuinely nice when people add something to your post by the way of comments.

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  2. I read your post on the do’s and don’ts in the social media with great interest. I was pleased with myself as having followed these tips most of the time. They could be summoned up with the golden rule: Do unto others … Thank you for your advice based on your own experience!

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  3. Very insightful read Alok. I will remember this in future. Sometimes I feel scared while expressing views on Twitter, some attacks are quite bitter. one of the dos on social media should be to be polite always!

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  4. I can relate this to even fb posts. Once my friend had wished happy Anniversary fir us but in her page tagging me and my husband. Many started wishing her a happy anniversary. I recently shared my little ones memories of his birthday 4 years back. Many wished us congratulations on the new born. Think it’s all the same. Ppl don’t read just re blog or reshare or just comment good one. I always want to comment after reading. It feels to be more connected to the reader. And Alok I appreciate your tips. Have a good day.

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  5. Some brilliant, relevant tips coming in here. And I too go all erratic the minute I see stupid image tags. The worst of all are personal photo tags. “Boss, it’s your face you tagging me into, what am I doing there?” SCOFFS!

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  6. It’s a great read. Quite relevant too. You are right with commenting after reading theory. I often come across few bloggers who post great post or lovely post, across all blog posts. I often wonder what kind of relationship these bloggers create? Tagging someone if it is relevant is okay but doing so, solely for attention is surely a Short cut. Even excessive posting through out the day is not a great thing. I hope people read this post to clear the windscreen!

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    1. You probably would know even some of the so-called famous travel bloggers tag others. I feel so bad for them, and their other genuine followers! And they do that in every post!

      I am happy to have not followed these cheap tactics to get some views/shares!

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      1. You are right. Its a pain….. Having spoken to few of them, they follow a policy of all is fair in the game of numbers. You are left with no choice but to un-follow to reduce your suffering. I also feel sorry for many such bloggers who tweet all day and also manage to make double digit posts per day. In reality, they are digital marketers in disguise.

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      2. Yes, I somehow can’t keep connected with people and have them on mute/unfollow forever. I take them off my list after suffering for a while.

        I always feel we have an obligation towards our readers, to provide them good content…and that guides me.

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  7. So agree with this post, Alok. I too dislike those who overshare. You get the feeling they share in order to get noticed, but really each of us has so much time in a day to ourselves. Also I am not a huge fan of the “Great post” and “Beautiful” comments. They are just so vague and it does not sound like the person is engaging with your work and you as a person. When I have read a post, I love to comment on it because it is a chance for me to learn from the blogger or person behind the work. When I’m pressed for time, I’d just ‘Like’ the post.

    Twitter has been the hardest for me to keep up. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, though. Sometimes being on a number of social media platforms it is so tempting to retweet and share blindly in order to get views….like follow for a follow. Not genuine at all.

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    1. I so agree with each of your points. I am exactly like you.

      I share on twitter when I have read a good post. On Instagram, I post just 2-3 times a week; Facebook too it is the same.

      I have always admired you for insightful comments, they are elaborate and thorough. Thanks for that 😊


      1. Thanks, Alok. I admire you for the way you can juggle multiple social media platforms. I haven’t been on Twitter or IG lately because I just haven’t had the time with work and being on the road too. But hopefully I’ll be back soon. Looking forward to your next post as always 🙂

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  8. Makes perfect sense, every point of it.
    #3 is perhaps the key point because the day you decide to be genuine, sharing what you’ve read and really liked, everything else shall automatically fall in place. I believe, insane retweet sprees fall under this category too.
    So glad that am doing the social media right by the standards of this post atleast 🙂

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  9. Great piece of advice! Rofl for the Tagging point ! esp the new users on fb ,Recently I am also annoyed by newbies to Facebook, some of my friends shared my personal pictures on their wall ! What they wanted to do was to only like my picture but ending up sharing it 😀 😀

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  10. It’s great inputs on tricks used to boost traffic. In fact, reading for the self makes more sense that stats showing high points. One is its own USP and be natural. It shows in one’s writings. Genuine comments matter more than anything else. Nowadays, I have limited my presence on social media for it drains the energy.

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  11. Interesting to go through these tips. It’s very important do things in more responsible and better manner with respect to tagging. Commenting is an art not many masters it this includes me also.

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    1. That’s what, if they are sharing excessively they are intruding into our comfort zone.

      Believe me, you won’t like to see 20-30 random shares within seconds from a single person (I had to unfollow somebody who does that, repeatedly).

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  12. I have tagged people very rarely in social median and I share contents only if I like and sounds reliable and be sensible. For me too, numbers isn’t matter and I don’t believe in number of friends and followers as I myself could not follow all. And about the comments on blog, being first is not my chose of thing anywhere and most of the time who comment as soon one post could never read the post.


  13. When I get up in the morning I receive at least 50 Tag notifications… most from people I don’t even know. Tagged Ka dard only others who have been tagged can understand… I am ok to be tagged for relevant things but not to know what random folks on net did in their cooking experiments and like

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    1. Exactly, I have un-tagged myself numerous times without even liking their post. That’s when some understood I am not interested.

      It might spoil relations with them, but I don’t see any other way. Even if you try telling them politely, it still creates friction.

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  14. I always wonder how fellow bloggers so effortlessly and successfully straddle all the social media platforms. I have seen the rise and rise of your followers on instagram. This is some great work…Kudos!

    Alok, you are bang on with these bummers…and I am guilty of at least one…that of coming back from slumber and resharing or rather spamming. I have now put breaks on it. Thankfully. 🙂


  15. Reading the title, I opened with so much eagerness, dreaming that my twitter and install followers will soon hit 1000 😀 However, my dreams have dropped down now 😦 Though your points are definitely valuable, I felt, you as an active social media user and with great follower base should give us more, really more tips. Please!

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  16. “Great Post” I will surely not leave a comment like this. Totally agree with all the do’s and don’t you’ve mentioned. Especially the last two, one should actually read the post and not just leave a one liner comment. It hurts !

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  17. I have removed few unwanted FB tags from my timeline. That is so annoying. I am not a fan of social media before my blog happened. Now as a blogger, I use FB and Twitter to stay connected but I like Instagram the most. I am happy that I have not done any such tactics to get noticed, since I started blogging. I have seen bloggers who insist on mutually following the blogs too. That only shows their desperation. However, I do give shorter comments, especially in Photo essays. Because in such cases, pictures get a lot of attention than words. Insightful post, Alok.

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  18. I do follow the first three you mentioned. I seriously how it feels to be tagged all the time!!! Good to have the review option. In certain posts, particularly pics, I tend to comment ‘that way’ but it mostly certainly is what I genuinely feel. At times it is also because you wish to read as many posts as you can(while you have limited time at hand).
    It’s always good to know what fellow bloggers think as well. Constructive post! 🙂

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  19. Thank you, Alok, for sharing your experiences. Those who are serious about social media, if they are smart, should have an open mind on how to continue to improve. I’m not big on social media but I can understand your points. It’s really great of you to reach out and share! ❤


  20. All valid points, Alok, but then they would need you to invest time, energy and effort in building a genuine social media presence. Most people are in a hurry to garner pageviews or popularity, hence this behaviour.

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  21. How did I miss this post..Now when I found it, let me share my views: Tagging is the most irritating thing unless you agree to it which can be the case wit Linkys. Moreover, I don’t like to be a part of multiple groups with almost same audience and purpose. Till now, the most silent platform is INSTAGRAM. A short and meaningful post Alok.

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    1. Yes, i didn’t want to write about the group-ism. But now that you have brought it up, i should mention that it limits the scope/reach drastically.

      Moreover, the people you communicate with in a group get used to your writing style etc and will not be able to provide you good feedback after a while. This is exactly the reason i don’t belong to any group!

      Thanks for a great comment.

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    1. Tagging is bad when you do it often, and that too with mostly the same set of people. So, you are good 😊

      Thank you…good to see you after long. I am sure you are enjoying your travels.


  22. Spot on! Totally agree with you.

    I never tag people (until it’s related to them or I know it’d interest them), however I like/share if people tag me. It’s not tagging that’s annoying actually. It’s those notifications that you get people like/share the tweet you are tagged in.

    Over-sharing is really irritating especially when tweets are totally out of place/endorsements.

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  23. Woah! I have a draft of don’ts for Facebook. Waiting to polish it make it sound less rude. I was so annoyed that I just ranted for about 800 words and decided not to post it. The tags, yes. I despise people tagging me in their notes or posts so I’d read them. If I am a friend, it will be shown in my feed and I will anyway read. Once in a while is okay, but tagging every day is annoying! :/

    Thank God I am not a victim to this, but people tag a bunch in their solo pics! 😀

    And sharing a hundred things is senseless too. If they are sharing so people will benefit from it, then they should give some space between each posts right? 😀

    A much needed list this is. Thanks for writing 🙂

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    1. Yes, agree with each of your thoughts. Some people seem free enough to consider social media a part of their daily life…that’s how they primarily think only about it.

      There has be a balance in life, on any aspect.


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