Off-beat Wedding Destinations Near Delhi

When someone says destination weddings, the first few names that pop-up in our minds in India are Goa, Jaipur, and Udaipur. But, off late, many couples are going beyond the popular spots and opting for places that are less known and tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of routine city life.

Whatever destination you choose for your wedding, you can make your wedding planning easier with online wedding planning sites like Here, you can find wedding venues in Delhi and destinations near Delhi. Not just Venues, you can also find best wedding photographers, makeup artists, and other wedding vendors online.

Here, I round up four such destinations for you to consider if you’re planning a wedding.

CorbettCorbettThe Riverview Retreat – Corbett Resort, Picture Courtesy Going Bananas Photography

Yes, the place is known exclusively for Jim Corbett National Park ! If you’re thinking of having a quaint woodland, sundowner wedding, then there’s no better place than Corbett. Imagine a mandap overlooking the mountains with the River Kosi running alongside the venue. Could there be anything more romantic? Or maybe a Christian wedding in a forest with an arched altar made of twigs, branches, and ferns in this beautiful lap of nature. The place is so enchanting that decoration isn’t really necessary, it can be kept low-key to let the natural beauty shine through.

NaukuchiatalThe Lake ResortThe Lake Resort in Naukuchiatal, Picture courtesy Arjuns Tryst with the Camera

The surest way to have a Pinterest-worthy wedding where all your guests wouldn’t get tired of re-pinning all the wedding photographs? Get married in the picturesque Naukuchiatal. It is six hours away from New Delhi and is flanked by hills, the woods, and a serene lake. A unique, under-the-radar venue with lush greens in every direction you set your eyes–it has all the right components for an intimate, magical Indian wedding. Like Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Westin SohnaWestinThe Westin Sohna Resort & Spa, Picture courtesy Sharik Verma

Located just a stone’s throw (40 minutes to be exact) from Gurgaon, The Westin is such a breathtaking location that your wedding photographer won’t have to put in much of an effort to capture an album full of wonderful pictures. The pool is an excellent backdrop to an outdoor Mehendi function, the suites are luxurious, and guests can also get themselves pampered at the spa. One look at the property and you’d want to pack your bags, gather your nearest and dearest loved ones and have the wedding of your dream here.

NeemranaNeemrana fortNeemrana Fort-Palace, Picture courtesy Art Capture Production

Feel like a princess on your wedding day and say I do in a palace – sounds like the stuff of dreams. Isn’t it? The Neemrana Fort-Palace (Alwar), which is two hours away from Delhi and is situated on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, offers the perfect setting for your fairytale ceremony. The heritage hotel houses a Roman-style amphitheater, hanging gardens and royal indoor venues – a one stop shop for all your destination wedding needs. If you are looking for a historical yet royal feel, Neemrana has it in spades. You and your guests can spend an amazing unforgettable weekend celebrating your nuptials.

Which one would you consider for your wedding, or for your dear ones?

65 thoughts on “Off-beat Wedding Destinations Near Delhi

  1. These are good alternatives to the more popular ones that you mentioned. Apart from the properties, usually the host is always looking at places with good connectivity. This makes it easier to reach and organize the event. That’s one of the reason why Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa are more popular. Also availability of hotels across the price range in good numbers, surely helps.
    Naukuchiatal though little remote, would be my pick. It’s a lovely place.

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  2. Do they allow weddings in Corbett, a wild life reserve. I’ve been to Neemrana, it’s beautiful but for me not the ideal wedding destination as it’s on a hill. Jaipur palaces are perhaps more suitable, maybe not so scenic. Westin Sohna is ideal, if you have fat pockets.

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  3. Hey Alok, these all look like dreamy romantic (though expensive) wedding locations. Good thing I’m already married, although there’s always the option of renewing our vows. Hmm 😏 Lovely post

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  4. I have been to all these places. I guess they must have recently come up for destination weddings. Sariska Palace would be perfect as it combines the charm of all these. I would choose Naukuchiatal! 🙂 That picture of Neemrana seems to be too good Alok…it seems to have got some special effects? How can the sky be so blue?

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    1. Wow, I am so happy to know you’ve been to these places. I never imagined that!

      These pics are not mine, the credits are mentioned alongside every pic. These days photographers depict art also via their pics 😊

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  5. As a wedding destination, these places are great. It probably brings business also. But I am worried about kind of travellers and revellers it brings in. What about the serenity of the place? May be i am old fashioned. Our exotic places needs to be developed, more and more people must visit and enjoy. But to what extent?

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  6. I have been in Delhi since ages but was only aware about Corbett , Neemrana and Sohna.I don’t think Neemrana would be apt simply because of the way it is ,on hill ,edgy and Corbett is surely going to be adventure.Westin sohna is surely a great place ,high on pocket but would be totally worth for a once in a lifetime event

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